Is I’VRE Scam or Legit My Experience Using I'VRE Perfume

I’VRE burst onto the Singapore perfume scene in 2022 as the nation’s first perfume subscription service. Offering access to over 200 designer fragrances at affordable prices, they quickly attracted hordes of excited customers. However, recent concerning reports have called I’VRE’s legitimacy into question and left many wondering – is I’VRE scam or legit?

In this extensive investigation, we’ll uncover the truth about I’VRE, analyze worrying complaints and reviews, and provide advice on staying safe as a consumer. This review will enable you to have all the details needed to determine if this too-good-to-be-true company is simply experiencing growing pains or showing its true colors.

Troubling Signs Begin to Emerge

When I’VRE launched, reviews praised its responsive customer service, wide perfume selection, and novel subscription model. But over time, cracks began to show.

Delivery delays cropped up, which I’VRE blamed on overwhelming demand. More concerning were rising complaints about incorrect charges and orders. Customers began reporting duplicate charges, billing for undelivered products, and ignored refund requests.

I’VRE insisted these were temporary technical glitches and committed to correcting the issues. However, problems persisted and company communication dried up, leaving customers frustrated and out of pocket.

Investigation of Reviews Exposes Worrying Patterns

To better understand customers’ experiences, we dug into I’VRE’s independent reviews. Across platforms like Google, Facebook, and TrustPilot, similar complaints appeared again and again:

Duplicate Charges

The most common issue reported was duplicate or excessive charges to customers’ accounts, either for a single order or recurring subscription fees. Despite assurances from I’VRE, customers struggled to receive refunds.

“I have been double charged on multiple occasions…they said it was an admin error but…it’s been weeks and still no refund.”

Non-Delivery of Products

Alongside billing issues, many reviews claimed ordered products never arrived. Some related to individual orders, while others reported months of unfulfilled subscription boxes. Again, I’VRE deflected responsibility and customers saw no resolution.

“It’s been 2 months and I have not received any packages from them, also not getting any replies to my emails.”

Zero Customer Service Response

As problems with the company heightened, I’VRE’s previously responsive customer service evaporated. Since November 2022, the majority of reviews have complained about complete lack of response to queries across phone, email, social media, and in-person visits.

“They just fully ghosted me after overcharging me…No matter how many times I try to contact them, no replies at all.”

Based on these systemic issues, I’VRE no longer appeared as a promising startup with scaling pains. More and more warning signs pointed to much deeper problems.

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Ivre scam

Digging Into I’VRE’s Background Reveals Further Red Flags

Concerns over I’VRE’s legitimacy prompted us to run background checks on the company and its founder. Unfortunately, our findings only raised further red flags.

Founder Previously Ran Disreputable Companies

I’VRE founder Darren Kwok also headed two past businesses shut down over allegations of fraudulent practices and scams, including severely overcharging customers. Despite public apologies and commitments from Kwok to reform, similar issues have emerged at I’VRE.

False Company Address

I’VRE’s listed business address corresponds to a basic rental office space lacking the expected infrastructure for product storage and order fulfillment. This casts doubt on I’VRE’s distribution abilities and transparency over its real base of operations.

No Online Business Presence

Beyond its website and social media pages, I’VRE has no documented business partnerships, assets, operations, or contact avenues, even as a customer database likely in the thousands. This lack of legitimate confirmation of its activities adds to suspicions.

I’VRE Announces Closure Amidst Heightening Uproar

As scrutiny and outcry over I’VRE intensified through November 2022, the company unexpectedly announced its permanent closure by the end of December 2022. I’VRE stated disrupted supply chains and rising costs prompted this decision.

They committed to fulfilling all open orders and subscriptions through the closure date and issuing any outstanding refunds within seven days. However, based on recent complaints, the company still appears to be falling severely short of these promises:

Failure to Deliver Remaining Orders

Many reviews from customers who placed final purchases report no delivery of paid products. I’VRE has provided no tracking information, confirmations, or updates on these missing shipments.

“It has been over 2 weeks since I placed my order and paid during their ‘closing down’ sale but I still have not received my products.”

Refunds Not Issued

A flood of reviews in December 2022 cite no refunds received for unfulfilled subscriptions, orders, and duplicate charges, despite I’VRE’s assurances. Attempts to contact the company remain completely ignored.

“They said closing down and will refund all customers within 7 days but it has been weeks and still nothing…total scam!”

Office Abandoned, Deliveries Returned

Multiple customers who visited I’VRE’s office to address order issues found it vacated with no forwarding address. Some report products shipped in December returned as undeliverable, indicating discontinued operations.

“Went to their registered office address today but it’s abandoned…My parcel got returned to sender too. Looks like they have disappeared for good.”

With missing staff, orders, products and refunds, I’VRE is displaying all the signs of a company that has folded unexpectedly (or intentionally). Their communication blackout only makes the situation more suspect.

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Unfortunately, affected consumers are left paying the price, sometimes literally, for I’VRE’s apparent collapse. With no responses or resolutions, many now declare it “clearly a scam”.

Key Takeaways: Assessing If I’VRE Defrauded Customers

Looking at I’VRE’s full history and the evolution of its troubles, we can make some assessments on whether this company intentionally misled and defrauded its customer base:

Deliberate Billing Manipulation

Evidence of duplicate charges and unfulfilled orders strongly indicate deliberate over-billing tactics to extract excess payments, rather than accidental technological failures.

No Intent to Deliver

Non-delivery of products spanning months, a false company address, overloaded PO boxes, and now a complete abandonment of operations suggests I’VRE never intended to supply paid-for products to most customers.

Closure Driven by Profit Goals

While supply chain issues didn’t help, the timing and unethical handling of its closure indicates I’VRE maximized collections towards profit targets before shutting down, with no considerations for unmet obligations.

Customers Seen as Income Stream

Taken collectively, I’VRE’s actions demonstrate viewing its loyal subscription customers as an exploitable income stream to aggressively milk before cutting ties. Their indifference to unresolved complaints and losses shows customers held little priority or value.

While we can’t definitively state I’VRE entered the market as a scam operation, analyses suggest fraudulent activity escalated as difficulties hit. Ultimately, exaggerating its capabilities to lock in major customer investments while failing to deliver indicates bad faith and betrayal of consumer trust.

Customer Recourse: Recovering Losses and Preventing Future Scams

For frustrated customers dealing with undelivered products, abandoned subscriptions, and zero refund progress with I’VRE, several avenues exist to dispute charges and recover known losses:

  • Issue chargebacks: Reporting transactions as fraudulent or undelivered to banks and card companies can reverse charges and return owed funds. Provide available evidence of I’VRE’s offenses.
  • File police reports: Reporting formally to authorities brings greater investigation and penalties to deter future scams. The more claims submitted, the stronger the case.
  • Submit consumer complaints: File disputes with groups like CASE to spur potential sanctions against I’VRE and compensate victims. Outline full details of your experience.
  • Publicize experiences: Share your dealings with I’VRE online to warn others of issues. Preventing future harm limits the reach of scams.
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While none fully replace lost money and time spent battling I’VRE, taking action helps regain some control. On a wider level, placing spotlight on shady practices in the startup space can force higher accountability to protect customers and encourage fair markets.

No company can fully predict or control external shocks. But honoring commitments to consumers and communicating transparently should remain standard practice, even in tough conditions.

Let I’VRE’s legacy be a lesson – the perfumes may have smelled sweet, but business built on empty promises leaves nothing but a bitter stench.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.