Is A Scam or Legit? unveiling the truth

With mortgage rates hitting historic lows recently, many homeowners have been exploring cash-out refinance options to access home equity for financing renovations, debt consolidation, and other personal needs. has emerged as a leading resource promising to match homeowners with lenders offering competitive rates on cash-out refinances.

But is legit, or is it a scam preying on homeowners looking to tap into home equity? In this in-depth review, I analyze everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

How Works operates as a lead generation marketplace connecting homeowners searching for cash-out refinance options with participating lenders.

The site allows users to input basic information like their address, loan amount, and contact details. This information is then distributed to multiple lenders on their network.

If a lender is interested in working with the homeowner, facilitates an introduction. From there, the lender would collect additional documentation as part of the standard underwriting process to provide an actual refinance quote. claims this model allows homeowners to efficiently shop rates from multiple qualified lenders.

Is Really Free?

One of the major draws of is that it claims to offer its matching service completely free of charge. On the surface, this sounds almost too good to be true. After all, how can a business operate without generating any revenue?

The key is that while itself does not charge homeowners fees, the lenders it introduces them to typically do.

Lenders pay a commission or performance-based fee whenever they close a refinance loan generated through the site. So while free for the homeowner, is effectively monetizing leads behind the scenes.

This lead generation model is standard practice across the mortgage industry. As long as delivers high-quality loan applicants, lenders are generally willing to pay referral fees that keep the site’s services complimentary for consumers. So in summary – yes,’s core matching service is truly free to use.

How Does Make Money?

To better understand how generates revenue, it helps to explore its business model and monetization strategy in more depth:

  • Lead Generation Marketplace – As noted above, operates an online lead generation marketplace connecting homeowners to participating lenders. This is the core of their business model.

  • Lender Partnerships – partners with multiple mortgage lenders and other financial service providers. Participating companies pay to be included in the site’s matching engine network.

  • Performance-Based Fees – Whenever one of their referrals results in a closed loan, earns a commission or success fee from the originating lender. Fees typically range from $300-500 per closed loan.

  • Volume Discounts – Larger lenders closing many loans from referrals may negotiate volume-based discounts on per-loan commission rates.

  • Ancillary Services – In addition to core matching, monetizes things like premium placement for lender profiles, custom lead packages, and branded content opportunities.

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So in summary,’s revenue model is to connect many borrowers with lenders while earning fees on the back-end only when a loan is closed. This ensures the site only profits by delivering high-quality, qualified leads that advance theorigination process.

Is Legitimate and Reputable?

To evaluate the legitimacy of, it’s important to analyze several key factors beyond just their revenue model:

Transparency clearly discloses how they generate revenue, that rates may vary, and makes no untrue promises. They avoid the deceptive practices commonly associated with illegitimate lead generators.

Trust Signals

The site has been in business since 2010 and built a large network of participating lenders. They also maintain an “A+” rating on the Better Business Bureau and positive consumer reviews online.

Regulatory Compliance holds all required state lending and broker licenses. They also clearly post NMLS licensing numbers demonstrating regulatory oversight and compliance.

Security Practices

The site uses HTTPS encryption, physical address is listed, and they have published privacy/terms policy protecting consumer data in accordance with laws.

Customer Service can be contacted easily by phone or email. They respond promptly and aim to resolve any issues homeowners may have with the process or participating lenders.

While no company is perfect, on the whole appears to operate transparently and takes steps to build trust, comply with regulations, and protect consumers – all signs of legitimacy.

The site delivers value to both homeowners and lenders without resorting to unethical practices. Based on research, they seem to have built a sustainable business model serving their stated purpose.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While appears legitimate overall, there are still some potential drawbacks homeowners should be aware of before using their services:

  • Rates May Still Vary – While comparing multiple lenders, the absolute best rate is not guaranteed. Local banks/credit unions may offer better terms in some cases.

  • Application Required – Unlike an informational site,’s model requires submitting personal information, resulting in multiple hard credit pulls if applying with multiple lenders.

  • Sales Pressure – Some homeowners have reported aggressive sales tactics from lenders once contact information is shared. Make informed decisions without high-pressure influences.

