Midea Aircon Review: Consumer Reviews and Complaints

Air conditioners have become a necessity in most homes today, providing cooling and comfort especially during the hot summer months. With many brands to choose from, Midea air conditioners have become a popular choice among consumers looking for an affordable yet reliable air conditioning unit.

In this comprehensive midea aircon review, we will take an in-depth look at various midea aircon models, their features, performance and most importantly – what actual users have to say about their experience with midea air conditioners based on consumer reviews and complaints.

Overview of Midea Air Conditioners

Midea is a Chinese multinational home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Beijiao, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong. The company was established in 1968 and has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC systems and appliances worldwide.

Some of the popular midea aircon models include:

  • Midea U Shape Inverter Split Air Conditioner: Features U-shaped air flow design, wider angle air flow, powerful cooling and inverter compressor technology for energy efficiency. Available in 0.75 ton to 2 ton capacity.
  • Midea DX Inverter Window Air Conditioner: Comes with dual inverter compressor, 4-in-1 air technology, anti-mosquito feature and intelligent air throw. Capacity ranging from 1 ton to 2 ton.
  • Midea Grande Series Split Air Conditioner: Designed for larger spaces, this series includes options like the 2-ton and 2.5-ton inverter split units with fast cooling and dual rotary inverter compressors.
  • Midea Cubic Series Split Air Conditioner: Equipped with 3D air flow for uniform cooling and 2-stage filtration with anti-bacterial coating. 1-ton and 1.5-ton options available.
  • Midea Celano Series Split Air Conditioner: Features modern Italian design, PM2.5 air filtration, auto-cleaning and stabilizer free operation. Available in 1-ton to 2-ton models.

Midea air conditioners are generally affordably priced compared to models from other brands like Daikin, LG, Samsung, Voltas, etc. They offer a good mix of features and are backed by a 1-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the compressor by Midea.

Now let’s take a look at what customers have to say about their experience with Midea aircon units in real world usage…

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Midea Aircon Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Here are some honest consumer reviews from actual Midea air conditioner users:

“We purchased the Midea 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC last month for our bedroom. This is our first inverter AC and we are very happy with its performance so far. It cools the room rapidly even when the outside temperature is above 40 degree celsius. This was not possible with our previous non-inverter AC. It runs very quietly on inverter mode. Installation was done free by Midea service center and overall we are very satisfied with this model.”

This review indicates the faster and effective cooling provided by the inverter compressor technology in Midea aircons. Even at high ambient temperatures, the AC provides efficient room cooling while running quietly especially on inverter mode.

“I bought the Midea 1.5 Ton 5 star Inverter AC during a sale on Flipkart last year. It has been working great till now without any issues. My electricity bills have come down as the AC cools quickly and then runs at low power on inverter mode to maintain the set temperature. My bedroom remains comfortable throughout the night. The only small negative is that the air throw distance is slightly less compared to my previous AC. Overall, it is value for money.”

The energy saving capabilities of the inverter compressor is clear from this review. Midea ACs can help reduce electricity bills while providing comfortable sleep through the night. Air throw could have been better but considering the affordable price, it offers good value.

“We got the Midea inverter window AC installed in our living room. The cooling is good but where it really struggles is air circulation. Since the unit is fixed in a window, it cannot circulate air to the whole room like a split AC. So some areas still feel warm. Also, the remote doesn’t work from all corners. I have to point it directly at the AC. After sales service experience was just average when I complained about the circulation issue. Overall, it is an okay AC but lacks wide spreading cooling.”

This highlights an important drawback of window air conditioners – ineffective air circulation throughout the room as they are mounted in a fixed spot. Split ACs score better when it comes to spreading the cool air in all corners. The reviewer also faced some issues with the remote and after sales service.

“We got a Midea 1 Ton 3 Star split AC installed in the kid’s room. The cooling is decent but where it really impressed me was the low noise operation. My kids are able to sleep peacefully through the night without getting disturbed by the AC noise, even at the lowest fan speed. This was a major issue with our previous AC make. Midea’s silent operation is a big plus, especially for bedrooms. Good value for money.”

The biggest positive highlighted by this user is the quiet and silent functioning of the Midea split AC which allows peaceful sleep without any disturbing noise. Low noise operation is a key benefit for bedrooms.

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Overall, the general sentiment among Midea air conditioner owners seems to be positive. Most users are happy with the cooling performance, efficiency and quiet operation. Areas of improvement pointed out include air circulation, remote control range and after sales service quality. Considering its affordable pricing, Midea ACs offer decent value for money as per consumer reviews.

