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How to Get Money from a Married Man


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I make 19% of my money from married men, and I make sure to mask myself from their wives. Right now, I will show you how to get money from a married man as I do.

how to get money from a married man

To get money from a married man, you must become like a baby, allow him to control you, and try not to interfere in his marital life.

You can tell whether a married man loves you by how he treats you, carters for you, and spends on you. Of course, when a married man is not in love with you, you won’t get enough money from him.

Let’s be realistic, most ladies date married men for the money, and you do not want to want to end up not making the money. So, how can you get a married man to give you money?
In this article, I’ll expose tested and working ways regarding how to get money from a married man.

How to Get Money from a Married Man

Making money from a married man is the dream of every side chick.

Below are the steps to get money from a married man:

Control Your Emotions Around Him

There are times when you may feel jealous about the attention he may give to other things or people. You may feel angry about something, but how you express your emotions around him determines how often you’ll get money from the married man.

Never throw tantrums, sigh unnecessarily, or speak disrespectfully out of anger or emotions. Rather, try to express your grievances maturely. It will earn you his respect and make it hard for him to turn down your money requests.
A lot of young ladies feel that speaking their minds involves being blunt.

However, they end up sounding rude, which is why it is better to be soft while dealing with a married man, who is likely older than you are.

When you disrespect him, you literally hurt the chances of getting money from the married man.

Don’t Be His Wife

Though most men cheat, lots of them retain maximum respect for their wives and you dare not attempt to take her position. Of course, you will not be met with kindness and your relationship with the married man might cease.

Maintain your position as a side chick, focus on why you’re with him, give him the needed happiness, and keep making money from the married man.

There’s a reason he’s with you and not her at the moment. Do not lose sight of your goal which is to make money from him.

A lot of men avoid home due to their women getting older and no longer flexible in bed. Or course, a married man loves fresh blood, which is you and hopes to find sexual solace in you.

In essence, you do not want to be his wife, and you do not want to switch your role as a side chick that is after the money with a rich married man.

Make Your Requests Politely

Regarding how to get money from a married man, a married man likes a rude side chick. When you’re making monetary requests from a married man, remember that men have fragile egos.

Massage that ego with your politeness, seduction, and in a commendable manner. Of course, be will succumb to giving you money even without asking.

Understand that he has other responsibilities and when there is a need to carter for such responsibilities, encourage him rather than accuse him of spending too little to no time with you.

Moreover, you should know the right time to make money requests and be outspoken about it. The married man understands that you need the money, and would be willing to spare you a bulk sum.

Do you think he is not aware that you’re dating him for the money? Of course, he is aware; just be polite when making money requests, and don’t retort harshly when he gives you a negative response.

Have Regards for His Mood

On like the women, men equally succumb to mood swings. Study your married sugar daddy and note when and how to deal with him whenever you notice swings in his mood. Understand when he wants to be left alone and respect that.

However, do not fail to phone in to check up on him despite his mood swings. Trust me, when he recovers, he will recall how you cared and would give you money without asking.

Understanding and respecting his mood also gives you the added advantage of knowing the best time to make monetary requests so as to get a favorable response.

A married man admires a mature lady a lot; showcasing maturity in dealing with his moods helps whenever you need to ask and get money from the married man.

View Him as Business

Let’s face fact ladies, you’re dating him solely for the financial benefits. Do not forget this fact while the relationship is alive. Be meticulous and handle your man like you would handle a client.

how to get money from a Married man

That is, do not treat him like a relative, rather, as someone you are into business with. Of course, you have to treat a client in a special manner if you have to attract the best from him.

Besides, the purpose of this sugar dating is to get money from him; focus on the objective, and do not allow yourself to be acting beyond bounds.

Moreover, business is nurtured and may not yield dividends immediately. Be patient if at first, you do not get as much money as you hope from him.

Be assured that when you cement a place within him, you will be able to get money from a married man even without asking.

Make Him Feel Appreciated

If you have to make money from a married man, you have to make him feel appreciated. It is more like treating him like a king. Of course, men, on like women, love been pampered. Because he is a man does not mean he is not fragile.

Do you know men cry? Oh yes; hefty men do cry, especially when they are alone.

Your married sugar daddy may not show weakness before you simply because he ought to maintain the manness in him.
So, he does a lot for you and you’re happy. There are many ways to show your appreciation for all he does for you like giving money, buying gifts, etc. However, the most proven way is the old fashioned way.

Give him mind-blowing sex goes a long way in making him feel appreciated—that’s why he’s spending on you. Regarding how to make money from a married man, if you have to keep it alive, make him feel appreciated even for the least he does.

