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What’s up fam! I believe you have heard about gift cards. In this article, I will show you how to use iTunes gift card format to collect iTunes gift card from client.

When a client makes it difficult to bill them, you do not have to dump the client. Instead, use the opportunity to collect the details of any of the accounts that can give you money. If you cannot collect their bank account details, you should be able to collect their gift card and cashout.

The iTunes gift card format is an easy format to bill a client. It is one of the best yahoo scamming formats that makes it impossible for any agency to track you.

Once you obtain the iTunes gift card, it cannot be retrieved. But make sure you use it to buy things like songs, books, etc. Immediately.

In the sections below, you will learn the tricks that no yahoo boy tells you because they plan to succeed alone.

What is iTunes Gift Card Used for?

iTunes gift card enables you to buy songs, books, and subscribe to services such as Apple News+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade.iTunes gift card format pdf

Back of gift card that reveal pin

So, if you own an Apple product, you would be able to access any services from Apple without spending from your wallet. You can even sell the iTunes gift card for money online after collecting the details from a client.

You must be wondering, “what can I do with an iTunes gift card?” The answer is that you can buy any song, books, arcades and subscribe to various services from Apple.

When you collect the iTunes gift card from a client, you would redeem it and start accessing services on Apple until you complete spending from the gift card.

History of iTunes Format for Billing

In 2001, Apple releases iTunes in San Francisco, and in 2003, they launched the iTunes store.

The idea was for people to have access to tons of music online and pay to listen to them. Those that owned Mac were able to pay and download songs to their computer, which they played on their iPods.

As at the time, Apple featured 200,000 songs only and they were able to sell to millions of people that owned the iTunes gift card. During 2005, hustlers discovered that they could cashout from clients in the US and worldwide. So they started convincing clients to send iTunes gift cards, which they used to buy songs and play on their iPods.

Today, iTunes supports extended Apple services including arcades, books, news, etc.

By collecting the iTunes card details from a client, you are granting yourself access to getting anything you want from Apple, so far the value of the iTunes gift card is enough.

How to Collect iTunes Gift Cards from Clients

In this section, I disclose the steps to collect iTunes gift card from client. If you are smart enough, you can collect more iTunes gift cards from one client and sell them card format pdf

Taking gift card

Below are steps to collect iTunes gift card from client:

Pick a Social Platform

We have thousands of platforms online that you can select from. Three of the most popular platforms are Facebook (learn to hack Facebook account), Tinder, and Instagram.

All you have to do is package yourself and create a nice fake account like fake Facebook account to convince the client.

If you are targeting gays, then you must join groups with gays on Facebook or join communities/forums that contain gays online.

Make Friends with the Client

Before you use the iTunes gift card method, you must pick out a client in one of the communities or social groups that you join online.

Start a conversation with the one person that finds you interesting and ask to be friends with them. Typically, it can take up to 7 days for the client to feel comfortable with you, especially if the client is an American.

Introduce Yourself to the Client

To get along with a client and initiate the iTunes gift card billing format, you must become acquainted with them. How? Get them to know you and also tell them to discuss their likes and dislikes with you.

Note; You are not supposed to reveal true information about yourself to the client.

Of course, you are to lie about your identity. Even your profile must carry a fake identity.

Discuss Books, Songs, and Apple games

As I explained above, iTunes gift cards are used to buy multimedia stuff like songs and books. You must give the client the impression that you love books, songs, games, and other services offered by Apple. Most importantly, you must make the client know that you own an Apple product (iPhone, Mac, iPods, etc.).

Below is how you should structure the conversion:

With the trick above, I can convince the client to give you an iTunes gift card.

Sell the iTunes Gift Card

If you have an iPhone or Mac, you can keep the iTunes gift card and enjoy Apple services. If you do not have any Apple product, you can go to a cybercafe or use an Android phone to access Apple stores for their services.

Does iTunes Gift Card Format Work?

Yes, the iTunes gift format works 100%. It is even a more secure way to hustle online illegally without being tracked.

