Is Vistalog Legit or Scam? Beware of Fake Vistalog Reviews

Vistalog is a new platform that has taken the internet by storm with its unique earning and learning opportunities. Unlike many other platforms that rely solely on referral models, Vistalog offers multiple streams of income even without referrals.

However, with the influx of new opportunities on the internet, it’s important to determine the legitimacy of any program before investing your time and money.

In this blog post, I will explore in detail how Vistalog works and the various ways one can earn on the platform. I will also evaluate the Vistalog opportunity to see if it is legit or a potential scam.

What is Vistalog?

Vistalog is a digital marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers from around the world. Whether you are looking to source high-quality products or sell your goods internationally, Vistalog provides the platform. Some key things to know about Vistalog include:

  • Global Reach: Vistalog has a presence in over 150 countries worldwide. This allows sellers to access a huge global customer base while buyers can source from suppliers across the globe.

  • Multiple Categories: The platform hosts a wide range of product categories ranging from fashion and apparel to electronics, industrial goods, food items and much more. This variety caters to the diverse needs of buyers.

  • Secure Platform: Vistalog utilizes banking-level security with encrypted connections and fraud monitoring systems to ensure all transactions are safe and secure.

  • Support & Services: In addition to the core marketplace, Vistalog also offers value-added services like quality inspection, shipping coordination, customs clearance, payment processing and after-sales support.

  • Learning Hub: An important aspect of Vistalog is its learning center that provides guides, tutorials and courses on importing, exporting, selling online and running e-commerce stores successfully.

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So in summary, Vistalog is a one-stop online destination to not only buy and sell globally but also learn the ins and outs of import/export business. Now let’s examine in detail how one can generate an income on Vistalog.

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What Are The Earning Opportunities on Vistalog

There are multiple ways to earn money through Vistalog, with and without referrals. Some of the key income streams are:

Registration Fees

To become an active user on Vistalog, one needs to pay a one-time registration fee of N5,000. This unlocks the full features of the marketplace to be able to buy, sell and carry out other activities.

Affiliate Bonuses

Vistalog runs an affiliate program where existing users can refer new users and earn commissions. For every successful referral that signs up and pays the registration amount, the referring user earns an affiliate bonus of N4,000.

Indirect Bonus

The affiliate program is also available for 2nd level referrals which means you earn even when your referrals refer other users. The indirect bonus for a 2nd level referral is N300.

2nd Indirect Bonus

You even earn a bonus of N100 for 3rd level referrals – referrals of your referrals’ referrals. This allows the opportunity for continued passive earnings.

Spillover Bonuses

A unique feature of Vistalog is spillover bonuses which allow you to earn even without referrals joining your network. As slots open up under top earners, their overflow referrals spill over or get reallocated to those below automatically. For every spillover referral, you earn between N100 to N500.

Welcome Bonus

All new registered users receive a one-time welcome bonus of N3,000 added to their accounts automatically once they complete the signup process.

Post Rewards

Vistalog encourages members to be active on the community forums and marketplace by sharing product listings, answering queries, providing feedback etc. For every relevant “Advert Post” users earn N300 while “Vista Posts” on the official community forums fetch N300 each.

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Daily Login Bonus

Members who login to their account daily are rewarded with N200 to promote consistent activity and engagement on the platform.

Vistalog Withdrawal Process

Member earnings can be withdrawn as follows:

  • Affiliate commissions and referral bonuses can be cashed out every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between 5PM to 6PM. The minimum withdrawal amount is N10,000.

  • Earnings from tasks, post rewards etc can be withdrawn on the 25th of every month without any minimum limit.

  • Payouts are done directly to members’ linked bank accounts or they have the option of receiving the funds as USDT (USD Tether) stablecoins for international transfers and crypto asset purchases.

Other Benefits for Vistalog Members

In addition to the income opportunities, being a Vistalog member unlocks several other benefits:

  • Access to Mentorship: Top earning members provide guidance on tactics to maximize earnings on the platform.

  • Batch Training: Periodic webinars and group training programs are conducted to teach import/export skills and business strategy.

  • Learning Resources: An e-library of case studies, manuals and tutorial videos help members upgrade their knowledge.

  • Marketplace Services: Members get discounted rates on value-added services like inspection, shipping, trade financing etc.

  • Community Support: An active community forum allows members to help each other, discuss trends and find partners.

  • Verified Seller Program: Top volume sellers can apply for a blue tick verification and priority listings to boost sales.

  • Global Sourcing: Members can source high-quality supply from a pool of pre-verified manufacturers and distributors.

  • Export Acceleration: Assistance is provided with paperwork, compliance and facilitation of sales in new international markets.

So in essence, partnering with Vistalog provides a comprehensive solution from lead generation and product sourcing to training, community support, payment processing and cross-border shipping services.

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Verifying User Reviews and Experiences

To truly assess the legitimacy of Vistalog, it’s important to check real user reviews from those currently using the platform or who have used it. On sites like Holyprofweb, you will find feedback and earnings reports from Vistalog members.

Most reviews suggest that the platform works as advertised and users are able to make sales and earn passive income. Withdrawal complaints seem minimal. However, it’s still early for the platform so long-term success can’t be fully determined yet.

Getting Expert Guidance

If you want the most accurate picture of your potential success with Vistalog, I recommend speaking to experience mentors currently earning well. You can message Coach Feyi on WhatsApp for honest feedback and guidance.

Coach Feyi has helped several newcomers optimize their earnings to over 60K monthly on the platform. For more user reviews check out this article.

Overall, while long-term success can’t be guaranteed, Vistalog does appear to offer a legitimate opportunity for new entrepreneurs if leveraged properly. Get expert advice before joining to maximize your results.


As evident from above, Vistalog is revolutionizing the online business space with its unique earning and learning ecosystem. By unlocking various income streams from both direct and indirect referrals as well as value-added services, anyone can generate a profitable side business or full-time income.

Best of all, the platform ensures regular residual earnings through spill over bonuses. Overall, Vistalog provides an all-inclusive solution for new age entrepreneurs to trade globally and amplify their success.

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By Don Billy

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