We never Detained Mohbad - NDLEA Disputes Police Claims in Mohbad's Case

The National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Responds

The controversy surrounding the death of singer Mohbad takes another turn as the NDLEA disputes the claims made by the Lagos State Police Command regarding the singer’s alleged detention and substance consumption while in custody.

The Police’s Earlier Statement

During a news conference, the Lagos State Police Command stated that the NDLEA had not responded to their inquiry about Mohbad’s case. They also mentioned that they were investigating social media reports claiming that Mohbad had been arrested and detained by the NDLEA on February 24, 2022.

NDLEA’s Response

Contrary to the police’s claims, the NDLEA asserts that they did, in fact, respond to the police’s inquiry on September 28. The Director of Media and Advocacy at the NDLEA, Mr. Femi Babafemi, explained that they took the inquiry seriously, as evidenced by their prompt response. He stated that the NDLEA’s formal response was sent to Lagos on the same day it was dated, September 28.

Clarifying the Allegations

In their response, the NDLEA categorically denied that Mohbad had been arrested or detained by them on February 24, 2022, or any other date. They emphasized that the singer was never in their custody. Therefore, the claim that he was given a substance to drink while in their detention is baseless.

Supporting Evidence

To support their response, Mr. Babafemi attached an acknowledged copy of NDLEA’s response to his press statement. This document confirms that the police received the NDLEA’s response in Lagos on September 28.

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The Ongoing Controversy

On September 12, Mohbad tragically passed away, and his burial took place on September 13. However, controversy has enveloped his death. Responding to public outcry and suspicions of foul play, authorities exhumed his corpse on September 21 for autopsy.

Public Outcry and Protests

Following Mohbad’s death, fans and celebrities protested across states, seeking justice and raising suspicions about the mystery surrounding his demise.

Multiple Arrests

These arrests are linked to conflicts between Mohbad and Marlian Records, owned by Naira Marley, prior to Mohbad’s departure. The goal is to uncover the truth behind the young artist’s untimely passing.