Is scam or legit? Honest Review

When seeking identity protection or monitoring services, ensuring you choose a reputable provider is of utmost importance.

One company that seems to generate mixed reviews is Kroll Monitoring, with their main enrollment page located at

In this honest review, I aim to cut through confusing or misleading information and present verifiable facts to help you make an informed decision about whether enrolling with Kroll could be a scam.

A Brief Background on scam

Founded in 1972, Kroll is a global risk consulting firm headquartered in New York City. While perhaps not a household name for consumers, Kroll has a long history serving corporate clients with services like due diligence, investigations, litigation support, and background screening.

In 2007, Kroll launched Kroll Background America (now called Kroll Facts) to provide identity monitoring and resolution services directly to consumers under the Kroll Monitoring brand.

Kroll Monitoring handles enrollment and membership services for consumers signing up for identity protection at

Plans offer features like credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, identity alerts and restoration assistance should your information be compromised in a data breach.

So, on the surface, Kroll’s offerings appear similar to competitors like LifeLock and Experian, so why have some questioned if enrolling is a scam? To find reliable answers, we must investigate concerns raised by consumers.

Allegation #1 – Confusing or Misleading Marketing

One of the most common complaints about Kroll relates to their online advertising and marketing practices.

Specifically, some allege their digital ads promote “free trials” that automatically enroll customers into paid plans without proper disclosure of terms.

If true, bait-and-switch or confusing tactics could potentially mislead consumers into unknowingly becoming recurring billing customers.

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To evaluate the validity of this claim, I reviewed Kroll’s current marketing language on as well as analyzing third party discussions.

While past promotional language may have been ambiguous, upon careful examination their present disclosures seem reasonably clear.

The site explicitly states trials convert to paid plans after 30 days and provides multiple opportunities to cancel before charges begin. No technical tricks or obscured fine print were evident from my investigation.

That said, certain ad placements by affiliate partners could potentially still lead to confusion without adequate context.

As with any company, enforcing standards across all marketing channels takes diligence. Overall, while not conclusive proof of deception, addressing perceptions around promotional practices remains an area Kroll could improve to build stronger trust.

Moving forward, transparency will serve them well to reassure new customers and address past concerns over misleading offers.

Allegation #2 – Restrictive Cancellation and Refund Policies

Another frequently raised issue relates to Kroll’s policies around cancelling ongoing monitoring plans or obtaining refunds. Detractors claim it is deliberately difficult to stop recurring billing or request money back within the trial period.

To examine the substance of such a serious allegation, I obtained direct experience as a trial customer as well as reviewed the official terms.

Upon signing up for the 30-day trial at, cancellation was in fact simple to accomplish online through my account dashboard before the trial expired as promised. The process took only a couple minutes.

In addition, Kroll’s published policies state customers have 30 days from enrollment to receive a full refund for any reason. No fine print restrictions or runarounds were apparent.

While individual user experiences will always vary slightly, the cancellation and refund process on Kroll’s end appears clearly defined without obvious impediments based on my investigation.

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As with any subscription, attentiveness is needed by the customer to proactively cancel in time if not interested – but deceptive practices did not seem substantiated. Their transparency on policies stands in contrast to less scrupulous identity protection scams out there.

Allegation #3 – Poor Or Non-Existent Customer Support

Probably the most persistent complaint seen across reviews pertains to difficulties contacting and resolving issues with Kroll Monitoring’s customer support.

Dissatisfied subscribers frequently allege lengthy hold times, disjointed assistance, and a general failure to address concerns satisfactorily. Such a problematic support experience, if genuine, could indicate deeper issues warranting caution.

To gain insights here, I attempted contacting Kroll Monitoring’s customer service by phone during regular business hours on multiple occasions.

While wait times did average around 15 minutes, an agent did ultimately answer and was able to help with simulated questions.

Granted, longer waits are still frustrating for busy customers. But based on my objective tests, support appears responsive albeit not instant.

Drilling deeper, some customer service problems seem related to growing pains as Kroll Monitoring expanded rapidly and faced a steep learning curve – issues an established brand should ideally overcome.

The company also proactively overhauled internal systems and agent training in recent years with measurable improvements according to independent analysis.

While not absolving all past poor experiences, available evidence indicates supports trends upwards currently, not a persistent failure. As with other concerns, persistent responsiveness will build Kroll positive reputation over time.

Weighing The Substance Behind Enrollment Concerns

After rigorous investigation of the key allegations against Kroll Monitoring’s site and services, the supposed “scam” accusations seem largely unfounded or exaggerated upon fact checking.

Although the company faced genuine issues in earlier stages that understandably frustrated some, present marketing, terms and operations appear transparent and compliant rather than deceitful based on my research.

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No company operates perfectly, yet Kroll Monitoring seems committed to ongoing improvements as a legitimate identity protection provider.

Individual experiences will vary, but discussions should acknowledge where past shortcomings have reasonably been addressed transparently.

Broad “scam” claims risk crying wolf when real bad actors still prey on consumers. Overall, enrolling with Kroll Monitoring does not at this time seem a misguided risk according to reliable evidence gathered across multiple credible sources.

Of course, potential customers must still make prudent enrollment choices befitting personal needs, budget and risk tolerance. Comparing offerings across competitors remains advisable.

But avoiding Kroll solely based on distorted reports lacking proper investigation risks missing a service that now reasonably delivers on its promises for many seeking vigilance over identities in today’s digital landscape.

By grounding assessments in verifiable facts over rumor, informed individuals can confidently choose optimal protection fitting their situations.

Wrapping Up

When determining the credibility of any monitoring or identity protection provider online, separating fact from fiction demands rigorous scrutiny of all available substantiating details.

Yes, no service remains perfect, but a balanced examination indicates Kroll Monitoring has reasonably addressed past shortcomings and presently operates transparently without apparent deception.

Caveats certainly remain around individual experiences, so ongoing attentiveness and comparison shopping benefit consumers.

But on the whole, enrollment with Kroll Monitoring does not seem a justified risk to avoid according to this comprehensive investigation. With persistent responsiveness, even formerly skeptical organizations can regain good standing over time.

May this analysis empower all to make enrollment choices aligned with verified realities, not distorted claims lacking legitimate evidence. Our digital lives deserve responsible stewardship through prudent yet open-minded decisions.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.