Celebe Asia App Review: How to Withdraw Earnings

Celebe Asia app is a social media app that allows users to earn money by live streaming videos, selling virtual items, and more. The app has generated some buzz online, with many people wondering if Celebe Asia is legit or a scam. This comprehensive review will examine how Celebe Asia works, its features, legitimacy, and whether it’s worth your time.

Celebe Asia App Review Summary

Category Summary
Overview Social media app for live streaming, selling virtual items, making money. Available on iOS and Android.
Legitimacy Mixed reviews on legitimacy. Lacks company reputation but has some credibility. User reviews and revenue model are semi-promising but some risks exist. Hard to definitively determine scam or legit.
Features Live streaming, virtual items marketplace, Celemoji avatars, challenges, leaderboards. Show potential but concerns around quality and fake engagement.
Safety Some concerns around fake users, challenge safety, lack of moderation, data privacy for younger users.
Verdict Shows potential but approach with balanced skepticism. Neither outright scam nor proven app. Try cautiously and watch for warning signs.

Overview of Celebe Asia

Celebe Asia is a social media platform released in 2022 that emphasizes live streaming and selling virtual items. The app is available on iOS and Android. Celebe Asia aims to provide a new form of social media that allows regular people to make money through their platforms.

Celebe Asia App Review
Celebe Asia App

Some of the key features of Celebe Asia include:

  • Live streaming platform – Users can live stream various content like singing, dancing, chatting, gaming, etc. Fans can send gifts and tips during streams.
  • Virtual items – Sell virtual clothing, accessories, emojis, stickers, and more. Other users purchase these items during live streams.
  • Celemoji avatar creator – Make custom animated avatars.
  • Challenges – Post challenge videos that can go viral and attract fans.
  • Leaderboards – Top gift recipients and live streamers are highlighted.
  • Influencer opportunities – Become a celeb and make money through the app.

The app seems to take inspiration from platforms like TikTok, Instagram Live, Twitch, and IMVU. Celebe Asia aims to combine social media, live streaming, virtual items, and influencer marketing into one platform.

Now let’s dive into whether Celebe Asia is legit or a potential scam.

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Is Celebe Asia Legit or a Scam?

Determining if an app like Celebe Asia is legit or a scam comes down to looking at factors like company reputation, user reviews, how it makes money, and potential risks. Here is an analysis of the key factors:

Company Background

Celebe Asia is owned and operated by Celebe Ltd., which is based in Singapore. The company was founded in 2021.

Celebe Ltd. does not have much of an online footprint or reputation since it is a very new company. The app itself also just launched in 2022.

The lack of history makes it difficult to determine if the parent company is reputable or not. The company profile raises some initial concerns about legitimacy.

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However, the app was also highlighted by Google for startups, giving it some credibility. Overall, the company background is inconclusive on whether the app is legit or not.

User Reviews

Checking user reviews can provide insight into people’s experience with the app. Here are some key Celebe Asia reviews:

  • The app has a 4.1 out of 5 rating on the Google Play Store based on over 5,000 user ratings. This indicates mostly positive reviews.
  • Reviews praise the potential to earn money but some note bugs and glitches since it is new.
  • Some reviews question if people actually earn money or if viewer counts are inflated.
  • Reviews on third-party sites like TrustPilot are more negative, with people calling it a scam or claiming they didn’t get paid.

The user reviews paint a mixed picture. It seems like the app has potential but also some issues being new. Some doubt exists from users around whether the earnings and viewer counts are real.

Revenue Model

Celebe Asia makes money in a few key ways:

  • Users purchase virtual coins called “Celebe Coins” to buy virtual gifts and items. Celebe Asia takes a cut of these purchases.
  • The app shares ad revenue with live streamers once they hit certain viewership milestones.
  • Celebe Asia takes a percentage of each gift or tip that users send to live streamers. This is their main monetization method.

This revenue model is very similar to other legit live streaming and social media platforms. The app makes money when users spend on virtual items or send virtual gifts.

However, some users complain it’s difficult to actually cash out your earnings, which raises some scam concerns.

Potential Risks

Some potential risks of Celebe Asia include:

  • Artificially inflated viewer counts and gift revenue. There are some allegations of bots or fake users on the platform.
  • Difficulty cashing out earnings. Reviews mention it’s hard to actually withdraw money made.
  • Lack of moderation. Live streaming opens the door for inappropriate content. Moderation may be lacking.
  • Over-sexualized promotions. Some ads seem targeted at adult content creators.
  • Young user safety. If teens use the app, there are concerns around safety and data privacy.
  • Scam accounts. In any app where money is involved, scammers try taking advantage.

These risks point to some potential shady practices or overlooked areas since the app is still new. Users should be aware of these risks.

Is Celebe Asia Worth Your Time?

Based on this extensive analysis, here is an assessment of whether Celebe Asia is worth your time and legit:

  • Celebe Asia shows some promise as a new platform but also comes with some risk factors. The app is still new and working out issues.
  • The company background lacks an established reputation, making it hard to assess legitimacy.
  • User reviews are mixed. Many like the income potential but some question viewer legitimacy. Negative reviews on third-party sites raise concerns.
  • The revenue model aligns with other social apps but users complain of cash out issues.
  • Risks exist around fake users, safety, and lack of moderation because it’s a new platform.

In summary, Celebe Asia may be worth exploring if you go in with reasonable expectations around earnings, understand the risks, and are cautious at first. It shows potential but also some warning signs.

