Is Magazine Shop Legit or Scam Review

With online shopping more popular than ever, it’s crucial to vet sites before making purchases. When considering places to buy magazines online, you may come across and wonder — is Magazine Shop legit?

This extensive review will analyze multiple key factors to determine whether Magazine Shop is trustworthy or risky for shoppers.

What is Magazine Shop?

Magazine Shop is an online store selling magazine back issues, special editions, and subscriptions. It’s owned by a360media, publisher of popular magazines like Woman’s World, First for Women, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal.

On its website, Magazine Shop states:

“Here you can shop back issues and popular special editions from these titles and many more from a360media’s family of leading magazines.”

Magazine Shop’s Legitimacy Factors

To determine if a site is legitimate, it’s important to look beyond the surface. Several key factors indicate whether an online business is trustworthy or a potential scam.

For Magazine Shop, here are the most important elements to analyze:

  • Reviews from other shoppers
  • Company background
  • Website security
  • Comparisons to competitors

Examining these components thoroughly will reveal whether Magazine Shop is a safe, reliable place to buy magazines.

Magazine Shop US

Reviews of Magazine Shop’s Service

One of the best ways to gauge an online store is by seeing feedback from those who have shopped there. Review sites like Trustpilot offer insights into real customer experiences.

The current Trustpilot score for Magazine Shop is poor, at just 2.5 out of 5 stars. Out of 7 total reviews, 100% are 1-star complaints about issues like:

  • Difficulty canceling orders
  • Failure to receive magazines
  • Unexpected credit card charges

This overwhelmingly negative feedback is certainly a red flag about Magazine Shop. However, with only 7 reviews so far, it provides limited perspective.

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Searching other consumer sites turns up virtually no reviews of Magazine Shop positive or negative. So while Trustpilot ratings are disconcerting, more shopper opinions would give a clearer verdict.

In the absence of abundant reviews, looking into the company itself becomes even more crucial.

Magazine Shop’s Company Background

To determine legitimacy, examining the store’s ownership, history and policies provides context.

As noted, Magazine Shop is owned by established publisher a360 Media. This parent company releases many popular magazines through subsidiary brands like Woman’s World and Us Weekly.

The domain was registered on May 13, 2021. So while the website itself is fairly new, it belongs to a media company that has published magazines for years.

Additionally, Magazine Shop’s terms of service and privacy policies are clearly posted onsite. Detailed policies suggest authenticity and accountability to consumers.

So while company details aren’t flawless, they do lean toward legitimacy rather than scam concerns. The major publisher behind Magazine Shop offers some reassurance.

Still, it takes more than ownership background to evaluate safety. The site’s security protections are critical as well.

Security Measures on Magazine Shop

When providing payment info online, shoppers need confidence their data is protected. Security features like encryption and malware monitoring show whether a site safeguards user information.

Magazine Shop uses HTTPS encryption across its website. Encryption scrambles data during transfers to block external prying. This suggests Magazine Shop appropriately secures connections.

Review site Scamadviser also states Magazine Shop has no malicious software detected. Lack of malware is a positive sign the site maintains users’ security.

So while ordering hazards can never be fully eliminated, Magazine Shop does implement key protections. This decreases the odds of major privacy or financial breaches while visiting the website.

Comparison to Leading Magazine Sellers

Looking past Magazine Shop itself, benchmarking against competitors also checks legitimacy. Comparison to industry leaders helps determine if Magazine Shop meets ecommerce standards.

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Popular magazine sellers like Amazon Magazines, MagazineLine, and DiscountMags have much stronger reputations and review scores. But that’s expected from huge brands with endless resources.

In terms of core online retail factors, Magazine Shop is fairly comparable. It posts policies clearly, uses encryption, and avoids malware similarly to top marketplaces.

The biggest differentiation is in feedback and financial safeguards. For instance, Amazon offers purchase protection plans that small sites like Magazine Shop can’t match. Review volume also massively favors an ecommerce giant.

So industry contrasts show Magazine Shop isn’t to the level of magazine selling titans — but reasonably aligns given its lower profile. Comparisons don’t reveal alarming credibility gaps either.

Conclusion: Magazine Shop Legitimacy Breakdown

Evaluating multiple angles offers a robust view of whether Magazine Shop is a legitimate vendor or potential scam. Here’s a final legitimacy breakdown:


  • Owned by established publisher
  • Encrypted checkout processes
  • No malware detected
  • Aligns decently with bigger magazine sellers


  • Very few customer reviews
  • All ratings are 1-star complaints
  • Lacks special financial protections

In summary — transacting with Magazine Shop does come with higher uncertainty than megastores, but isn’t overwhelmingly high-risk. For savvy shoppers sticking to secure payment methods, it can be an acceptable place to order magazines.

However, customers frustrated by tricky cancellation policies or products that never arrive may disagree. There have absolutely been Magazine Shop grievances based on negative reviews.

So deciding whether Magazine Shop is “legit enough” depends much on your shopping preferences. With extra precautions, it meets legitimacy basics as an independent magazine seller. But customers valuing rock-solid policies over unique inventory may view that status differently.

How to Order Safely at Magazine Shop

If trying Magazine Shop, certain best practices enhance security:

  • Research order specifics first
  • Use credit cards over debit cards
  • Check bank statements for errors
  • Act quickly on inaccurate charges
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These tips minimize hassles if you do experience issues down the road.

Additionally, reaching out directly with concerns also uphold your rights. Magazine Shop does provide customer service contacts on its website.

So while the store isn’t completely risk-proof, staying informed defends your interests as a shopper.

Magazine Shopping Alternatives

If Magazine Shop still seems too unstable, many alternative stores sell magazines. Top options include:

Amazon: Retail juggernaut with tons of magazine inventory and purchase protection
MagazineLine: Veteran magazine seller with wide selection and good BBB rating
DiscountMags: Budget-friendly back issues and subscriptions with satisfactory reviews

Competitors each carry unique titles that Magazine Shop may lack too. Expanding options ensures you find the specific issues you want.

Between the above sellers plus Magazine Shop, virtually any magazine can be tracked down online. Identifying the ideal purchasing fit just requires comparing vendors’ pros and cons.

The Verdict: Is Magazine Shop Legit or Scam?

In the end, Magazine Shop does offer legitimate magazine ordering. But its still-limited operating history comes with more hazards than top outlets.

For the widest variety of titles in a smaller marketplace, Magazine Shop suffices. Expectations just need adjustment around policies and issue resolution.

All in all, transacting with meets the standards of an independent online seller — but doesn’t benchmark with online shopping staples yet. Its legitimacy ultimately depends on your comfort with increased uncertainty.

With extra vigilance however, Magazine Shop expands options for finding beloved magazines. Common precautions empower buyers if hiccups emerge later too. So the platform fills a niche, albeit an imperfect one, for avid readers seeking titles outside the mainstream.

By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.