Raslok Water Dispenser Review Singapore (Buyers Beware !!)

If you’re searching for the best water dispenser in Singapore, you’ve likely come across the Raslok brand. As a leading manufacturer of water dispensers and water filtration systems in Southeast Asia, Raslok offers a wide selection of models to suit different needs and budgets.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which Raslok water dispenser is right for your home or office? This comprehensive review covers everything you need to know before investing in a Raslok water dispenser in Singapore.

Overview of Raslok Water Dispensers

Headquartered in Malaysia, Raslok has been designing and building water dispensers since 2009. They focus specifically on hot and cold water dispensers rather than bottled water coolers.

The main components of any Raslok water dispenser include:

  • Stainless steel hot tank to heat water for dispensing
  • Compressor cooling system to chill water
  • Multi-stage water filtration system
  • Faucets and drip tray
  • Storage cabinet and water tank

Within these core components, Raslok water dispensers vary widely in:

  • Size – From countertop to freestanding floor units
  • Filtration capabilities – From basic sediment filters to advanced reverse osmosis
  • Temperature control – From simple on/off to precise digital control
  • Tank capacity– From 3 liters to over 10 liters
  • Number of faucets – Single and double faucet options
  • Design style – Modern, contemporary, or traditional looks

By offering this range of features and customization, Raslok aims to meet the needs of homes, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and more.

I’ll cover the key features and considerations for these components more in depth through the rest of this review.

Overview of Water Dispenser Market in Singapore

Before diving into Raslok specifics, it helps to understand the broader water dispenser market in Singapore.

While bottled water coolers used to dominate the industry, there has been a major shift towards point-of-use water dispensers in the last 5-10 years.

According to market research group Euromonitor International, point-of-use water dispensers make up over 60% of the total market share in Singapore today.

There are a few major reasons for this transition:

  • Convenience – No more lifting and replacing heavy bottled water; the dispenser connects directly to the water line
  • Cost savings – Eliminates recurring delivery and purchase costs for bottled water
  • Health and sustainability – Avoids plastic waste and microplastics; provides freshly filtered water
  • Advanced features – Dispensers now offer precise temperature controls, filtration, etc.

As the market leader in Southeast Asia, Raslok has capitalized on many of these advantages to grow rapidly in Singapore. Their dispensers balance quality and affordability while offering the latest innovations.

Now let’s explore those product lines and options…

Raslok Water Dispenser Review - 2

Raslok Water Dispenser Product Lines

Raslok categorizes their wide selection of water dispensers in Singapore into three main product lines:

1. Intel Series

The Intel Series focuses on high-performance commercial dispensers built for demanding office environments.

Key features tend to include:

  • Large 10+ liter hot/cold water tanks
  • Fast heating and cooling
  • Advanced water filtration systems
  • Rugged durability and parts
  • Overflow water drainage systems
  • Options for drip tray disinfection

With tank capacities exceeding most home kitchen needs, these dispensers can keep up with heavy foot traffic locations. And the fast heating coils can recover quickly after periods of frequent use.

While specific models vary, most Intel dispensers stands around 4 feet tall on sturdy steel frames. You’ll also see stainless steel accents and waterproof control panels. They carry a more utilitarian look targeted at workplaces rather than homes.

Best For: Offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants

2. Elio Series

Designed for the home market rather than commercial applications, the Elio Series focuses more on aesthetics, simplicity, and affordability.

These countertop style dispensers come in a range of stylish designs from modern to traditional. You’ll find options like:

  • Glass and stainless steel construction
  • LED illuminated water tanks
  • Child safety lock controls
  • Self-cleaning and drain functions
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Filtration tends to be simpler than the Intel Series, but still effective for typical residential use. Hot and cold tanks range from 3-5 liters capacity, which works well for most households.

The Elio Series runs off standard wall outlets without complex wiring requirements. And Raslok opts for intuitive physical controls rather than complex digital displays.

Best For: Home kitchens and small offices

3. Flo Series

The Flo Series lands in the middle between the commercial-grade Intel models and the affordable Elio options targeting homeowners.

These mid-range dispensers offer some of the durability and performance of commercial units but in a more compact floor standing cabinet design.

Key advantages of the Flo Series include:

  • 5-7 liter hot/cold tank capacities
  • Fast heating and cooling
  • Advanced multi-stage filtration standard
  • Built-in leak prevention
  • Options for freestanding or under counter installation

The series works well for office pantries, community centers, workshop break rooms, and similar applications that demand somewhat frequent use.

While exact specs vary between models, Flo dispensers generally utilize intuitive digital controls for temperatures, self cleaning functions, and filter change notifications. Design aesthetics also balance form and function.

Best For: Office pantries, community spaces, light commercial use

Now that you understand the core product lines, let’s take a deeper look at standout features that differentiate Raslok dispensers.

