Sharon Au Jean Danker Scam Exposed: What You Need To Know

As internet scams become increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence before handing over your hard-earned money. One “opportunity” that’s raised red flags with many is a supposed trading strategy promoted by Sharon Au Jean Danker.

In this exhaustive investigation, we’ll explore the claims made by Danker and her associates, analyze what others are saying, and present our findings so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s a scam or not.

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The Backstory

Sharon Au Jean Danker first came onto the scene in 2020 promoting a secret money-making formula called the “Perfect Trading Strategy”. She claimed this strategy allowed her to generate over $1 million in trading profits each month from home.

Danker presented herself as a self-made success story, saying she left her corporate job to pursue financial freedom throughforex trading.

To prove her strategy worked, Danker pointed to photos of luxury cars, mansions, and expensive travels she supposedly funded with trading profits.

She offered exclusive access to the Perfect Trading Strategy for thousands of dollars per person. Many were impressed by Danker’s lavish lifestyle and promises of easy riches.

But legitimate traders and investors started raising red flags, claiming it seemed too good to be true.

How Does the Promoted Trading Strategy Work?

According to Danker and her team, the Perfect Trading Strategy relies on a proprietary system that identifies high probability trade set ups on major currency pairs.

It’s presented as a mechanical rules-based strategy that eliminates emotions from trading decisions. Users are told all they need to do is follow the trade signals provided in a Telegram group and they are virtually guaranteed profits of 1-2% daily, resulting in monthly gains of over $1 million per trader.

While detailed track records and performance statistics are not provided, marketers claim the strategy has been “professionally backtested” with results exceeding 99% accuracy. Traders are assured of consistent, risk-free profits regardless of market direction or economic conditions.

The strategy also promises to take away the difficult work of analysis, leaving no reason for anyone not to succeed as a trader. Of course, the only way to access this surefire system is by paying thousands of dollars.

Red Flags Emerge

As the story of Sharon Au Jean Danker spread, more experienced traders started raising red flags about several aspects of the purported Perfect Trading Strategy:

Impossible Returns: Consistent daily/monthly gains of 1-2% and $1 million+ are simply not achievable or sustainable in live forex trading over time. Returns that vast would require taking on unrealistic and dangerous levels of leverage.

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Lack of Transparency: No verifiable track record, performance statistics, or independently audited proof of profits were provided. Traders have no way to validate the strategy’s claimed accuracy.

Overly Simplified: The strategy implies live trading is easy automation with no work involved. In reality, successful trading requires ongoing analysis, risk management, adapting to changing markets.

Poor Explanations: Key questions about slippage, commissions, leverage used etc. were dodged or answered unsatisfactorily. The strategy itself was never concretely explained or demonstrated.

Typical Scam Tactics: Focus was more on lavish lifestyles than accountable metrics. Customers were pressured to act fast before an impending price increase or the “last few spots filling up”.

As doubts grew, detractors started calling it an obvious “pump and dump” scheme attempting to capitalize on speculative trading enthusiasm amid the 2020 stock market rally.

But Danker dismissed all criticism, assuring followers the strategy was proven to create lifelong prosperity for those who invested.

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Digging Deeper Into Sharon Au Jean Danker

When legitimate questions started circulating about Danker’s credentials and the viability of her trading strategy, many felt it was important to investigate her background more thoroughly:

Internet searches turned up no records confirming Danker’s educational or professional history as presented. Social media profiles have since been wiped or set to private.

Photos used to promote her lifestyle showed up in reverse image searches as being from different locations and individuals. Her story of leaving a six figure job did not add up.

Public records searches found no evidence Danker owned the lavish properties featured in her marketing materials. Luxury vehicles were likely leased temporarily for photo opportunities.

According to sources, Danker has previously promoted multi-level marketing programs and crypto/forex investment schemes with unverifiable claims of success.

Many of the positive reviews touting Danker’s system originated from newly created social profiles, likely fabricated to mislead potential customers.

Locating real traders who verified generating consistent million dollar monthly returns as promised proved impossible. Follow-up support was also lacking.

Overall, extensive digging could not corroborate Sharon Au Jean Danker’s backstory, credentials or purported trading prowess. Her operation lacked transparency, accountability and had all the hallmarks of a profit-driven scam preying on speculative greed.

Weighing the Other Side

While considerable evidence pointed to the Danker opportunity being disingenuous at best, we felt it important to also consider counterarguments in the spirit of fair assessment:

Customer Testimonials

Danker supporters pointed to numerous positive written or video reviews from alleged customers claiming to achieve life-changing success following the strategy. However, the authenticity of these could not be verified independently. Testimonials alone do not prove viability without verifiable metrics.

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New Identity For Privacy

It’s possible Danker adopted a new online persona for privacy and security reasons, having achieved real wealth. However, legitimate traders using pseudonyms still leave paper trails through broker records or conference speaking engagements over time.

Algorithms Can Work Wonders

In theory, a truly groundbreaking systematic trading algorithm could generate outsized, consistent returns. But Danker provided no way for outsiders to scrutinize or replicate such a strategy without first paying large sums.

