In the first article. I elaborately discussed how you can earn a decent passive income through investing in stocks or dividends, the second way I’m going to show you how to invest is,  investing in Real Estate find,  known as REIT think of it as, instead of going to buy a stock in a company, like I mentioned earlier, you can buy a stock in a portfolio, you see real estate investment trust basically just get money from a pool of investors and then buy buildings within a certain category like medical buildings, health centres or residential apartments buildings and then pay out a portion of the rental property as a dividend, this means you own a tiny percentage of a real estate portfolio without any of the headaches of actually managing a real estate, you don’t need to deal with any tenants, fix any toilets or manage anything.

You just buy into it and they’ll do the rest and also it has records of paying decently well, the downside of doing this however is that you can’t leverage you money, the way you can do with real estate you don’t need all the tax advantages and benefits, depreciation schedules like you do when you incest in real estate in your own name, although the main benefit of doing this is that anyone is able to get exposure to real estate and invest in a big real estate portfolio with a very small investments and you should be able to make 20-40% per year in passive income with the $500 investment without managing any tenants whatsoever or fixing any leaks.

The next way you can make passive income is by paying off and high interest rate debt, if you were to spare $500 and you have any high interest rate debt,  paying off that debt is going to be one of the best returns to get by default for example, if you have a credit card balance is the equivalent of you among a 15_ return on your money, immediately with no downside risk. Because all of a sudden once that’s paid off, you’ll have to save all of that money on interest rates. Confer this the no I investing decision if you have an Interest rate of about $500% that’s not a tax write off if you have a high I treat rate personally, Loan, auto loan, mortgage credit cards. You name it, Pay it down with that $500 because this is what you’re not going to regret doing, the lesser High interest rate you have the less money you’re go8ng to be eating and the more money you’re gong to have left overs if you invest in anything else so pay it down with that $500.

Also I’d you also have time on your hand and you want to take a very active role in potential making way more money then these are other options. 

The first is by go8g after sign-ups bonuses sure it’s not exactly passive because it requires a little bit of work on your end but it’s not that much work and you can grow your money way faster by doing this with pretty much no risk at all.

Now the next is to try affiliate marketing or anything online for that matter, you can expand your passive income through website blogs it other affiliate marketing, this is a practice in which you make a sale like for instance I have an amazon affiliate link. Anytime someone uses that link to buy anything I get a small commission usually it’s just a few cents but every now and then, a few dollars but there to say it does add up and you can do something since by remaining profits that anybody can use and then post then to try to rank on the first page of the search result and anytime someone watches your videos and hopefully they like it and then uses your link to buy in. 

These people have figured out how to make a video once and then if it comes up., first on the search and the you’ll get paid on. The back-end. With so many people on the backend doing this already and there’s so many products out there, there’s never going to be any shortage of things to review, just make them interesting,  insightful,  educational, and mildly funny and if people likes it, they’re going to hopefully use the link to buy something.

And now the last is to create an online business that you can use that to create a business to run passively or doing something that doesn’t require a lot if your time. Using your money towards something how this would be a fantastic use of your time and the experience you get from $500 is going to help you you in so many other areas,  beyond just that, so just remember that making passive income with $500 investment is not going to give you money immediately however that’s enough to get the ball rolling and from there you can get to and make way more money down the line.

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