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Give the app a try and see if you enjoy the experience. But approach it with skepticism rather than assuming you’ll become rich or famous overnight. See if you can actually withdraw earnings.

For now, it’s hard to definitively label Celebe Asia as a complete scam or legit platform. The truth likely lies somewhere in between. Stay safe and cautious if you try this new platform.

Inside Look at Key Celebe Asia Features

To better understand if Celebe Asia is worth your time, let’s look at some of the app’s key features in more detail:

Live Streaming

The main highlight of Celebe Asia is the live streaming feature. This lets you broadcast live videos to fans and followers in real-time. You can go live to chat, sing, dance, eat, game stream, and more.

Fans can send virtual gifts and tips during your live stream, which you earn a percentage of. Gift-sending is a key way users monetize.

Live streaming seems fun and potentially lucrative. But some users complain viewership numbers seem inflated by bots, making gift revenue unclear.

Virtual Items Marketplace

In the Celebe Asia virtual items marketplace, users can design and sell virtual clothing, accessories, emojis, stickers, and more. You earn a commission when other users purchase your virtual items.

This provides another potential revenue stream outside of live streaming. However, some reviewers say it’s difficult to actually sell enough virtual items to make meaningful earnings.

Challenges & Contests

Challenges encourage you to post fun videos that follow a specific prompt, like dancing or completing a trick. Viral challenges can help you gain more fans. Celebe Asia also hosts contests with prizes.

Challenges seem like a creative way to engage users. But some challenges veer into dangerous or inappropriate territory. Oversight and moderation may be lacking.

Celemoji Avatars

The Celemoji feature lets you make a custom avatar to represent you in the app. Pick virtual outfits, faces, accessories, and more.

This avatar creator provides a fun way to express yourself and build an in-app persona. But some users complain the avatars lack quality or customization options compared to other apps.


Leaderboards showcase the top gift receivers and live streamers. The rankings incentivize users to engage more to climb the leaderboard.

This gamifies engagement, but also raises concerns of people trying to artificially boost their ranking through shady tactics like bot usage. Leaderboards should be taken with a grain of salt.

Tips for Safely Using Celebe Asia

If you want to cautiously try out Celebe Asia, here are some tips to stay safe and avoid potential issues:

  • Start small – Don’t invest money upfront. Try earning smaller amounts first to see if you can actually withdraw.
  • Understand the rules – Read the terms of service carefully to avoid bans or frozen earnings.
  • Vet buyers & sellers – Ensure people you transact with are real users not scammers.
  • Use privacy settings – Limit your profile and live stream visibility with privacy settings.
  • Avoid inappropriate behavior – Stay away from nudity, violence, illegal stuff that could get you banned.
  • Beware underage use – Don’t reveal personal info and report inappropriate interactions.
  • Monitor your child’s use – If your kid uses Celebe Asia, provide oversight on safety.
  • Report suspicious activity – Call out any fake engagement, bot usage, or shady behavior you notice.
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Proceed with caution on Celebe Asia. Take steps to maximize your safety and accountability on the platform, especially as a new user. Don’t assume it’s completely safe or scam-free. Smart precautions give you the best chance for a positive experience.

How to Withdraw Earnings from Celebe Asia

Withdrawing your earnings from Celebe Asia involves a few steps:

  • You need to earn a minimum of $10 USD before you can withdraw.
  • Earnings are held as “Celebe Coins” in your wallet in the app.
  • Go to the Celebe Coins section and select “Withdraw”
  • Link your payment account, such as PayPal or a mobile wallet.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete ID verification if prompted.
  • There is a processing time of 1-2 weeks before the money is sent to your linked account.

Some users complain withdrawals take longer than advertised or the minimum is too high. Be sure to closely monitor your earnings balance and withdrawal status. Don’t let earnings accumulate unchecked for too long.

Celebe Asia Review Bottom Line

Celebe Asia shows potential as an engaging social app with moneymaking opportunities. But being new and unproven, it also comes with risks like fake users, safety concerns, and lack of oversight.

Approach Celebe Asia with balanced skepticism. Use common sense precautions, don’t over-invest, and pay attention to warning signs. See if your experience aligns with the positive or negative reviews.

You may or may not make money with dedication and effort. But proceed with open eyes, start small, and put your safety first. Celebe Asia at this point is neither an outright scam nor proven app, landing somewhere in the grey area.

Carefully try Celebe Asia at your own discretion. But boost engagement and grow your following on established platforms as your main strategy. Treat this unproven app as speculative to complement, not replace, other social media efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Celebe Asia supported on iPhone or Android?

Celebe Asia can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android.

Is there a desktop version of Celebe Asia?

Currently, Celebe Asia is only available as a mobile app. There is no desktop or web version.

How old do you have to be to use Celebe Asia?

You must be at least 18 years old to use Celebe Asia according to their terms of service.

Can you delete your Celebe Asia account?

Yes, you can delete your Celebe Asia account through the profile settings. This will permanently delete your account and all data.

Does Celebe Asia cost money?

The app is free to download and use. However, there are in-app purchases for buying virtual coins and gifts. Users spend real money on these virtual items.

Is Celebe Asia safe for kids?

Celebe Asia is likely not safe for children under 18 due to inappropriate content concerns, lack of parental controls, and monetization encouraging spending. Parents should not allow underage use.

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