Today’s post will examine news that has gone viral. We recently received a WhatsApp message regarding David Lutalo. According to the viral message, he has passed away.

We’re sure you have additional inquiries about David Lutalo, such Who is David Lutalo, Is David Lutalo living or dead, Has David Lutalo passed away, Is the message on WhatsApp regarding David Lutalo authentic or fraudulent, and a host of other queries.

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Who is David Lutalo?

David Lutalo is an East African musician, artist, and performer from Uganda. He gained notoriety a decade ago with the publication of his popular song Kapapaala in 2008 under his own record label, “Da Hares.”

David Lutalo News -Dead or Alive

His birthday is March 8, 1986. He began recording music in 2008 and has since released a number of solo tracks as well as several joint projects with Solid Star, Eddy Kenzo, Bebe Cool, and the Goodlyfe Crew.

David Lutalo: News Update

Rumors started spreading on WhatsApp, and some media accounts started sharing news about his death without verifying it, according to what we’ve been told.

Following that, we investigate David Lutalo further. We discovered that he is safe and well, and the false information spreading on social media is completely untrue.

FaQs on David Lutalo’s Death News Reality

Is David Lutalo dead or alive?

The unfounded and fraudulent rumors of David Lutalo’s death that are going around social media are untrue and he is still alive and well.

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