EURONET ATM Scams: Warning Signs and How to Stay Safe

In addition to ecommerce scams, ATM scams are another way consumers can get ripped off. A major ATM company that has faced ongoing scam issues is Euronet. Here is an overview of Euronet ATM scams and how to avoid getting tricked.

What is Euronet?

Euronet is an international corporation that operates ATMs around the world, mostly in Europe and North America. They have over 40,000 ATM machines globally.

Euronet ATMs are different than bank ATMs because:

  • They charge fees for withdrawals and balance checks, usually $2-5 per transaction.
  • They do not require an account with a specific bank or financial institution. Anyone can walk up and use them.

This makes Euronet ATMs convenient, especially for travelers who need quick cash. However, the independent nature of Euronet ATMs also makes them prime targets for scammers.

Common Euronet ATM Scams

Here are some of the most prevalent scams attempted on Euronet ATMs that customers need to watch out for:

Card Skimming

Skimmers placed over the card slot can copy debit/credit card details of unsuspecting users. The skimmer records the card number which scammers can later use for fraudulent purchases.

Warning signs of an ATM skimmer:

  • Loose or strangely protruding card slot
  • Cameras or extra attachments on the ATM
  • Damage around the card reader area

Hidden Cameras

Scammers may place tiny hidden cameras above the keypad to record PIN numbers as customers enter them. The video footage lets thieves steal the card and PIN for later withdrawal.

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Warning signs of ATM hidden cameras:

  • Unusual holes or tiny lens above keypad
  • Tiny blinking lights that could be cameras
  • Loose wires or extra attachments

Fake Keypads

Fake plastic keypad covers can be placed over the real keypad to capture which buttons are pressed. Like cameras, this gives criminals the account PIN.

Warning signs of an ATM fake keypad:

  • Keypad buttons are stiff to press or protrude more than usual
  • Extra plastic edges around keys
  • Keypad seems raised compared to rest of ATM face

QR Code Stickers

Scammers are placing QR code stickers over the ATM screen. Unsuspecting users scan the code with their banking app which gives the scammer remote access to their account.

Warning signs of ATM QR code stickers:

  • QR code sticker placed directly over ATM screen
  • Visible glue marks around edges of sticker -QR code is unrelated to ATM provider

Money Trapping

This scam occurs when the ATM appears to malfunction and not dispense the cash, then the scammer approaches pretending to help retrieve your money. But they pocket the cash when dispensed and claim the machine just ate your money.

How to Stay Safe from Euronet Scams

Here are smart tips to avoid becoming the victim of a scam when using Euronet or any other standalone ATM:

  • Give ATMs a quick inspection first – look for anything loose, damaged, or suspicious attached
  • Wiggle card slot and keypad to check for anything installed over real parts
  • Cover pin pad as you enter password
  • Avoid ATMs in isolated areas, especially at night when no one else around
  • Do not accept help from random strangers approaching you at the ATM
  • Use mobile banking apps to check balance instead of ATM screens
  • If card gets stuck, call your bank immediately to freeze account
  • If possible, only use ATMs with active security cameras and guards present
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Staying vigilant when taking cash out from Euronet or any other third-party ATM brand can help protect you from losing hard-earned money. Trust your instincts if anything seems off, and find another ATM or bank location instead.

How to Report a Scam Euronet ATM

If you notice suspicious attachments or damage on a Euronet ATM, report it immediately to stop other customers from being targeted.

You can report Euronet scams and compromised ATMs by:

  • Calling Euronet’s hotline: 1-800-Euronet (1-800-387-6638)
  • Contacting Euronet through their online complaint form
  • Reporting compromised ATMs to local police
  • Leaving a review on the ATM location through Google Maps and Yelp describing the potential scam

The quicker an ATM scam is reported, the faster Euronet and law enforcement can investigate and apprehend the criminals responsible. This helps protect the local community and customers.


Stay vigilant when shopping online or using ATMs by looking for warning signs of scams. Trust your instincts if a website like seems suspicious or an ATM appears tampered with. Avoid the urge to take risks with your money and personal information.

Only use trusted businesses that have proven track records of security and customer service. Making smart decisions will help you steer clear of scams and have confidence in whoever you entrust with your hard-earned money.

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By Don Billy

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