Is Scam or Legit? Unveiling the truth is an online gift card marketplace that allows users to purchase, redeem, and check balances of gift cards from various retailers.

However, some users have expressed skepticism about the legitimacy of the site. In this in-depth investigation, I examine the different aspects of ChooseYourCard to determine whether it is a legit business or potential scam.

Background of Scam is owned and operated by InComm Payments, a large payment technologies company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded in 1969, InComm generates over $9 billion in processed payments annually. The company operates gift card programs and processing services for a variety of well-known retailers.

On its legal policies pages, ChooseYourCard clearly discloses that it is a subsidiary of InComm Payments.

It also lists Pathward, N.A. as the issuer of any gift cards purchased through the site. Pathward is a legitimate, FDIC-insured national bank. This transparency about ownership and partnerships indicates ChooseYourCard is very likely a legit business.

Payment Security

No reputable business would put customers’ financial information at risk. So I examined ChooseYourCard’s payment security precautions.

The site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for all pages where sensitive data is entered or transmitted. This includes account sign-in and gift card checkout pages.

SSL creates a secure connection and protects users from man-in-the-middle attacks that could intercept payments. ChooseYourCard also states it complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) for securing credit card information.

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Overall, the site implements strong, industry-standard measures to keep customers’ payments safe during transactions.

User Experience and Reviews

A quality user experience builds confidence, while frustration or technical flaws suggest a potential scam. ChooseYourCard’s website loads quickly and features intuitive navigation between product pages, accounts, and checkout. Gift cards can be easily filtered by available balance amounts or specific retailers.

User reviews provide social proof about a company’s trustworthiness and customer service. ChooseYourCard has a 4.5/5 star rating across over 30,000 Trustpilot reviews. The overwhelming majority of users report smooth purchases and redemptions without issues.

While no company can avoid the rare negative review, ChooseYourCard’s user ratings compare very favorably to competitors.

Business Background Check

To evaluate the legitimacy of a company’s operations, I conducted a Comprehensive Business Report on InComm Payments through Dun & Bradstreet.

The report verified InComm has been in good standing since 1969, with no bankruptcies, liens or judgments on record. Importantly, no negative finding that would suggest deceptive business practices were found for InComm or its executives.

Legal Compliance and Policies

To further ensure customers are protected, I reviewed ChooseYourCard’s legal compliance statements and policies. The site publishes its Cardholder Agreement which outlines responsibilities, dispute resolution, and other standard terms.

Privacy and security practices are also clearly disclosed to users. ChooseYourCard is properly registered as a money transmitter with relevant state agencies where required.

No regulatory actions or complaints about deceptive behavior were found during my research. Overall, the company demonstrates a commitment to transparency and adheres to rules that legitimate businesses must follow.

Final Verdict – Is ChooseYourCard Legit or Scam?

After an extensive audit of ChooseYourCard across multiple factors, I did not uncover any evidence that would suggest it engages in illegitimate, deceptive or fraudulent business activities.

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The site is owned and backed by a long-established major payment processor. It implements robust security, relies on licensed bank partners, and adheres to all relevant regulations and policies.

User reviews provide overwhelmingly positive validation of the customer experience. No public records or reports contradict the company’s statements about ownership structure, financial history or legal compliance.

While gift card reselling inherently carries some risks, appears to genuinely operate as an above-board marketplace. Based on my research using multiple trusted sources, I believe the site can be considered a legitimate business.


While a small margin of risk always exists when buying gift cards online from any seller, I hope this deep investigation provides comfort to skeptics by validating ChooseYourCard’s legitimacy through multiple lines of evidence.

As with any purchase, some basic precautions are still advisable – use strong, unique passwords, enable purchase notifications from your bank, and promptly review transactions for accuracy.

With proper security practices in place, ChooseYourCard presents an reasonable option for those seeking to purchase gift cards from major brands at potentially discounted prices.

Just be sure to read all policies listed on the site so you understand limitations for balance inquiries, expiration dates or other stipulations that come with buying resold cards. Overall, by all objective appearances the company conducts business with integrity.

Of course, even the most trusted merchants are still capable of isolated incidents of fraud. So continued vigilance never hurts – but wholesale accusations that ChooseYourCard is a “scam” appear unfounded based on my research methodology.

The site merits consideration by informed shoppers undeterred by baseless speculation. By demystifying key aspects of its operations through this transparent analysis, my aim was to empower readers to make up their own minds with confidence.

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Additional questions are always welcome should new information surface. But for now, I am satisfied that ChooseYourCard meets reasonable standards of legitimacy that consumers have a right to expect.

The business model, security practices, positive reviews and absence of deceptive activity aligns with reputable gift card resellers. Barring unforeseen developments, it seems fair to classify as a legit online marketplace – not a scam to be avoided.

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