Tachiyomi is a popular manga and comic reading app for Android devices known for its lightweight interface and extensive extension library.

However, as with any popular platform, rumors and misinformation can spread. In this in-depth review, we’ll separate fact from fiction on the legitimacy and safety of Tachiyomi extensions.

What are Tachiyomi Extensions?


Tachiyomi is designed to be lightweight and extensible through third-party “extensions” that allow it to access content from a wide variety of manga, comic, and webtoon platforms.

Extensions are independently developed and maintained plugins that integrate new content sources into Tachiyomi.

They communicate with host sites to fetch catalog data and download chapters.

Over 300 extensions exist, allowing users access to content from fan translators and official platforms alike.

Popular sources include Mangakakalot, MangaDex, Webtoon, and ComiXology. Extensions are free to download from within the Tachiyomi app and can be enabled or disabled at will.

Are Tachiyomi Extensions Safe to Use?


The short answer is yes – Tachiyomi extensions themselves pose no inherent security or privacy risks when downloaded from within the verified Tachiyomi app.

Here’s a deeper dive:

  • Extensions have limited permissions in Tachiyomi and cannot access private data or install other apps without user approval.

– Popular, well-maintained extensions from reputable developers are generally considered low risk. Lesser-used extensions from unfamiliar parties carry more uncertainty.

– Malicious extensions could in theory use vulnerabilities to compromise a device, but Tachiyomi’s permission model and ongoing security audits make this unlikely for trusted extensions.

– The main potential issue is extensions scraping content without authorization, which is a copyright concern rather than security risk to users. Reputable extensions respect platforms’ policies.

Provided extensions are downloaded through official Tachiyomi channels, the built-in security architecture helps ensure they cannot harm devices or bypass user consent.

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As with any third-party plugins, uncertainty increases with obscure, lesser-used extensions. But major sources are considered reasonably safe.

Common Myths and Misconceptions


Let’s address some common myths that have caused confusion around Tachiyomi extensions:

Myth: Extensions can secretly install malware

Fact: Tachiyomi’s permission model prevents extensions from installing other apps or accessing private data without explicit user approval each time.

Reputable extensions should not need these permissions in the first place.

Myth: Tachiyomi extensions mine cryptocurrency

Fact: There is no evidence extensions directly mine cryptocurrency. The open-source nature of major extensions makes any suspicious behavior easily detectable.Advertisements are the main revenue method.

Myth: Extension ads contain malware

Fact: While annoying, ads shown by Tachiyomi extensions themselves do not directly pose security risks.

As with any ads, it’s possible for a malicious third party to exploit an ad network vulnerability – but this risk exists app-wide, not specific to extensions. Reputable networks are used.

Myth: Unauthorized content sources are unsafe

Fact: Morally questionable though copyright infringement may be, unofficial content sources themselves (like scanlation groups) do not inherently carry security risks either as long as media is obtained directly rather than through potentially malicious third parties.

With care and common sense, Tachiyomi extensions can be used safely to access both official and unofficial manga/comic sources.

Understanding the facts helps users make informed choices about their privacy and the sources they support.



How can I stay safe using Tachiyomi extensions?

Only download extensions through the official Tachiyomi app channels. Avoid obscure, lesser-known extensions. Keep Tachiyomi and your device updated.

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Use strong security practices like passwords and encryption on your device overall.

Can extensions access other data on my device?

No, extensions have limited permissions and cannot directly access private data like contacts, photos or install other apps without the user approving the specific permission requests.

Device and account security is still important, however.

Are all content sources legally authorized?

No, while some extensions connect to official platforms, many provide access to unauthorized scanslation sites. This poses copyright rather than security issues.

Users should research the legality and ethics of different content sources.

How can I stay up to date on trusted extensions?

Check the official Tachiyomi site and FAQ for endorsed extension sources. Popular extensions from reputable developers on sites like GitHub are also generally considered low risk.

Leverage community feedback and only use well-maintained options.

In closing, with care and common sense, Tachiyomi extensions provide a safe and convenient way to access manga, comics and more.

Separating myth from fact helps users make informed choices about the privacy and sources they support through this popular open-source app. Always practice cybersecurity best practices for any software or service.