Raslok Water Dispenser Review

Key Features and Considerations for Raslok Water Dispensers

Beyond just heating and cooling water, modern dispensers incorporate a range of helpful capabilities. Based on your needs and priorities, here are some key factors to consider as you compare Raslok models:

Water Filtration Systems

One of the most crucial elements, the filtration system removes contaminants and improves water taste and odor.

Raslok dispensers run the gamut from basic sediment filters to sophisticated reverse osmosis. Higher-end models even add alkaline, UV sterilization, and mineralization filters too.

Typical filtration stages include:

  • Sediment filter – Traps particles like dirt, rust, and silt
  • Pre carbon filter – Reduces chlorine and chemicals for better taste
  • RO filter – Advanced filtration for dissolved solids and microorganisms
  • Post carbon filter – Final polishing stage
  • Alkaline filter – Raises pH and mineral content for health
  • UV filter – Destroys up to 99.9% of waterborne bacteria
  • Mineralization filter – Adds beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium

The more filtration stages, the purer and better tasting your drinking water. But it also adds to costs.

Consider how many people will use the dispenser and your water quality. Offices should invest in robust filtration, while residential users can likely get by with fewer stages.

Also look at filter capacity – rated by total gallons processed before needing replacement. And factor in long term filter replacement costs based on your usage levels.

Hot Water Temperature & Capacity

If you’ll regularly use hot water for coffee, tea, soup, noodles and more, pay close attention to the heating system specs.

For homes, a good minimum hot water capacity would be 3 liters, while offices may need 10 liters or more. This determines how long the dispenser can output a steady stream of hot water before requiring recovery time.

Look for stainless steel hot tanks rather than plastic construction too.

Temperature control also matters. Lower end dispensers simply toggle on and off at a fixed temperature – often too hot for direct drinking. Higher-end Raslok dispensers let you digitally set precise temperatures between 35°C to 98°C.

Also consider the heating wattage (determines recovery rate) and availability of child safety lock functions.

Cold Water Temperature & Capacity

While not heating, cooling water requires compressor refrigeration systems in most Raslok dispensers.

Higher wattage compressors enable lower water temperatures and faster chilling. Top models can output ice-cold water down to 3°C.

For capacity, 3-5 liters serves most homes well for cold drinking water. Pick over 5 liters for frequent batches of cold drinks in offices or parties.

As with hot tanks, look for rust-resistant stainless steel construction on cold tanks too.

Faucet Styles

Another defining factor is the number of faucets or dispensing points:

Single faucet dispensers channel both hot and cold water through one outlet. You toggle a lever to switch between the two. Simple and affordable, but less convenient when you want both temperatures at the same time.

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Dual faucet dispensers offer dedicated taps for hot and cold. This allows you to easily fill a cup with cold water while someone else gets hot water for making tea. It’s a popular setup for offices and larger families.

Some Raslok models even offer a third faucet option just for unheated filtered water. Helpful for drinking water without flavor changes from hot tanks.

Look for durable brass or stainless steel faucet construction too. And see that hoses utilize food grade materials on the interior.

Overflow Drainage System

One convenience feature on mid to high-end Raslok dispensers is an integrated overflow drainage system.

If the hot tank malfunctions and overflows, this system automatically drains excess water into an internal tray. An overflow pipe then channels it neatly into a removable waste bucket out of sight.

This prevents water spilling across your counters and floors. Very useful for offices where no one may be present to promptly clean up hot water messes.

For homes, it provides extra insurance too.

Tank Design & Cabinet Style

Visual aesthetics matter too, influencing the overall look and feel. Consider these style factors:

Transparent tanks provide a peek at inner workings, which some buyers enjoy. However, algae and scale build up over time. Transparent materials also run hotter to the touch.

Stainless steel tanks offer a modern, neutral look that blends into most decors. Most Raslok home dispensers feature painted steel while commercial models utilize raw stainless for durability.

Cabinets and frames protect inner components while providing storage. Look for anti-rust treatments. Commercial dispensers stand on steel frames while home models may incorporate built-in cabinets or sit directly on countertops.

Countertop footprint is also important for homeowners. Larger tanks mean a bigger base. Make sure to measure space in your kitchen first.

Lighting features like LED illumination and digital displays create visual interest, especially helpful for home kitchens.

Consider the overall visual impact to fit your space. Modern stainless steel? Or traditional black cabinet?

Electrical Requirements & Safety

Operating a water dispenser requires consistent electrical power. Make sure to account for:

  • Heating and cooling elements
  • Water pumps
  • Built-in water filtration
  • Lighting features
  • Digital controls and displays

Input wattages range widely across basic to advanced Raslok models – from 500W to over 1,500W.

Factor in electrical outlet amps and breaker capacity on your circuit. High wattage commercial dispensers may require dedicated power circuits.

Also look for:

  • Overload protection
  • Waterproof electrical boards
  • Insulated wiring
  • Child safety locks
  • Auto shut-off features

These prevent both electrical and water based risks.

By considering factors like heating power, water filtration performance, drainage safeguards, and electrical protections, you can find the best Raslok dispenser for your specific needs.

