Many jobseekers come across Etat Canada online while searching for government jobs in Canada.

With its promises of stable work and benefits, Etat Canada online sounds like an ideal employer.

However, rumors of it being a scam have also surfaced. In this detailed review, we’ll unpack the facts around Etat Canada online and help you determine if it’s legit or not.

What is Etat Canada Online?

Etat Canada online (sometimes written as presents itself as the official government job board for finding positions within the federal public service of Canada.

On its website, located at, potential applicants can browse current job openings, learn about the application process, and submit their resume directly online.

The site design looks polished and professional. It features the government of Canada logo prominently. Job descriptions provide details on responsibilities, qualifications, salary ranges, and locations.

The application process seems straightforward – create an account, build an online profile, search and apply to postings of interest.

So on the surface, Etat Canada online appears to be a genuine resource for government jobs in Canada.

However, upon further examination, some inconsistencies emerge that cast doubt on the legitimacy of this website and its job postings.

Red Flags That Etat Canada May Be a Scam

Let’s take a deeper look at some concerning signs that suggest Etat Canada online could be running a scam:

No Official Mention: The legitimate website for finding and applying to jobs in the Canadian federal public service is This is the only official online job board endorsed by the government.

Etat Canada online receives no mention on government websites or career publications.

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Incorrect Domain Name: The domain name does not match how government of Canada websites are structured.

Legitimate domains would use or .ca instead of .com.

Questionable Customer Support: When contacting “support” via the website, the person responding claimed to be located in another country.

Real government job sites would have Canadian-based support.

Spelling and Grammar Errors: The websites’s about us page and job postings contained numerous typos and grammar mistakes.

Official government sites have strict quality standards.

Requests for Payment: Some reports claim the site asks applicants to pay an application fee, which no legitimate public service job would require. Government hiring is always free to apply.

Fake Job Descriptions: Upon closer examination, some of the listed job responsibilities and requirements did not align with how those roles are actually defined within the public service.

Duplicates Fake Sites: Etat Canada online displayed similarities in site design and content to known scam job sites like FederalCanadaJobs that were previously flagged by the Better Business Bureau.

Taken together, these inconsistencies suggest Etat Canada online is running a phony operation designed to collect personal information and jobseeker resumes under false pretenses. Let’s explore the scam in more detail.

How the Etat Canada Online Scam Works

If Etat Canada online is indeed a scam as the evidence indicates, here is the general process it uses to mislead and potentially exploit job applicants:

Fake Job Postings: The site posts fabricated listings for roles that may not exist or have already been filled internally. This lures in unsuspecting jobseekers.

Personal Information Collection: To “apply”, users must register an account and provide details like name, address, phone number, resume, educational history.

This data is now in the scammers’ hands.

Application Fees: Some reports mention fees being requested during the application process. These are simply ways to directly monetize applicants who fall for the con.

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Resume Harvest: With applicant resumes on file, the scammers can now easily scrape contact information and job histories to sell to other fraudsters operating recruitment scams.

Wasted Time and Effort: Of course, applicants spend valuable time crafting applications and following up, all for positions that were never real in the first place.

Phishing for More: The site may also use the personal data they’ve acquired to launch related phishing schemes by email or social media targeting the same jobseekers.

The end goal is to mislead as many candidates as possible into the fraudulent process while extracting money wherever an opportunity arises.

Honest job applicants are the victims who lose out to this unethical scam.

How to Protect Yourself and Report Scams

With so many red flags present, it’s clear Etat Canada online poses a serious deception risk to unwary jobseekers.

Here are some tips to avoid career con-artists:

Only use official government job boards like for federal postings

– Verify a listing’s legitimacy by searching referenced departments and job descriptions

– Beware of uncommon domain names, poor writing, and requests for payment

– Google search any company or job site raising suspicions before sharing personal details

– Check with the Better Business Bureau for reports of prior scam complaints

– If you apply to a scam listing, place a fraud alert on credit reports as a precaution

– Report suspected employment scams to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for investigation

Staying vigilant and doing research protects your identity, resume, time and protects others from similar cons.

Citizens working with authorities can help shut down deceitful operations preying on unsuspecting jobseekers.

FAQs About Etat Canada Online:

Q: Is there any legitimate connection between Etat Canada online and the government?

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A: No, there is no official or authorized affiliation between Etat Canada online and the Government of Canada. It is running solely as a fraudulent job scam website.

Q: Can I trust the job postings listed on Etat Canada online?

A: No, do not trust or apply to any jobs listed on Etat Canada online. The positions advertised are likely fabricated or do not actually exist within the federal public service.

Q: What information should I not provide to Etat Canada online?

A: You should not submit any personal details to Etat Canada online like your name, address, phone number, resume, education history, references or financial information. Avoid the site completely to protect your identity.

Q: How can I find actual opportunities within the Canadian federal government?

A: The only legitimate website for finding Canada federal job postings is Browse and apply directly through the government’s official job board for real opportunities.

Q: What should I do if I’ve already applied or provided info to Etat Canada online?

A: Contact credit reporting bureaus and place a fraud alert on your accounts. Also file a report about the scam with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre so they can investigate further and warn others.

In Summary

While the promises of Etat Canada online may seem appealing, clear evidence exists that this website is running an elaborate job scam, not a genuine resource for careers in the Canadian federal public service.

Jobseekers need to protect themselves by utilizing only official government recruitment channels and resources like Staying informed on known career cons also prevents wasting valuable time and sharing private details with unscrupulous fraudsters.

With diligence and vigilance, honest job applicants can recognize and avoid deceptive operations impersonating the true path to public sector work in Canada.