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Ways To Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money


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Earn extra income south africa with no money, is it possible?

Yes…. yes it is 100% possible. In this blog post I will sharing how to make money in south africa online for free.

Many people have written guides to make money online in south Africa. The funniest part is that most of those guides has title like : earning extra money on a computer south africa.

But it is not actually free guide, most requires few fee or money to start up.

I have centered this article on how to make money in south africa online for free without spending a dime. After many days of research to what that actually works.

All I will be sharing with you is easy ways that one can make money online in south Africa.

I know that many people are afraid of getting scammed when it comes to making money online. Now, you should kill your fear and doubt because the methods that I have here are genuine ways one can earning extra money on a computer south africa.

All you need to be qualified for any of the ways to make money online in south Africa

1. A smart phone or laptop
2. Internet access

If you have the items mentioned above then you are free to learn how to Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money.

Over years the internet have grown into the largest world of its own. Internet marketing is taking over your normal or local markets. As day go by many people make billions of dollar from the internet.

This article has the aim to help you earn money online free. I will advice you to read this article to end, in other not to miss anything.

Before we diva into making money online in south Africa for free. I must tell you the principle of making money online.

What is the principle of Making money online?

It will be of no use if I share extra income opportunities from home, without giving you the key principle to make money online.

There are terms and conditions governing each method that I will be sharing with you. So the principle is simple, following the rules, steps and instructions then you will make your online money and cash it out.

Many people end up making money that only appear on their phone screen. You might have been a victim of this. To prevent that follow the instructions and rules involved.

Know that all method below is tested and it is a legitimate way to make money online.

Learn how to make money fast illegally in south africa

Free Ways To Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money

The following are best ways to use hobbies that make money in south africa

This method involved making money online through paid survey. They are so many paid online survey, but the problem is find surveys that real works for South Africans.

I have done details research, to so I will be sharing various ways you can make money online south africa surveys.

List High Paying Survey Sites In South Africa


Life point is one of the best survey sites in south Africa. This survey site supplies you with task to work on, once you have completed the task. Your account will be credited with equivalent amount.

This site has cool interface that is easy to navigate. You can use their app, if you don’t want to use their online platform (website).

I listed lifepoints among Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money. You can earn on their platform without spending a dime. With lifepoints survey site you money is safe and you can cashout within first week of joining them.

One good thing about this money making platform for South Africans, is that if you are not qualified for the next task or stage you will be automatically redirected to sweepstakes drawing for free.

This is one of the genuine survey sites that you can use to earn extra income south africa with no money.

2. Panel Station

Panel Station is one of the largest online community that offers paid task. It is a great way earning extra money on a computer south africa. This survey site offers mobile app that can make thing easier for you. Registration is free and you earn 250 points upon registration.

Each completed task can easy you 500 to 5000 points. These points can be redeemed to variety of voucher cards of different companies.

Try using panel station to make money today. It is rated among top money making apps in south Africa.

3. Global Test Market: Make Money Online South Africa Surveys

Global test market is one of the platform that you can make money online in south Africa. If you are searching for extra income opportunities from home.

Then Global test market is the best option for you. Global test market is a firm that offer paid survey.

If you want to make money from this site

Download the company app, register with them. Registration is free and you earn points when using the app. The points are called marketpoints which can be converted into money ( cash ).

With global test you earn 20 to 50 points after completing a task. You can redeem the points when it reaches 1000 points which equals $50.

4. SurveySavvy

Survey Savvy is a firm that offers paid survey in order to complete their research. It is one of the legitimate way to Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money. You can withdraw as low as 1$ and get paid for completing each survey. You profile determines the number of surveys you will get in a month.

Survey Savvy is among the best extra income opportunities from home. Here they allow you to refer a friend and get paid. The more you refer people the bigger you earn.

SurveySavvy work conjunction with survey connect app. This app helps you to research on companies that are offering surveys.

Make Money Online In South Africa By Reviewing Music

I know you will be wondering how it can be done.

What will I write about the music?

What type of review?

Do I know to study music before doing that?

Do they check grammar?

The questions listed above and many others are running through you mind, when you saw make money online through music review.

Here, I have the answers to those questions. All you need to do, is to read word by word in other not to miss anything.

Online Music Review : Making Money From It, is it Possible?

The users of this platform have boost to earn minimum of $70 per month which is very cool.

The website records their money in US dollars, which you can convert to ZAR.

The name of the website is Slicethepie, visit the website and register with them. Start by showing love for music. Listen to so many musics for pleasure, gain reputation from it.

After you have gained reputation, now you can start writing reviews of musics. These musics are owned by upcoming artist. You review will help them to improve on their music career and do the write thing.

Slicethepie has rules and regulations guiding them. I will advice you to read them before, earning on the platform. Also, learn how to write appealing reviews.

Website Testing

Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money is possible and you can make thousands of dollars daily with this method. Website Testing is one of the easiest ways you can make money online with no capital in south Africa.

Earning through this method requires no fee or initial money.

If you are interested register with UserTesting.com. They will be giving you jobs or task to complete, once you have completed it, $10 will be credited in you PayPal account.

These task includes testing of online stores, clothing websites, company etc. You can be asked to check the functionality or its interface and get a feedback for them.

Website Testing is one of the easiest ways I have shared on how to make money online in south Africa. Each task can take you for 20 minutes.

Imagine making like $10 in every 20 minutes, it is cool. With that you can bank up to $500 per day.

Make Money For Free Using GPT Sites

What is GPT?

GPT means Get Paid To
They are sites that pays you to complete a task. It is just like survey site. They are websites that pay people to complete a certain task.

Example of website that offers that are : Toluna, InboxPounds, and Swagbucks.

Try using any of the sites to make money free online in South Africa.


Over three years, I have been making money online as a freelance. In freelancing you offer a job that you know how to do very well. You advertise what you knows how to do ( Your skill).

You can use forums or social media network to advertise your skill. If you can design logo, write articles ( review products), create animation videos etc.

Remember that we are still learning how to Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money. Share this article to family and friends.

There are top website that you can sell your freelancing skills like fiverr, upwork etc. All you need to is , register with them and boldly state the kind of skill you offer. People will pay for you to deliver what you have.

Make Money Playing Casino Online

Here is a quick sure way to make money online for free in South Africa.

Casino is see as a gambling, but it is a quick way that people make money online easily.

If you interested in this method, then you can research on free casino for South Africans. Then create account with them and play for luck.

Final Words On How To Earn Extra Income South Africa With No Money

I highlighted hobbies that make money in south africa, earning extra money on a computer south africa, how to make money in south africa online for free, extra income opportunities from home and how to make money online south africa surveys.

The methods above are free, so you can test them and choose one that works well for you.

Please if this article on “how to Earn Extra Income in South Africa With No Money” worth it.. then share with friends and family.

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