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Amazon Refund Trick 2020 [Get Free Products from Amazon]


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Amazon is one of the best sites for scamming without getting caught. Today, I disclose the latest Amazon refund trick to order items without paying.

Recently, I wrote on the Amazon carding method, an interesting format for illegal hustlers. Today, you will learn how to buy any item without paying on Amazon from me.

Meanwhile, Amazon does not refund immediately, it takes typically 30 days to get a refund without returning the item to the Amazon seller.

Before you do the Amazon refund method, check whether the “Returnless Refunds” is disabled for the item. If the option is enabled, you cannot request a refund, meaning that you keep the item and cannot request your money back.

Requirements to Do Amazon Refund Method

In this section, you will discover the complete tools you need to run the Amazon trick successfully.

Below are the Amazon refund requirements:

Mobile Phone

You need an Android phone that contains no Google account. If it contains any Google account, remove the accounts via the account options in the settings app. An iPhone user should not run the Amazon refund trick unless they can jailbreak their iPhone and set their privacy settings to personal.

CC or Bank Drop or Prepaid Card

You can use a CC that you purchase online to do the Amazon refund method and obtain orders without payments.

If you do not have a CC, you can use a bank drop. A bank drop is another person’s bank account that you will obtain their CC. In this manner, the transaction is not traced to you.

You can also use a prepaid card to prevent a possible chargeback. Buy the prepaid card and use the bank logs to run the Amazon refund trick.

Alternatively, you can use personal bank account card details (not recommended).


A free or a premium VPN is okay to do the Amazon trick and request a refund without returning the item. You can download any free VPN from the app store. If you are using an illegal CC (that you bought or does not belong to you), get a VPN that matches the CC location. For example, if the CC is registered in the US, you need a US VPN.

Amazon Account

Any Amazon account can be used to perform the Amazon refund trick. However, an old Amazon account that has been used to order items is better because Amazon will not suspect the account for problems. You may purchase an older Amazon account online or create a new account.

Email Address

You need an email address for the Amazon trick to get a refund. Meanwhile, I have written a guide that discloses how you can hack a Gmail account if you do not want to use your email account.


A picker is a person that will collect the shipped item and forward it to your address. Assuming you are using a CC to order the item, it will be shipped to the location registered on the CC. If you do not live in that location, then you need a picker that will forward the item to you. For instance, if you live in the UK but the CC is registered to the US, a US picker must receive the item and send it to you in the UK.

Shipping Address

A shipping address is where Amazon will ship the item. You do not need a picker for the Amazon refund trick if you are not worried about the courier contacting you in person.

If you entered a CC into the Amazon account, you can edit a new shipping address before you place the order. Go to Your Orders > select Order Details for the item > select Change near the details you want to change and follow the screen options to complete the change of location.

Sample Refund Trick

Amazon Refund Trick

In this section, you will discover how to get a refund from amazon without returning the items. It is a simple Amazon trick that illegal hustlers use to make money from Amazon frequently.

Below are the steps regarding the Amazon refund trick:

  • Get an Amazon Account and Add Card
  • Cart and Order Items
  • Collect the Ordered Items
  • Request Refund from Amazon
  • Get Refunded by Amazon

Does Amazon refund immediately

Unpacking the latest refund items

Get an Amazon Account and Add Card

Like I mentioned earlier, you need an Amazon account that may be new or older. If you would be using a CC, you must create an email address that is similar to the email address registered on the CC. For example, if the CC email address is [email protected], your email address can be [email protected]. The difference in both email addresses is ‘1’.

After verifying the email account, add the CC, prepaid card, or bank drop details.

Below are the steps to add a card on Amazon:

  • In your Amazon account, click Edit My Account Settings.
  • Click Edit (to add a card).
  • Input the details of the card and the billing address.
  • Click Add New Card.

Cart and Order Items

Next, cart the items that you want to order for free and get a refund on Amazon. First, add at least 5 items to the cart and exit the account for about an hour.

If you are using a CC, you can log in to the account again after 30 minutes. Now, remove the items in your cart and search for the original item you want to order for free. It can be phones, laptops, jewelry, eBooks, etc.

Collect the Ordered Items

Before you order items on Amazon, you must select a shipping option. Amazon has many shipping options including Amazon two-day shipping, business prime shipping, prime pantry, Amazon fresh, etc.

I recommend Amazon 2-day shipping if you can afford to pay extra on the ordered item and if you are using a CC. If you are using a bank drop or a prepaid card, it is okay to use the regular shipping that can take up to 7 days or more.

Request Refund from Amazon

To request a refund to complete the Amazon refund trick, you have to lie to Amazon about the items. If the item is not eligible, you cannot request a refund.

Moreover, you can contact the Amazon complaint center via email, phone call, or make a complaint from your Amazon account directly.

Below are the steps to file a complaint about a refund on Amazon and get refunded:

  • Navigate to Your Orders.
  • Find the item you want to order from the list and click Problem with Order.
  • Pick a problem that matches what you want and select Request Refund.
  • Add comments to the comment box about the item and click Submit.

When you request a refund, it takes about 7 weeks for Amazon to investigate and get back to you.

The excuses you can give for Amazon to consider your request faster include the fake item and empty box trick.

For the Empty Box Amazon trick, you will explain to Amazon that you cannot find the item you ordered in the box.

If you want to use the fake item trick, you will tell Amazon that the seller sells fake items and that you want a refund.

Get Refunded by Amazon

After you receive the refund, disconnect the CC or bank details from the account instantly. Lest I forget, you can collect bank details from your client and use them to do the Amazon refund trick and get items for free.

After 7 days, Amazon should inform you of the status of the transaction. If they are returning the item, they will apologize for the inconvenience caused. Amazon will refund you either with the Amazon gift card or credit your credit card directly. Within 5 business days, you should receive payment to your account again. But if you used a CC, do not bother to request a refund from Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Note that the Amazon refund trick does not affect Amazon directly, but the seller of the item.

Moreover, not every item may be eligible for your location, so, place orders for items that can be shipped to your preferred location only.

If you use the fake item trick, Amazon will ask you to return the item. But if you use the empty box trick, Amazon will not ask you to return the item for e refund.

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