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Now let’s dive into 8 top models across the product lineup…

Top 8 Recommended Raslok Water Dispensers in Singapore

With a wide range of models and customization options, it helps to have a shortlist of top recommended dispensers to choose from.

Here are 8 best-selling and top rated Raslok water dispensers in Singapore worth considering:

1. Raslok Intel-A717

Best For – High use office environments

The Intel-A717 caters to busy workplaces that demand all-day hot and cold water access for dozens of employees.

With twin 11 liter tanks, it provides over 60 cups of hot or cold water between recovery cycles. Great for minimizing waits even with heavy use. The 1,300W heating system and long-life compressor chills water rapidly too.

You get 5 stages of water filtration including sediment, dual carbon blocks, and scale inhibition filters. It processes 4,500 liters before filter replacements.

The A717 stands 1.2m tall on a steel frame with stainless panels plus a drip tray and waste bucket. Simple and durable for office functionality. An affordable commercial grade workhorse.

2. Raslok Flo-D888

Best For: Office pantries and community spaces

The mid-range Flo-D888 hits a sweet spot between the Intel and Elio series with a balance of performance, features and aesthetics.

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Itoutputs hot water from a rustproof stainless steel tank holding over 5 liters supply. The 1,000W heating system has a maximum temperature of 98°C with an adjustable thermostat.

The dual faucets dispense from insulated soft pipes while drip trays capture accidental spills.

With 3 stage filtration and 6 liter cold tank capacity, the D888 handles moderate daily use. It mounts freestanding on a steel frame or under counters. The LED lit tanks and glass panel accents add style too.

3. Raslok Elio Ez-Match

Best For: Contemporary home kitchens

The Elio Ez-Match water dispenser makes a sleek, modern statement with contemporary lines.

The tempered glass and stainless steel construction exhibits a light, airy aesthetic. Touches like the LED lit tanks push visual appeal. It stands just 60cm tall to fit most countertops.

On functionality, users praise the precise digital temperature controls from 5°C to 95°C. The child lock boosts safety.

Matching purified water filtration reduces chlorine and chemicals without needing filter replacements for 6 months.

For the price, an attractive, reliable option sized for residential kitchens.

4. Raslok Intel-C850S

Best For: Restaurant kitchens and cafes

The Intel-C850S allows restaurants and cafes to deliver steaming hot water for coffee, soups, sanitation and more.

It tackles the highest demand scenarios with 15 liter supply tanks and 1,800W heating power. Digital controls precisely tune temperatures up to 98°C.

This model also incorporates:

  • Overflow drainage system
  • Water level sensors
  • Scale inhibition
  • Automatic heaters to restrict bacteria growth after idle periods

With solid steel frames and panels plus commercial water filtration, the C580S reliably performs for years in demanding kitchens and dining areas.

5. Raslok Elio Curve

Best For: Families desiring safety functions

Putting child safety first, the Elio Curve installs securely out of reach from kids.

The curved faucet and base shape adds distinction within contemporary and traditional decors. Users describe the design as “reminiscent of a existing water fountain”.

While made for homes, it still outputs over 60 cups of cold or hot water thanks to 4 liter tank capacities. Temperatures range from 20°C to 98°C.

The Elio Curve also incorporates Raslok’s Intelli Protect safety system:

  • Child safety lock
  • Anti-scaling protection
  • Dry heating auto shut-off
  • Reservoir full auto shut-off

Finally, the LED floor light indicates working status whenever near the dispenser.

6. Raslok Flo Duo-Plus

Best For: Office pantries and kitchenettes

The Flo Duo-Plus caters to small office needs with dual faucets plus a third outlet for room temperature filtration water only.

It stands 90cm tall on a wider steel frame to hold dual 3 liter stainless tanks. Users appreciate the ease of front panel access for filter replacements.

Despite the compact size, the Duo-Plus still outputs over 150 cups of water. The 1,000W heating system recovers rapidly after use with auto shut-off when full.

Other highlights include intuitive digital controls, overtime UV sanitization, side storage cabinet, and drainless drip tray operation.

7. Raslok Elio Standard Plus

Best For: Families on a budget

The Elio Standard Plus offers an entry-level home dispenser but still with 3 stage water filtration, dual faucets, and useful safety functions.

It utilizes multi-layer sediment and carbon block filters to remove chlorine, chemicals, particulates and microorganisms.

The child safety lock, auto shut-off technology, and stainless tanks make this an ideal family dispenser. And the compact size takes up limited countertop space.

While output volumes and heating power are lower than pricier models, the Standard Plus satisfies occasional home use. An affordable option for most families.

8. Raslok Intel-C850S

Best For: Cafes and small restaurants

Striking the balance between homes and larger restaurants, the C850S supports consistent daily use across office pantries, workshops, cafes, and similar locations.

It stands 110cm on a wider steel frame for freestanding installation. The boxy shape puts form behind function but stays durable for years.

Dual faucets deliver precise hot and cold water via user friendly controls. Safety features add peace of mind during busy rushes.

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