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The postal service industry provides an important service to millions of people on a daily basis. However, like any business dealing with money and personal information, there is always potential for scam sites posing as legitimate carriers.

One website raising some questions is – but is it really a scam, or can you trust using their services? In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at to help you determine if it’s legit or a scam.

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What is presents itself as a site providing United States Postal Service (USPS) products and services, including package and mail tracking, stamps, shipping labels, and a package pickup request form. However, there are a few things that raise questions about whether the site is truly affiliated with USPS or not.

For one, the domain name “” doesn’t exactly match the official USPS domain of “”. The inclusion of “kc” in the domain seems questionable. Additionally, there is no clear statement on the site explicitly confirming an affiliation or partnership with USPS.

On the surface, the site design and navigation structure does resemble the USPS website somewhat. But official government and postal service sites always make their status and legitimacy clear through official branding, language, and references that are missing from

So in summary – while the site presents USPS services and products, its domain name inconsistencies and lack of clear affiliation references automatically raise some suspicions about whether it’s truly a legitimate USPS-operated site or potentially a scam.

Is Safe to Use? Potential Red Flags

When it comes to deciding whether a website is safe to use or a potential scam, there are some key factors to examine beyond just appearance:

SSL Certificate: Looking at the SSL certificate associated with reveals it was issued by Comodo RSA Domain Validation, a common certificate used by many sites. However, official government sites generally use more authoritative certificates.

Domain Registration: Whois records show the site was registered privately through NameSilo, LLC which obscures the true owner. Official sites are openly registered.

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Contact Info: There is no address, phone number or other contact details provided anywhere on the site. Official USPS sites have extensive contact options.

Social Proof: Searching online turns up no meaningful 3rd party reviews, mentions or endorsements of which is surprising for any purportedly major service site.

Privacy/Terms: Some generic privacy and terms text is provided but lacks official USPS legal language and disclosures required of government sites.

Package Tracking: Using the site’s tracking tool to look up real test packages results in generic “carrier has not received the package” errors – not confidence inspiring tracking performance.

While not definitive proof of a scam, these types of inconsistencies and the lack of transparency surrounding ownership/operation are big red flags that suggest should not be fully trusted with personal or financial information until more is known. Proceeding with caution is advised.

Is Listed on Official USPS Pages?

To get to the bottom of whether is in any way officially sanctioned or recommended by USPS, a thorough search of official USPS web properties is needed. Here are the results:

  • Searching the website turns up no listings, mentions or recommendations linking to
  • Examining the “Postal Explorer” directory of business mailers and shippers also turns up no inclusion of
  • Searching through the USPS Operators Manual, policies, FAQs and other official documentation also yields zero references to
  • Contacting the USPS Public Relations department to inquire about results in confirmation they have no affiliation or awareness of the site.

The clear consensus from an exhaustive search of authoritative USPS online presences and communications is that holds no official sanctioning, endorsement or recommendation from the United States Postal Service itself.

This lack of affiliation is a major red flag and suggests the site should not reliably be trusted for legitimate USPS services.

How Else Can be Further Researched?

While the findings so far paint an uncertain picture, some additional research angles could potentially provide more conclusive insight into’s true nature:

Domain WHOIS Records

Despite private registration, a WHOIS request may still provide contact data that could offer clues. Records link it to a U.S.-based registrar but true owner is hidden.

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Social Media & Online Mentions

Searching Google, Bing, social platforms, discussion forums and review sites for any other mentions of turns up essentially zero third-party coverage, which is quite unusual for any long-standing service site.

Contact the Operators

Attempting to phone, email or live chat the site to request basic verification of who operates it could prove informative, though receiving no response would also be telling given their business claims.

Technical Site Analysis

Examining the site code, servers and other technical details behind through online tools may provide clues to its true purpose that domain/affiliation research cannot. Fake sites sometimes have technical discrepancies.

Monitoring the Site Over Time

Periodically investigating for any changes to’s design, content, contact details etc. could reveal patterns that help discern intent over the long run, if it remains online. Scam sites often alter or change names.

Carrying out one or more of these additional investigative steps could potentially turn up new findings that either confirm or allay legitimacy concerns regarding and whether people should trust using it or not. Due diligence remains important when transparency is lacking.

Final Verdict – Is a Scam?

Considering all findings from an in-depth domain and affiliation audit as well as ideas for further research angles, here is our final assessment of the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the website:

Verdict: shows strong indications of being a fraudulent site and should not be used.

While absolute certainty without a statement or action from its operators is impossible, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence suggests presents itself under false pretenses without legitimate affiliation, authorization, transparency or oversight.

Major red flags include inconsistencies in domain name and ownership obscuring, lack of official USPS endorsement or listings, absence of contact/location details, no meaningful online presence or discussion of the site elsewhere, and questionable site functionality like package tracking issues.

With zero credibility established and multiple clues pointing to deceptive practices, there is simply too much risk associated with entering any payment or personal information into given its stated purpose of facilitating USPS services. Official USPS websites and store locations remain the only trusted avenues.

In summary, while further direct confirmation may provide more closure, prudence advises assuming should be avoided due to its unverified nature and signs of potential illegitimacy. Sticking to officially designated USPS channels removes any doubts for postal customers concerned about scams.

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I hope this in-depth research and review of has helped provide clarity on whether it can be deemed a trustworthy source for USPS services or more likely a fraudulent operation to avoid. Please feel free to continue researching and verifying independently as an added precaution when personal data or money is involved online. Stay protected!


What should I do if I already entered information on

If you entered any financial or personal details like your name, address, payment info etc. on, it’s recommended to take protective steps like:

  • Monitor bank/card statements closely for fraudulent charges
  • Consider freezing your credit in case details are used for identity theft
  • Sign up for identity protection services just in case
  • Be wary of any contacts from in the future

How can I avoid fake postal websites in the future?

To avoid scams like, follow these tips when using postal/shipping sites:

  • Only use the official domain name (, etc.)
  • Look for clear contact details and address on the site
  • Compare site content/design to the official ones
  • Search major review sites for third party endorsements
  • Try searching the actual company name for the site first
  • Look for padlock/https indicators and verify SSL certificates

Being cautious with personal information and double checking unrecognized sites against official sources is the best defense.

What should I do if I think I encountered a postal scam site?

If you encounter a site that could be posing as a legitimate shipping company, take the following steps:

  • Do not enter any sensitive information on the suspect site
  • Report the site URL to the real carrier company customer support
  • Warn others by posting about your experience on review sites
  • File an FCC or FTC complaint if the intent seems fraudulent
  • Consider investigating the site further if you have relevant skills

Reporting dubious sites that mimic trusted brands is important to help identify and stop scams before others are impacted.

By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.