Midea Air Conditioner Complaints and Issues Faced

While a majority of users seem satisfied with their Midea ACs, the brand is not without its share of complaints from dissatisfied customers. Some key complaints faced by users include:

Problem #1 – Gas leakage and related issues

Several consumers have reported the problem of refrigerant gas leakage in their units, especially older models which use R22 gas. Since R22 is being phased out, it needs refilling every year and leads to higher maintenance costs. Some have had to change the whole unit due to gas leakage.

Problem #2 – Problems in inverter compressor or PCB

A number of complaints relate to technical faults arising in the inverter AC compressors and control circuit boards. This results in improper functioning or breakdown of the AC within just a few months of purchase. Replacing these parts involves high costs.

Problem #3 – Improper installation by service technicians

Many users have reported facing issues due to faulty installation by untrained Midea service technicians – whether it is improper fittings, incorrect wiring or bad drainage setup leading to leaking, etc. This causes problems later on and leads to arguments over whether it’s a manufacturing defect or installation issue.

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Problem #4 – Inadequate cooling and air circulation

Several buyers have complained about insufficient cooling from Midea ACs, especially for larger rooms or at high temperatures. The air circulation is also found lacking by some which leads to uneven cooling in different parts of the room.

Problem #5 – Breakdown and non-response from service center

A common grievance is delayed response from company service centers in case of breakdown within warranty period. Lack of availability of spare parts and technicians in some areas leads to delays in repair. Follow-ups rarely help and customers are forced to remain without an AC for weeks in some cases.

Problem #6 – Remote control issues

The remote fails frequently in some models or doesn’t work smoothly. Another concern is that Midea AC remotes generally don’t work for other brands. So you may need two remotes if you are replacing an existing AC of a different brand.

While the above complaints do not imply all Midea air conditioners will have problems, it is wise to be aware of potential issues faced by certain models or batches. Execution of service also varies by location.

Comparison of Midea Air Conditioner with Popular Brands

How does Midea aircon compare with models from leading AC brands like Daikin, Voltas, LG and Samsung? Let’s look at a brief comparison:

Parameters Midea AC Daikin AC Voltas AC LG AC Samsung AC
Cooling Performance Good Excellent Very Good Excellent Very Good
Energy Efficiency Average to Good Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
Air Circulation Average Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
Noise Levels Very Low Low Average Low Low
Reliability Average Excellent Good Very Good Good
After Sales Service Average Excellent Very Good Good Good
Pricing Most Affordable Premium Mid-Range Mid to Premium Mid to Premium
Value for Money Good Excellent Very Good Good Good
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Midea air conditioners are priced lower than most brands, offering decent value. Their cooling is good but performance metrics like energy efficiency, air circulation, reliability and after sales service are rated lower compared to premium brands like Daikin. Brands like Voltas, LG and Samsung also fare better overall though their pricing is higher.

So if your priority is to buy an AC with the lowest cost, Midea makes for a reasonable choice. But for slightly higher budgets, models from Voltas, LG or Samsung would be a better investment. Daikin air conditioners deliver the best performance and after sales care but come at premium pricing.

Verdict: Is Midea a Good Brand for Air Conditioners?

Based on the midea aircon reviews, ratings, complaints and comparisons above, here is a summary of our evaluation:

Pros of Midea ACs:

  • Offer cooling capacities from 0.75 ton to 2.5 ton to suit small and large rooms
  • Utilize energy efficient inverter compressors in their inverter range of ACs
  • Provide quiet and low noise operation, especially beneficial for bedrooms
  • Air purification features in some models like anti-bacterial filters, PM2.5 filtration etc.
  • Reliable performance in normal use cases and reasonable durability
  • Affordably priced compared to big brands; cost effective for buyers on a budget

Cons of Midea ACs:

  • Questionable reliability and higher rate of technical faults compared to established brands
  • Air circulation is weak resulting in uneven cooling
  • Refrigerant leakage is a concern, especially for older models using R22 gas
  • After sales service and installation quality varies across locations
  • Remote control issues in some models
  • Lack some premium features seen in ACs from Daikin, LG, Voltas etc.


Midea is an average brand of air conditioners – not the best but not the worst either. Cooling performance and noise levels are rated positively by users but reliability, air circulation and after sales service quality have scope for improvement.

For shoppers looking for the lowest priced AC options, Midea makes for a reasonable choice. But spending slightly more on models from Voltas, LG or Samsung would be advisable for long term ownership.

Overall, Midea aircons offer decent value for money for budget buyers – but don’t expect premium quality at such pricing. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for! So your decision would depend on whether rock bottom pricing is your main priority or you can invest a little more for better post purchase experience and durability.

I hope this detailed midea aircon review comparing real consumer experiences helps you make an informed purchase decision! Please share your questions or feedback on Midea air conditioners in the comments below.

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