Is HDB Infoweb Scam or Legit Unveiling The Truth

Have you come across ads or heard about HDB Infoweb promising to help homebuyers with their HDB flats application process? Perhaps you’re even considering using their services but want to know if it’s really worth it or potentially a scam.

In this article, I’ll do an in-depth review of HDB Infoweb to help readers determine if it’s a legitimate business providing value-added services or a scam that should be avoided.

What is HDB Infoweb?

To start, let’s discuss what exactly HDB Infoweb is and the services they claim to offer. Officially named HDB Infoweb Private Limited, it’s a company that aims to assist first-time HDB applicants through the flat application and booking process.

On their website, they market themselves as housing experts who can help secure an HDB flat for clients.

Some of the key services HDB Infoweb advertises include:

✅ Assisting with the entire HDB flat application process from start to finish, including selecting a suitable flat, completing forms, and submitting the application.

✅ Claiming to have insider market knowledge and connections to help clients choose the “best units at the best prices.”

✅ Guaranteeing clients a high balloting priority to increase their chances of balloting success.

✅ Offering a refund of the $500 application fee if the client is unsuccessful in balloting after using their full-service package.

So in summary, HDB Infoweb portrays itself as experts who can streamline the otherwise complex HDB application process and virtually guarantee balloting success through their specialized knowledge and network.

How Much Do HDB Infoweb Services Cost?

Now that we understand the services HDB Infoweb advertises, let’s examine the typical costs involved for clients. On their website, they offer two main service packages:

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Basic Package – $600

  • Assistance with flat selection and application form completion
  • Basic advisory services during the balloting process

Full-Service Package – $1,000

  • Includes all basic package services
  • Guaranteed refund of $500 application fee if unsuccessful in balloting
  • Dedicated housing agent assistance from start to keys collection

There may also be additional ad hoc fees for services like re-submissions after balloting failure. Overall, HDB Infoweb charges significantly more than the standard $500 HDB flat application fee, raising questions about the value provided to justify such premium prices.

Are HDB Infoweb Services Legitimate or a Scam?

Now that we have an understanding of what HDB Infoweb offers and how much they charge, let’s examine the key factors that determine whether their business model and services are legitimate or a potential scam:

Can They Really Guarantee Balloting Success?

The core promise HDB Infoweb makes is an increased chance of balloting successfully through their expertise and connections. However, the HDB flat balloting process is done via computer ballot where no favoritism is shown.

While HDB Infoweb claims decades of experience, they have no special power or data that can override the equal-chance balloting system.

Much Higher Fees Than Standard HDB Process

As mentioned, HDB Infoweb charges $600-$1000 for their packages when the standard HDB application fee is just $500.

They promise a $500 refund if unsuccessful, but clients would still lose the premium amount paid to HDB Infoweb. Such high markups raise suspicion about the real value provided versus opportunistic profit-taking.

No Regulatory Oversight or Licensing

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HDB Infoweb operates as a private company without any licensing or regulatory oversight from the authorities like the HDB or Ministry of Manpower. This lack of accountability is a red flag, as there are no consumer protection safeguards in place.

Exaggerated Claims Not Backed by Data

While HDB Infoweb touts decades of experience, they provide no transparent, verifiable data to substantiate performance claims like higher balloting success rates. Testimonials on their website also cannot be independently verified as being from real past clients.

Difficult to Verify Address and Operations

The physical address listed on HDB Infoweb’s website turned out to be non-existent when checked. Repeated phone calls and emails to their listed contact also went unanswered, bringing their legitimacy and actual operations into question.

Online Reviews Point to Dissatisfaction

A fair number of reviews from past purported clients expressed dissatisfaction, with some claiming they were still unsuccessful in balloting despite paying HDB Infoweb’s high fees. This goes against their “guaranteed” refund promise.

The Verdict – Proceed with Caution

After an objective analysis of available information, here is my considered verdict on HDB Infoweb:

While not an outright scam, their value proposition is highly dubious.

They make unsubstantiated promises to effectively fix an equal-chance balloting system through connections and experience alone. Coupled with the inability to verify key aspects of their business reliably, it’s very difficult to trust their performance and refund claims.

There is a high likelihood clients end up wasting money for nothing in return.

The standard HDB process is simple, transparent and significantly cheaper. Unless HDB Infoweb becomes licensed and regulated while providing transparent client data, patrons have little recourse if dissatisfied.

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Overall, the risks far outweigh any claimed benefits.

Savvy homebuyers are best advised to avoid such third-party services entirely and stick to the proven HDB process unless clear value-adds can be demonstrated independently. Caveat emptor or ‘buyer beware’ is the wise approach here.

Alternative Options worth Considering

Rather than fall victim to dubious third parties like HDB Infoweb, here are some better alternatives homebuyers can consider:

Do It Yourself via the Official HDB Website

Unless you have very complex needs, the standard online HDB application process and resources are simple to navigate independently. Save the extra fees.

Consult a Licensed Housing Agent

Look for reputable agents with years of track record, verified customer reviews and operating licenses from regulators like the CEA or MAS. Shop around and negotiate reasonable fees.

Leverage Official HDB Materials and Seminars

Attend free HDB seminars and utilize their comprehensive guidebooks, video guides and online chat agents for application help from trusted authorities.

Consider Resale Flats If Timing Isn’t Critical

Resale transactions have no balloting lottery and provide more unit options than new HDB launches every quarter. Do research the transaction process as well.

In conclusion, while third parties may seem convenient, homebuyers are strongly encouraged to avoid opportunistic ones like HDB Infoweb based on the research and instead leverage trusted, regulated resources for their flat application needs. Stay safe from potential property scams.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.