Trademark Urban Scam or Legit? Exposing the Truth (Beware)

Business owners across America have recently reported receiving unsolicited and suspicious-looking emails regarding their trademarks. These emails claim that the recipients’ business names or slogans are at risk of being stolen and urge them to take immediate legal action.

Behind this campaign is a company called Trademark Urban, which promises various trademark services but is revealed to be orchestrating an elaborate scam stealing money from unsuspecting entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In this honest review, we will uncover all the details on exactly how the Trademark Urban scam works, red flags to watch out for, steps to take if you receive one of these scam emails, and how to protect your business from trademark scams in general.

How the Step-by-Step Trademark Urban Scam Unfolds

The Trademark Urban scam unfolds in several key stages meant to trick targets and pressure them into unnecessary payments:

1. Unsolicited Emails Set the Trap

The first contact victims receive is an official-looking email claiming to be from Trademark Urban. The emails state that someone intends to register the recipient’s business name, slogan, or trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This creates a false sense of urgency making targets believe their trademarks are in jeopardy.

2. An Elaborate Website Adds Credibility

Trademark Urban directs email recipients to their professional-looking website at This site promotes various legal services and has a polished design featuring stock images of attorneys.

This level of branding falsely leads victims to believe Trademark Urban is a legitimate law firm rather than a scam operation.

3. Services Offered to “Solve” the Crisis

After scaring recipients into thinking their trademarks are at risk, Trademark Urban pitches several services as solutions. These include:

  • Trademark registration
  • Comprehensive trademark searches
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Copyright registration
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Of course, these services are not actually necessary or ethically provided. But victims believe paying fees will protect their business identities.

4. High Pressure Tactics Push for Payment

If recipients show interest, Trademark Urban relies on more high-pressure tactics to push them into paying inflated fees.

They emphasize legal dangers, claim prices will rise, insist deals are only for a limited time. These dishonest tricks convince targets the only way to secure trademarks is agreeing right away.

5. No Services Materialize After Payment

As soon as possible after securing payments, Trademark Urban disappears without providing any real services. Often the website shuts down immediately with zero intent to assist victims as initially promised.

This reveals securing fees is the only purpose behind outreach. Trademark Urban absconds with funds leaving targets without any genuine legal help.

Trademark Urban Scam

Recognizing Red Flags: How to Spot the Trademark Urban Scam

Several indicators can help you recognize when an offer from Trademark Urban is likely a scam attempt:

Unsolicited Email: Any communication received out of the blue demanding urgent legal action should raise skepticism. Ethical lawyers do not send unsolicited messages scaring recipients.

Threatening Content: Emails warning your trademark is at risk or face legal issues are fabrications meant to trick you into unnecessary payments.

Pressure to Pay Immediately: High-pressure demands to pay non-refundable fees right away prevent proper vetting of services. This is a dishonest tactic no legitimate business relies on.

Vague on Actual Steps: If communications emphasize prices and dangers but lack specifics on services, something is very wrong. Protect yourself by requiring detailed scope of work contracts.

Newly Registered Domain: Trademark Urban’s site was likely created recently solely to orchestrate this scam. The short history despite claims of years of service shows dishonesty.

What to Do If You Receive a Trademark Urban Scam Email

If an email from Trademark Urban lands in your inbox making alarming trademark claims and requests, take these steps:

1. Do Not Respond

Replying confirms you as an active target for potential further scam attempts. Ignore all communication to protect yourself.

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2. Consult a Verified Trademark Attorney

Connect with properly licensed legal professionals to understand if urgent filing or fees are truly warranted for your unique situation.

3. Educate Your Team

Ensure colleagues are aware of the scam so they can exercise caution as well with any solicitations regarding trademarks.

4. Report Trademark Urban

File detailed scam complaints with organizations like your state bar association, the FTC, ICANN, and the USPTO. Prevent more victims by getting authorities involved.

Customer Reviews and Complaints Confirm the Scam

One of the best ways to vet any business is looking for independent reviews online. Searching Trademark Urban reveals they have zero legitimate customer reviews. However, many urgent fraud complaints about them exist, including:

Deceptive Practices and No Services Rendered

“I received an email quoting an unrealistic price for trademark registration service. After payment they ceased all communication without filing anything or providing any service.”

“Trademark Urban immediately disappears after receiving payment. No legitimate work performed despite claims in initial messages.”

“Internet scam steal money trademark copyright no service.”

Refusal to Provide Refunds

“I requested a refund after realizing services would not materialize but Trademark Urban refused. Sent multiple emails asking for my money back with no response.”

“Paid $249 fee but received NO services at all. Company then shut down website and disappeared making it impossible to obtain a refund.”

“I have called everyday asking for a refund and they keep hanging up on me. Feels like a complete scam.”

The complete lack of happy customers combined with alarming fraud reports confirms Trademark Urban is orchestrating a scam versus running a legitimate business.

Key Steps to Avoid All Trademark Scams

While the Trademark Urban scam is making waves now, new schemes arise constantly looking to take advantage of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Protect yourself from ever falling victim with these tips:

Never Pay Anything Upfront

Avoid paying any fees before fully vetting providers, reading contracts detailing exact services covered, and confirming licenses. Wire transfers, gift cards, and cryptocurrency payments usually indicate scams as they cannot be reversed.

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Search Company Names Independently

Look up “[Company Name] + reviews” to find third-party reports on past services and customer experiences. Check complaint platforms and the Better Business Bureau specifically before assuming legitimacy.

Leverage Free Resources First

Use the USPTO’s free TESS database to search federal trademarks yourself instead of paying unnecessary monitoring services. Consult free legal clinics as well to understand actual trademark needs.

Require Detailed Paperwork

Insist on transparent signed agreements clearly outlining what your dollars pay for, timing guarantees, eligible refund policies and full contact details in case issues arise later.

Trust Referrals Rather Than Unsolicited Offers

Connect with verified attorneys using resources like state bar associations rather than responding to random solicitations. Ask reputable business owners in your community for referrals as well.

Staying vigilant regarding trademark-related offers and trusting your intuition goes a long way. Report any potential scams to help authorities protect other hard-working business owners from unfair schemes trying to take advantage.

The Bottom Line

The Trademark Urban scam relies on deception and exaggeration to steal money by pressuring entrepreneurs to pay for useless and non-existent legal services.

Protect yourself and your business by proactively filing real trademarks with the USPTO yourself using legitimate attorneys. Pay nothing upfront to any vendor without extensive vetting first. And take the time to report trademark scammers whenever they cross your path.

Hopefully this inside look at how the elaborate Trademark Urban scam actually functions combined with tips to avoid all trademark scheme risks better prepares you to keep your hard-earned money safe, while still effectively registering your valuable intellectual property when needed.

Don’t let scares and shady offers distract you from the importance of focusing energy on gracefully growing your company.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.