  • origination Fees – While’s core service is free, lenders may charge application fees or various closing costs homeowners must pay. Get cost details upfront.

  • Limited Customization – Homeowners with unusual circumstances may need guidance beyond electronic forms. An advisor can provide more individualized recommendations.

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So while strives to connect homeowners with affordable financing options, it remains important for individuals to do independent research, understand all associated costs, and feel fully comfortable with any lender relationship before moving forward. Proceed cautiously and don’t feel rushed into any decisions.

Should You Use’s Services?

For most homeowners simply wanting to efficiently browse cash-out refinance rates from multiple reputable lenders, provides a useful free service. However, based on this review there are a few key situations where using their platform may or may not be the best choice:


  • If you value convenience and want to easily generate customized quotes from several top lenders without needing to contact each individually.

  • For borrowers with good-excellent credit who fit standard underwriting guidelines and don’t require unusual loan structures or terms.

Caution Advised

  • Anyone sensitive to hard credit inquiries or wishing to minimize application documentation/processing steps should research lenders directly.

  • Borrowers with more complex financial profiles may benefit more from personalized guidance over electronic forms.

Not Recommended

  • Individuals looking for only one specialized product like an FHA streamline refinance. Direct is simpler.

  • Homeowners satisfied with their current lending relationship and not actively rate/term shopping.

So in summary, for most general refinance candidates, provides a streamlined hassle-free way to get quotes withoutobligation. Just be wary of any high-pressure sales tactics and do your own research too.

The Bottom Line on

After an in-depth analysis, appears to be a legitimate and reputable marketplace for homeowners wanting to conveniently shop cash-out refinance offers from multiple lenders. While not a perfect solution for every situation, their transparent advertising-supported business model and regulatory compliance suggest they are not a scam.

Homeowners can feel comfortable using their services to generate customized quotes and potentially find a competitive refinance deal.

Just be sure to understand all associated costs, avoid rushed decisions, and make the choice best suited for individual needs – whether through, direct with a lender, or by seeking in-person advising.

An informed homeowner who maintains control of the process can benefit from without undue risks.

With mortgage rates still near historic lows, tapping home equity through refinancing remains an attractive proposition for many. provides a free online option worth considering as part of researching the best refinance paths ahead. Just be a smart and educated consumer every step of the way.

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Here’s a continuation of the review blog post:

# Is A Scam or Legit? An In-Depth Review (Cont’d)

In the prior sections, we conducted an extensive analysis of’s business model, operations, and overall legitimacy.

While appearing to be a trustworthy marketplace overall, it’s still important for homeowners to understand their experiences may vary depending on individual circumstances. Let’s explore some additional factors to consider:

Getting Started With

If you decide to utilize’s services, here are some tips for maximizing your experience:

  • Provide complete and accurate information on their electronic forms. Incomplete applications may limit matches.

  • Expect to select desired loan terms like amount, rate type and intended use of funds. Tailor your selections to your specific needs and qualifications.

  • Review any marketing material or pre-qualification disclosures fully before electronically signing. Ask questions if unsure of any terms or conditions.

  • Give it at least 3 business days to generate customized rate quotes from multiple participating lenders. Be patient during the matching process.

  • Thoroughly vet any lenders that reach out by verifying licenses, checking online reviews, and comparing additional offer details like fees.

Following these best practices will help ensure a smooth process and put you in the best position to identify competitive refinance offers through’s network. Always maintain control and don’t rush important financial decisions.

Working With Matched Lenders

When matched with lenders, here are some additional factors to keep in mind during any follow-up:

  • Fully disclose your financial situation and credit details honestly and accurately when applying. Incorrect info can delay or prevent origination.

  • Clarify any quote conditions regarding your estimated closing costs, APR and loan term. Ask questions so there are no misunderstandings.

  • Shop around even after initial quotes by requesting rate or fee concessions from lenders to find the top offer.

  • Don’t sign any documents or provide deposit funds until all application paperwork is reviewed diligently line-by-line with your lender contact.

  • Keep records of all conversations and obtain verbal rate/term commitments in writing via email before moving towards closing.

Being proactive, doing your homework and negotiating professionally sets the stage for ultimately securing the most affordable refinance deal possible through or a matched lender from their network.

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