Axoni Digital Marketing Scam or Legit? Review

Axoni is a blockchain infrastructure company that provides digital ledger technology solutions for capital markets. In this review, we’ll analyze the company, products and services to determine if it’s a scam or a legitimate business.

Digital ledger technology (DLT) like blockchain is revolutionizing how financial transactions are processed and recorded. However, with any emerging technology, there is risk of scams from companies making unrealistic promises.

Let’s break down Axoni and their offerings to see if it merits trust or raises red flags.

The Story Behind Axoni

Axoni was founded in 2015 by a team of Wall Street veterans and engineers seeking to apply DLT to post-trade infrastructure.

Their mission was to develop more efficient, transparent and secure solutions for capital markets using distributed ledger technologies.

Some key facts about Axoni:

✔️ Headquarters in New York City with additional offices in London and Washington D.C.

✔️ Raised over $140 million in funding from prestigious investors like SCB 10x, NYCA and Breakaway Growth.

✔️ Led by CEO Greg Schvey, former head of blockchain at USAA who has deep experience in capital markets.

✔️ Claims to have developed the “world’s first” digital asset and securities protocol called AXCore that works across public and private networks.

On the surface, Axoni appears to be a well-funded startup backed by serious investors and founded by experienced professionals in the finance and blockchain space.

However, legitimacy is about more than appearances – we need to examine their actual products and value proposition.

Do Axoni’s Products Deliver On Promises?

So what exactly is Axoni trying to do and have they succeeded? Their main products and services include:

AxCore Protocol

Axoni’s flagship product is the AxCore protocol, which they developed to facilitate the issuance, trading and life-cycle management of digital assets on distributed ledgers.

Some key capabilities of AxCore include: Representing a wide range of financial assets on-chain including equities, bonds, derivatives and currencies. Enabling atomic swaps and net settlement of transactions without a centralized third-party.

Supporting smart contracts for asset lifecycle workflows like dividends, corporate actions and redemption. And Interoperable across public networks like Ethereum and private permissioned networks.

So in theory, AxCore aims to digitize the entire post-trade process on distributed ledgers. But does it actually work in a production environment?

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Thankfully, Axoni has shipped real-world implementations of AxCore that demonstrate its capabilities:

✔️ Digitized the Republic of Marshall Islands debt issuance and secondary trading on blockchain in partnership with the government.

✔️ Built a platform for DTCC to prototype collateral allocation, netting and asset servicing of bonds and swaps on AxCore.

✔️ Implemented an exchange settlement platform for, allowing tokenized assets to settle directly on a distributed ledger.

Based on verifiable proof-of-concepts with major partners, it seems AxCore is more than just an idea – it can indeed digitize securities on distributed ledgers as promised.

Managed Ledger Services

For financial institutions not ready to deploy their own distributed infrastructure, Axoni offers fully-managed ledger services. This includes: Operating validator nodes and consensus mechanisms on their behalf.

Maintaining high availability, performance, security and privacy of their networks. Integrating legacy systems and providing interfaces for clients to interact with networks.

Major clients using these services include DTCC and to seamlessly leverage AxCore without the operational burden. This suggests Axoni can competently manage complex distributed environments.

Data & Analytics Services

Axoni aggregates on-chain and off-chain data across networks to provide analytics, reporting and insights to clients. Some solutions include: Dashboards visualizing tokenization, liquidity, network activity and benchmarks.

Historical datasets for performance measurement and forensic investigations. And Customized APIs and tools for compliance monitoring, risk management and surveillance.

Early clients include the Marshall Islands using data to gain transparency into debt management on their live AxCore network. This service helps maximize the value of blockchain networks.

In summary, Axoni’s products seem to do what they claim by digitizing assets, enabling transactions and managing networks through proven implementations. All signs point to AxCore and services being successful solutions, not hype.

Does Axoni Have Legitimacy In The Industry?

Beyond reviewing products and deliverables, it’s also important to examine how Axoni is perceived and adopted within the capital markets industry.

Here are some bullish data points:

✔️ Strategic partnerships with organizations like DTCC, Fidelity and SBI Group shows trust from incumbents.

✔️ Won competitive RFPs and pilots against other blockchain providers, demonstrating proven solutions.

✔️ Spearheaded industry standards through involvement in groups like ISSF, CHIPS, FIA and FIX Protocol.

✔️ Earned endorsements from regulatory bodies like the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

✔️ Won multiple awards and recognition from outlets like Forbes Fintech 50 and CB Insights.