Lifestyle As Marketing Not Proof

While deception through manipulated images raises ethical concerns, lavish displays could simply be part of promotional branding vs substantive evidence. Successful entrepreneurs often flaunt possessions for aspirational marketing impact.

Haters Will Always Exist

It’s undeniable some skeptics question opportunities purely out of jealousy. However, proven ventures ultimately pave their way through transparency, not secrecy or diversionary PR tactics. Legitimate entrepreneurs welcome outside validation versus dodging accountability.

In the end, none of these counterarguments could credibly explain away or resolve the major inconsistencies, gaps in transparency and evidence pointing more towards slick marketing than verified substance behind the Danker program.

At best, it remained an unproven black box opportunity not suitable for serious long term trading or investment. Honest assessment could only conclude the downsides outweighed any potential benefits.

Our Take – Approaching With Caution Is Wisest

After extensive review from multiple angles, our considered opinion is that Sharon Au Jean Danker’s “Perfect Trading Strategy” opportunity more than likely constitutes a investment scam preying on speculative greed:

No clear documentary evidence emerged to independently substantiate Danker’s claimed background, identity or purported trading success as presented.

While algorithms could work in theory, the lack of transparency around this strategy and refusal to disclose objective metrics represent unacceptable risks.

Gains projected are simply impossible to realize consistently in forex or any market without taking on dangerous leverage that often ends in ruin.

Typical pump and dump hallmarks like used of hype,pressure tactics and dubious marketing practices raise legitimate ethical concerns.

Does this mean it’s 100% impossible for someone using this approach to achieve success? Of course not – in investing, black swan events occur. However, legitimate ventures prove themselves over time through transparency, outside validation and accountability versus secrecy.

The onus is on opportunity providers themselves to clearly demonstrate how strategies, profits and operations work through verifiable documentation. With no credible way to verify substance behind anonymous promoters or strategies, an understandably cautious approach is warranted. Where there’s smoke, there often is fire.

Rather than accusatory denouncement, our intention here has been to present a balanced, fact-based perspective and analysis for consumers to thoughtfully consider all angles themselves.

If even a shred of doubt persists, prudence suggests steering clear and focusing energies on opportunities with established frameworks, regulations and transparency safeguarding participants.

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In the end, as with any speculative venture, only serious traders and investors should involve themselves – and then by managing risk tolerance and position sizing accordingly based on their own conviction levels.

For most, a diversified approach and patience often prove wiser paths towards lifelong success than promises of overnight riches. Let facts, not hopes or dreams, guide responsible decision making.

So What Have We Learned?

While no opportunity can be definitively called a scam without legal proof, this deep investigation into Sharon Au Jean Danker raises serious concerns worthy of consideration. At minimum, its unproven nature presents risks difficult to justify for many.

Beware grandiose claims that seem too good to be true. If profits are assured without effort, it’s likely misleading. Don’t let marketing hype or superficial persuasion override due diligence. Scrutinize performance verifiability.

Legitimate ventures welcome transparency versus dodging accountability through secrecy or PR tactics. Be wary of anonymous online promoters lacking documented identity or credentials. Consider allegations skeptically but investigate all angles to make one’s own informed judgment.

While uncommon, success stories do occur. But principles of prudence suggest avoiding foggy opportunities in favor of properly substantiated frameworks. With scams becoming increasingly sophisticated, vigilance is important to safeguard hard-earned capital.

What To Look For In Legitimate Opportunities Instead

For clarity on discerning better prospects, it helps reviewing traits characteristic of above-board opportunities:

  • Proper regulation/legal structure increases accountability and safeguards users.
  • Clearly identified principals with documented credentials promotes trustworthiness.
  • Transparent framework explanations allow public examination without purchases.
  • Objective performance metrics like audit reports instill confidence returns aren’t “black box”.
  • Prudent risk management guidelines protect participants from unstable strategies.
  • Responsible legal/compliance practices maintain ethical standards.
  • Accessible client references enable independent performance validation.
  • Reasonable, steady portfolio growth sustains success rather than hype of overnight riches.

Prioritizing transparency over hype, legitimacy over anonymity helps quality opportunities stand on their own merits. Comparing offerings against established frameworks empowers making prudent stewardship decisions from an informed position.

Moving Forward With Care And Caution

While exposing questionable schemes like this serves useful purpose, the intention here has never been accusation but rather prudent guidance. Approach all opportunities, even positively reviewed ones, with an initial posture of skepticism until reasonably proving themselves.

Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose, and manage risk accordingly based on personal standards of evidence. Continually improve assessment abilities through education versus emotional persuasion.

Prospects requiring purchase for basic review often indicate information asymmetry merits avoidance. Compare unknowns transparently against established leaders with credible long term track records. Consult experienced advisers as additional checkpoints when in doubt about opportunities.

With so many variables at play, black and white conclusions cannot be drawn. But responsible diligence empowering informed choice remains the wisest approach.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.