Unlike dating billing format, and other top formats, iTunes billing format does not require cashing out physically or linking your bank account. Once you collect the gift card, even Apple cannot track you or cancel anything you use the card to buy or sell.

Once you collect the iTunes gift card from a client, you can sell it or keep it and enjoy Apple services. But as a hustler, you should sell the gift card.

Other Methods to Use iTunes Gift Card Billing on Client

Apart from using the song method, there are other methods you can use to collect iTunes gift cards from clients.

Below are new methods to use iTunes gift card format:

Dating Billing

The dating billing is a format that works for any kind of billing. You must make the client love you and then start asking for iTunes gift cards.

The only reason I don’t like this format is that it takes time for a client to fall in love. So, you must be patient while running this format on your clients.

Blackmail Method

If your client is difficult to convince, you can use the blackmail method to collect iTunes gift card and sell for quick money. We have different blackmail formats including sextortion and defamation. For sextortion, you must collect the nude of the client and threaten to leak the nudes if they do not give you iTunes gift card.

You can also use the the FBI blackmail format to collect gift card from client and convert to money.

Construction Worker Format

You can lie to your client that you are a construction worker and that you do not have money to enjoy the songs you love. They will pity you and send an iTunes gift card, which you can sell on Legitcards.

Other Gift Cards

You must be wondering whether the iTunes gift card is the only gift card format. The answer is “no”. We have other gift cards that you can ask your client to send, which you will use to cashout on Legitcash.

Some other gift cards include:

  • PayPal gift card
  • Vanilla gift card
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Target gift card
  • Express gift card
  • Facebook gift card
  • eBay gift card, etc.

Like I mentioned earlier, when you get the gift card from your client, sell the gift card for cash instantly.

Meanwhile, if you are chatting with a client via email, the method of asking for iTunes gift card would be different from having a real-time conversation on Facebook messenger or Twitter messaging.

In the section below, I have provided you with a sample format for iTunes gift card billing.

Sample Gift Card Format

Hi, baby

I hope you’re going great. Well, I’m wishing you more greatness and I hope you attain the best height.

Ever since we met each other, it has been all online and no meeting in person. I am positive that we will meet not so long from now.

Baby, I was trying to take a picture of myself today but my camera refused to start. I have searched online for the little information I can gather but it seems no answer is a solution so far.

Whenever I launch the camera app, it freezes and a blank screen pops up. I tried to install a third-party camera app, but the result is still the same.

So, I contacted a phone engineer who said it is not a software problem. He said the camera is launching, but that it shifted inside the phone. I recall dropping my phone by mistake and I think the impact could have shifted the camera.

He wants me to pay by a gift card. I have asked why it must be in gift card and he says he plans to access a playlist of songs using the gift card. So I guess he does not want money but a gift card to stream and download music for himself.

Kindly grant this request for me, please. I want my phone’s camera back as I cannot afford to buy myself a new phone yet.

I love you.

Your baby.

[your name]

You can change this sample gift card format to whatever suits your situation or excuse to collect the gift card from your client.

How to Make the Client Send Gift Card Quickly

Below are tips you can use to ensure that your client sends the gift card fast without many questions:

Don’t Ask for Gift Card Immediately

When you become friends with the client, allow some days to pass before you request gift card from them. You should wait for about 2 weeks to clear any form of suspicion.

Request Small Amount

A client can tempt you by asking how much gift card you want. It is either you request a small amount like $50 to $100 or you tell them to send anything they like.

Use Good English

If you are not sure of your grammar, you can use tools like Grammarly to correct your errors. Or, you can contact a fellow hustler that can form good English grammar to help you. If your client is from a continent like Asia, you would have to teach them English and also make money from them if you are smart enough.

How to Cashout the Gift Card

amazon gift card format

When you receive a gift card from your client, do not rush to buy songs or use any Apple services. After all, you won’t enjoy anything other than just listening to songs or reading books.

Navigate to Legitcash immediately and sell the gift card at a cool rate.

You do not even have to worry about being tracked or whatever.

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