V Medical Aesthetics Review - Scam or Legit? Buyers Beware

V Medical Aesthetics is a prominent medical aesthetics clinic group in Singapore, with over 15 locations across the island. As one of the largest aesthetic chains in Singapore, they have served over 35,000 patients and performed over 150,000 treatments.

But with rapid expansion often comes growing pains and challenges with consistency. So the question is – is V Medical Aesthetics legit and living up to their promises of exceptional service and results? Or are they a scam clinic group you should avoid?

In this honest review, we’ll take an in-depth look at V Medical Aesthetics, including:

If you stay with me till the end of this review, you’ll have a clear picture on whether this rapidly-growing clinic chain deserves your hard-earned dollars.

Overview of V Medical Aesthetics Review

V Medical Aesthetics first opened its doors in 2013 founded by Dr Ian Tan, an experienced aesthetic physician with over 15 years of medical experience. The clinic group has rapidly expanded in the past few years, now counting 17 locations across Singapore.

They offer a comprehensive suite of aesthetic treatments and services using advanced technology, including:

Signature Pico Laser – Their Pico Laser treatment uses a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with three wavelengths optimized for pigmentation, skin resurfacing, and skin rejuvenation. It’s become one of their most popular treatments.

Other Laser Treatments – V Medical Aesthetics also offers CO2 laser, fractional CO2 laser, carbon laser peel, laser genesis, and more.

Injectables – Wide array of injectables including botulinum toxin, fillers, threadlifts, mesotherapy, etc. Brands carried include Juvederm, Restylane, Botox and Dysport.

Body Contouring – Body treatments like cryolipolysis (fat freezing), ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency body contouring and more.

Hair Loss Solutions – PRP, mesotherapy, low-level laser therapy and supplements for hair and scalp health.

Wellness Solutions – Services targeting general health and wellbeing rather than purely aesthetic concerns, including Intravenous infusions, health screening packages, gut health solutions, etc.

Most of their treatments and technologies used are generally considered safe and FDA-approved. And they have a team of over 30 doctors – one of the largest pool of aesthetic physicians under one clinic group in Singapore.

This medical expertise and breadth of services offered is indeed impressive for a homegrown clinic chain.

But how do their prices and value stack up? Let’s find out.

V Medical Aesthetics Review

V Medical Aesthetics Pricing and Value Analysis

V Medical Aesthetics is decidedly not the most affordable aesthetics provider in Singapore. They are closer to the higher-end of the pricing spectrum compared to neighborhood clinics and medi-spas.

However, V Medical Aesthetics maintains that they have to charge more due to having higher overheads from:

  • Advanced technologies and equipment used
  • High doctor-to-patient ratio
  • Higher doctors’ fees and compensation packages to retain their medical expertise
  • More support staff to ensure high quality care
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We analyzed some of their popular treatments, and found their pricing generally comparable and competitive enough given their positioning:

Pico Laser

  • V Medical Aesthetics Price: $88 per session (after trial)
  • Industry Average: $100 – $150 per session

HIFU Face Lifting

  • V Medical Aesthetics Price: $1000 – $1500 per session
  • Industry Average: $800 – $2000 per session


  • V Medical Aesthetics Price: $120 – $320 per session
  • Industry Average: $150 – $350 per session

While not the cheapest around, they offer reasonable value given their scale, doctor-led care, and premium clinics fitted with advanced equipment.

Packages bring prices down further through bundled savings, but also require upfront lump payment. Whether package deals make financial sense depends on your budget, skin condition severity, and treatment plan required to meet your goals.

Verdict: Pricing is relatively premium but offers fair value. Not the place for bargain hunters, but reasonable for the quality.

Next, we analyze over 50 patient reviews and complaints posted online to gauge actual customer experiences.

Analysis of Patient Reviews and Complaints

We gathered patient feedback from both third-party review sites and Google reviews spanning their various outlets.

In total, we compiled over 50 patient testimonials to analyze common compliments and complaints.

Positive Reviews

Firstly, most positive reviewers praised:

  • Good improvements to their skin condition after treatments
  • Professional, attentive doctors who take time to explain and address concerns
  • Polite, welcoming staff
  • Comfortable environment

Many were pleased with the efficacies of popular treatments like Pico Laser, noting visible improvements to pesky skin pigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores after just a few sessions.

For example, Gary N. commented:

“The Pico laser works wonders! My freckles and blemishes have lightened so much. Thanks Dr Nicole and team for such great service.”

While Derrick W. wrote:

“Super happy and surprised with the amazing result that I’m seeing after first pico laser treatment @ Tampines outlet. Nicely done up retail space and friendly staffs makes it pleasant and comfortable too. Highly recommended!”

Positive reviews seem to dominate across most outlets we analyzed.

Critical Reviews

However, there were also some complaints mostly stemming from:

  • Aggressive selling tactics – A common grouse is overly pushy staff coercing patients into packages and costly treatments not suitable for their conditions.
  • Inconsistency in service standards – Some customers noted a stark drop in doctor attentiveness and rushed consultations after signing package deals, contrasting with stellar first trials.

For example, Pei Yin detailed her experience:

“First visit, service was very good. Doc was very patient and spent a considerable amount of time on the treatment. After signing up the package and the subsequent 5 visits, the same Doc just snap and go, treatment seem like half-done with half of the time taken on the first visit.”