The quality partnerships, selection over competitors and endorsements from standards bodies tell us Axoni is taken seriously within its target industry. Scams don’t gain this level of legitimacy from incumbents.

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Furthermore, Axoni publishes annual audited SOC 2 Type 2 security reports. While not definitive proof, legit firms tend to pursue external validations whereas scams avoid transparency.

Bottom line is, Axoni appears to be operating transparently and gaining real traction.

Is There Financial Viability?

A red flag for scams is lack of focus on financial viability and profitability. But Axoni appears to be building a sustainable business model based on: Generating recurring revenue from transaction fees on its networks as asset volume grows.

Consulting and custom solution services for deploying AxCore and migrating workflows. And Long-term managed network services contracts with clients like DTCC for ongoing support.

With over $140 million in funding and major contracts, financial runways are long. And increasing adoption of AxCore should start driving real revenue as the technology matures.

Scams tend to only talk funding amounts without demonstrating real revenue generation or profitable business models. But Axoni seems focused on the right metrics for long-term viability.

Do Customers Attest To Value Received?

The ultimate testimonial is validating customer experiences. Thankfully, Axoni clients publicly confirm value: DTCC praised the “significant progress” made to prototype collateral allocation on AxCore.

Marshall Islands finance minister said the platform provides “transparent tools for citizens to monitor debt.”┬át0 CEO stated AxCore allowed settlement in minutes versus days through distributed ledger integration.

While case studies are marketing fluff for scams, verified client quotes directly confirm Axoni delivers working solutions producing tangible benefits. This type of social proof can’t be faked. Review Conclusion

After examining Axoni across multiple dimensions, all evidence suggests this is a serious and legitimate blockchain infrastructure provider, not a scam.

Key takeaways:

✔️ Proven leadership and investors with experience transforming capital markets.

✔️ Functional products digitizing real assets on distributed ledgers through case implementations.

✔️ Strategic partnerships, competitive wins and industry standards involvement show credibility.

✔️ Demonstrable revenue opportunities, long runways and focus on sustainable models.

✔️ Authentic customer feedback validating value received versus empty praise.

With substantial funding, proven partnerships and real customer deployments, Axoni appears to be successfully pioneering innovation at the intersection of finance and blockchain technology.

Although risks still exist with emerging tech, all signs point to Axoni delivering real value – not being a sham operation.

In summary, Axoni has passed the legitimacy tests and earned my recommendation as one of the most credible distributed ledger providers for capital markets based on this extensive review.

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Axoni Digital Marketing FAQs

What problem is Axoni solving?

Axoni is addressing inefficiencies in post-trade infrastructure like settlement, clearing and asset servicing for capital markets. Their goal is applying distributed ledger technology through AxCore to streamline workflows, reduce costs and unlock liquidity by digitizing assets and automating processes.

How does AxCore work technically?

AxCore is an interoperable protocol that can represent a wide range of financial assets on distributed ledgers. It utilizes smart contracts to automate lifecycle events like dividends or redemptions. AxCore networks are permissioned and can integrate with public chains. Axoni provides the tooling for clients to issue, transact and service digital assets through the protocol.

Who are some of Axoni’s major clients?

Notable Axoni clients include DTCC,, SBI Group, Fidelity and the Republic of Marshall Islands Government. They have partnerships across the capital markets, fintech and blockchain vendor ecosystems.

Is AxCore blockchain agnostic?

Yes, AxCore was designed to be blockchain agnostic and can integrate with different distributed ledger technologies. It has been deployed on permissioned networks as well as public chains like Ethereum. This interoperability allows clients flexibility in their infrastructure choices.

How much does Axoni charge for its services?

Pricing varies based on the scale and customization requirements of each client implementation. Axoni offers both enterprise-wide licensed usage of AxCore as well as pay-per-use transaction models. Managed network services also have customized pricing structured as recurring contracts.

Is Axoni profitable yet?

While still a private company, Axoni appears to be building sustainable revenue streams from transaction fees, consulting services and managed network contracts. With over $140 million in funding to date, profitability hasn’t been a priority over growth. But increasing deployments of AxCore should start to drive positive cash flows in the coming years.

Where is Axoni in their growth stage?

Considering its multimillion funding rounds since 2015, Axoni is still early in its growth trajectory. It is focused on securing more major clients, expanding the breadth of supported assets on AxCore and establishing itself as the leader in post-trade infrastructure modernization through distributed ledgers. Significant opportunities remain ahead as the market adopts this new technology at scale.

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