Is CashTube App Scam or Legit? Reviews and Complaints

CashTube is a mobile app that claims to pay users for watching videos, doing simple tasks, and inviting friends. It promises easy earnings just from your phone. But is CashTube legit or a scam? Here is a comprehensive review examining all aspects of CashTube to determine if it can really pay you or if it’s a waste of time.

CashTube App Review

CashTube is a free mobile app available on iOS and Android. It offers various ways to earn rewards called “coins” within the app, such as:

  • Watching videos
  • Completing offers like surveys and app installs
  • Playing games
  • Referring friends

You can then convert your earned coins into cash rewards like gift cards or cryptocurrency.

The app claims you can earn up to $500 just by watching videos. This seems almost too good to be true. So let’s take a close look at what users are actually earning and whether CashTube really pays out.

Can You Really Earn Money with CashTube?

How Much do Users Earn?

Most users report earnings of $1-10 per week, though some exceptional users claim to earn $50-100 weekly. To cash out the minimum of $1, you need 1,430 coins.

The main ways to earn coins are:

  • Watching videos – You earn 1 coin per video view. Videos are typically 1-2 minutes long.
  • Completing offers – These can earn hundreds or thousands of coins but often require completing surveys or installing other apps.
  • Referring friends – You earn 10% of the coins your referred friends earn.

So realistically, just from watching videos, it would take hours of viewing to earn the minimum cashout amount. Completing offers speeds this up significantly. Active referrals also help increase earnings.

While you can earn money with consistent use, the amount for most users is small relative to the time spent.

Do Users Get Paid?

The biggest question remains whether CashTube actually pays users who earn enough coins to cash out. And unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints about cashouts not being credited properly or at all.

Common cash out issues include:

  • Pending cashouts that never get marked as completed.
  • Random coin deductions that bring balances below the cashout minimum.
  • Suspended accounts after attempting to cash out.
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Overall, many users report spending hours to earn the minimum cashout, only to have their payments remain perpetually pending. There are a small number of users who claim they did successfully receive small gift card rewards. But most users advise staying away due to the many issues.

So while it seems possible for some users to earn small rewards, CashTube’s legitimacy remains highly questionable.

Evaluating CashTube’s Trustworthiness

With so many questions around whether CashTube actually pays users, it’s important to closely evaluate trust factors to determine if this app is a scam or legit. Here are the key factors to consider:

Company Background

CashTube does not provide any information about the company behind it on its website or in the app itself. The app only states it is owned by “Qire info Technology co., LTD.”

There are no direct company profiles that can be found online. And a business search shows no Chinese company under that name.

The lack of valid company information is a first red flag when it comes to trusting a rewards app. Most legit apps clearly identify the company operating them.

App Store Reviews

The Google Play Store listing for CashTube has a 2.4 rating based on over 17,000 user reviews. The negative reviews consistently cite issues around failing to receive cash outs and sudden account terminations.

Here are some examples:

  • “Don’t waste your time on this app. I watched videos for a month just to cashout and my account got banned.”
  • “Unable to withdraw money after reaching the threshold. This app is a scam.”
  • “Spent 2 months earning coins to cashout and never got paid. Deleted this misleading app.”

The poor rating further indicates CashTube does not follow through on paying users.

Website and App Experience

When you visit the CashTube website, it simply redirects you to download the app. There are no terms of service or details on how the program works on the site.

Within the app, the experience feels very ad-heavy and amateur. Video load times are slow and ads frequently crash. The overall UX is not polished like most legit rewards apps.

Lack of Customer Service

There appears to be no working customer service channels for CashTube. The app does not include any contact information. And users report emails being ignored when trying to address missing payments.

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The lack of support leaves users helpless when encountering issues around earning and cashing out.

Funding Source

So how does CashTube make money if not reliably through paying users? The revenue appears to come from serving in-app video ads. Users are required to watch lots of ads to earn coins.

This aligns with a clickbait model where the focus is getting ad views over providing real rewards.

Criticisms and Complaints Summarized

In summary, here are the key criticisms around CashTube’s questionable legitimacy:

  • No background on the company or owners
  • Terrible app store ratings due to payment issues
  • Poor app performance and experience
  • Lack of customer service
  • Primary revenue from ads, not user rewards

Bottom Line: CashTube Looks Like a Scam

When evaluating all the above factors, CashTube unfortunately fits the model of a scam app designed to bait users into watching ads and collecting personal data. There is little evidence to support this app as a legitimate source of income.

The multitude of negative reviews around failed payments suggest spending time earning with CashTube will lead to disappointment. You’re better off looking into more reputable rewards programs with transparent payout systems.

While the idea of getting paid to watch videos is appealing, apps like CashTube fall short of actually providing that opportunity. Proceed with extreme caution and skepticism if you still wish to try CashTube. But more than likely, you’ll end up wasting your time on false promises.

Top Legit Apps Like CashTube

If you’re looking for real mobile rewards programs, here are some high paying legit apps to consider:

InboxDollars – Get paid for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more. Lots of ways to earn and reliable cashouts starting at just $5.

Mistplay – Earn gift cards for playing new mobile games. Great way to make money while gaming. Has paid out over $16 million so far.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel – Get paid to install a meter on devices to share internet usage data anonymously. Currently provides the highest rewards of any passive data sharing panel.

Survey Junkie– Take surveys and get paid instantly via Paypal or gift cards. Fast payouts and high review scores make this a top survey site.

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Dabbl – Earn cash rewards for trying new apps and games. Fun way to earn while discovering new mobile experiences.

Fetch Rewards – Scan grocery receipts to earn gift cards. Super easy passive earnings just for groceries you already buy.

Shopkick – Earn cash back rewards for walking into stores and scanning products. Another simple way to earn from your regular shopping.

All of these apps offer guaranteed rewards for your activity versus CashTube’s unreliable model. I recommend exploring these legitimate options to find new ways to earn money from your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CashTube pay instantly?

No, CashTube does not offer instant payments. You need to accumulate a minimum of 1,430 coins to cashout rewards, which takes days or weeks. And even at the minimum, users report issues getting approved for payment.

What information does CashTube collect?

To register, you need to provide your email, password, date of birth, and mobile number. The app likely collects personal usage data and share that information with undisclosed third parties.

Is CashTube safe to use?

There are security concerns given CashTube’s questionable background and funding model focused on ad views over user rewards. It’s likely safest to avoid this app altogether.

Can you use CashTube anonymously?

No, CashTube requires email and phone verification during registration. There is no way to use the app anonymously.

Does CashTube work on iPhone?

Yes, there is an iOS version available for iPhone. But the same earning and cash out issues reported on Android apply to the iOS app.

The Bottom Line

CashTube tempts users with promises of easy earnings from their phone. But between negative user reviews, lack of company legitimacy, and an ad-heavy model, this app ultimately gives every indication of being a scam.

You are unlikely to ever cashout earnings from the time spent with CashTube. Your time is better spent with transparent rewards programs proven to provide payments. Avoid this fishy app and instead opt for legit options truly focused on compensating users.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.