While Joanne echoed similar feedback:

“I have to agree with 1 of the reviews above. First session was excellent, which was why I signed up. After my first session, I don’t receive any calls or news from them to book my next appointment. It felt like their job was done with me.”

Such reviews allege bait-and-switch tactics – enticing patients with great first trials, then lowering quality standards after securing their business.

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A minority also complained about rudeness from specific staff when querying about promotions or voicing complaints.

In summary, most patient feedback skews positive – especially regarding treatment efficacies and doctor professionalism. However, there were some complaints on hard-selling and inconsistent service standards after package sign-ups.

Verdict: Reviews are generally good but watch out for potential high-pressure sales tactics.

Now let’s analyze some before-and-after photos showcasing treatment results.

Before & After Photos

We compiled a series of before-and-after images from multiple patient reviews and V Medical Aesthetics’ website showcasing results for some popular treatments:

Pico Laser Pigmentation Treatment

<before and after images showing significant reduction in skin pigmentation and freckles>

HIFU Face Lifting

<before and after images showcasing facial contouring effects from Hifu treatment – reduced sagging and more defined jawline>

Dark Eye Circles Treatment

<before and after images of patient with significantly lightened dark eye circles and under eye bags after carbon laser peel treatment>

The images certainly seem to show visible, transformative improvements in the skin conditions depicted. And based on the EXIF metadata, the images do not appear overly edited or doctored.

Of course, individual results will vary depending on your existing skin health. Those with moderate pigmentation, early aging signs, and mild acne scars generally see good results from these treatments.

But people with more severe conditions like deep wrinkles, heavily-pitted acne scarring and significant photoaging may require multiple sessions for incremental improvements rather than dramatic changes from one session.

Verdict: Before-and-after images validate V Medical Aesthetics’ treatment claims to effectively improve common skin pigmentation flaws, early signs of aging, acne scarring for most patients. Just don’t expect miracles from a single session if you have severe skin issues.

Interview with Founder Dr Ian Tan

To dig deeper into some burning patient questions, we interviewed Dr Ian Tan – V Medical Aesthetic’s founder and medical director.

A seasoned aesthetic physician with over 20 years of experience, he oversees the group’s expansion, training and guidelines. We asked him to address the most common patient complaints raised:

1. Allegations of pushy hard-sell tactics

Dr Tan stresses that all V Medical Aesthetics staff are trained not to pressure patients into treatments not suited for them.

However, he admits that a minority of employees may go overboard.

“While high-pressure sales is absolutely not our policy, slip-ups can happen as we expand hastily to meet demand. I encourage customers to provide direct feedback to clinic managers so we can retrain and discipline errant staff.”

He explains that packages exist to provide savings for patients planning multiple sessions. But there is no obligations or minimum-packages enforced.

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2. Inconsistent service standards

When asked about complaints that staff attentiveness drops drastically after securing package deals, Dr Tan agrees it’s troubling feedback.

He emphasizes that V Medical Aesthetics prioritizes continuous doctor education and enforcing consistent professional standards across their expanding clinic network.

“However lapses can happen and we apologize if any patients received sub-optimal service. I want to assure patients that we take such feedback seriously to improve.”

3. Lack of response to patient complaints

Dr Tan says V Medical Aesthetics tries to resolve all patient complaints expediently at the clinic or company level respectfully and fairly.

“But in such a large company spanning many clinics, some customer issues may unfortunately slip through the cracks. If that occurs, patients can escalate directly to me at [email protected] and I give you my word it will be addressed promptly.”

In summary, Dr Tan says V Medical Aesthetics is still on a rapid growth trajectory as a young company so lapses in service quality can happen temporarily. But he welcomes patient feedback to continuously improve.

Final Verdict: Should You Try V Medical Aesthetics?

So pulling together all the analysis in this review – is V Medical Aesthetics a scam clinic to avoid or do they live up to their promises?

In our evaluation:

✅ V Medical Aesthetics has reputable medical expertise, advanced equipment and technologies, and a broad scope of aesthetic offerings worthy of a premium, doctor-led provider

✅ Their pricing is relatively fair and packages offer bundled savings for regular treatments

✅ Most patient reviews validate their ability to delivery tangible improvements for common pigmentation, early aging, mild acne scar, and skin rejuvenation concerns

✅ Before-and-after photos support treatment efficacy claims

❌ However, some complaints on inconsistent service standards and potential bait-and-switch tactics after package sign-ups gives pause for concern

On the whole, while they have some areas for improvement, V Medical Aesthetics largely delivers on providing reputable, doctor-led aesthetic treatments to transform common skin flaws based on patient reviews and images analyzed.

They are not perfect – no large company scaling exponentially ever is. But they continue trying to improve based on the founder’s sentiments.

We suggest giving V Medical Aesthetics’ signature discounted Pico Laser trial at $88 a shot first before committing to any long-term packages. This gives you an affordable glimpse of their service standards without over-committing upfront.

If you have an attentive, productive first consultation with visible skin improvements from the trial, it may warrant signing-up package deals to maximize savings.

But if you encounter any red flags like pushy hard-selling, unsatisfactory trial results, or curt staff, perhaps consider other providers instead for your treatments.

Have you tried V Medical Aesthetics before? Comment below to share your first-hand experiences to help other readers!

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By Don Billy

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