Carry Yourself with Pride

I do not mean you should be so proud that he begins to detest you. What I mean is that you should find pride in him.

Find a time and say to your sugar daddy, “I can’t help being proud around you.” He would respond, “really?” Within him, he is blushing and if he is financially sound, he can decide to spend some money at that moment.

Let’s take another perspective regarding carrying yourself with pride. You sleep with him quite alright and you’re dating him for the money. Regardless of the fact, I advise that you maintain self-respect.

Men love women who carry themselves gracefully, so do not exempt yourself from flaunting about like a queen. If for nothing, it sparks some jealousy from the married man and he will be forced to spoil you with money to keep other men away.

When a man respects you, your wish is his command and he will grant monetary requests without hesitation.

Do Not Beg for Attention

It is okay to play the “I am always lonely card”. However, you ought to understand that your sugar daddy craves to spend eternity with you as much as you feel you both should.

how to get a man to spoil you

It bothers him when you ask for too much attention. he becomes mentally unstable and he might find it difficult to deal with personal affairs because you constantly nag about the limited time he spares for you.

Well, it could be that it is not from your heart, because I know some ladies unnaturally put up the act to make sugar daddy feel they can’t live without them.
Nevertheless, do not beg for attention like a toddler. Also, neither respond to his every whim nor give in to each of his demands. Holding some things back will increase your value.

After all, when you give everything so quickly, you will have nothing valuable left for him to celebrate and spend on. For instance, you could stylishly prevent him from feasting on you in bed, especially when you’re not in the mood. Regarding how to get money from a married man, I make it occasional to keep my sugar daddy from making love to me. I also realized that whenever his urge for love-making is intense, and I do not let him in, he can spend any sum of money just to heal that sexual urge.
In essence, when a married man overuses the value in you, he begins to see you as a liability.

Earnestly, who wouldn’t? I mean, he has seen and enjoyed everything of valor in you, and he feels the time is ripe to hunt for new fruit.

Foot Some Bills

Honestly, footing some bills is one of my greatest secrets regarding how to make money from a married man. Understand that his wife typically relies on him for everything, which means that he is even responsible for the least expenses in his marital home.

how do you tell if a Married man love you

The best you can do to be unique is to contribute to the expenses. For example, after he picks out a particular thing to pay for, you could offer to give the money. Of course, it does not have to be a huge amount.

The reason is that whenever he plans to give you money, he will increase the amount by doubling the money you paid for him the other day.

Note: If your sugar daddy is not in the rich class, he will overlook the expenses you incur for him.

Can you afford to pay some of the bills accrued during your time together? If yes, go ahead and do it for the sake of getting rewards in the form of a doubled-payment.

Some of the minor expenses you can cover for a married man to give you money are fueling his car, paying for the food bills, etc. Trust me, these are investments that work to your advantage though it may seem as if you are not gaining at the time.

Get Some Gifts for Daddy

Thoughtful gifts go a long way regarding how to get money from a married man.
Of course, it does not have to be expensive wristwatches, diamond necklaces, etc. Usually, I buy clothing for a married man I intend to make money from.

how to make money from a married man

I sometimes recharge his phone, buy him mobile data, and get him affordable footwear from a brand such as Prada.

I noticed that women are stereotyped to buying stuff such as singlet, boxers, panties, etc. for their men. Since I’m smarter, I avoid such items.

Some time ago, a married man asked why I chose not to buy singlets and panties. I put it to him that it is not my thing to buy such for the man I love, and that such items have too little value. He was wowed and Immediately offered to spend some money on me for my rare mentality.

Pro Tip:

Steal into the social account of your sideman such as Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.

After some time, request his bank account details for shopping and always send him money-request messages for money.

Final Thought

For the sake of correcting the impression ladies make of men, I am informing you confidently that no married man is stingy to the lady he loves. A man may be stingy to his friends, but as a side chick that caresses his hairy chest, he’ll dare not hold back giving you money and other material supports.

Meanwhile, as a sugar baby, you should figure out the soft spot of your sideman.

Does he feel flattered when you address him as a real man? Is he the kind of man that succumbs to your demands whenever you open your legs? Well, I’ve had dealings with a couple of married men, and I can inform you that married men love sexual conversations. I prefer, also, to flatter a married man of how amazing they are in bed.

Ultimately, never fret when a married man is reluctant to spend money on you. I am certain that there is something you’re doing wrongly, which I admonish you to review and amend for a married man to give you money.

Meanwhile, if you’re a lesbian, you might want to read how you can make money from sugar mummy.

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