Vesolia burst onto the scene in early 2023 with unbelievable deals on products like power tools, electronics, home goods, and more. But are their rock-bottom prices too good to be true?

I decided to investigate whether Vesolia is scamming customers. What I uncovered about bogus policies, nonexistent customer service, copied content, and fake reviews shocked me.

Keep reading for the disturbing details, actual complaints from Vesolia victims, and tips to protect yourself from this shady company. This exposé answers:

I’ll also compare Vesolia to Ciclo, Paramatan, and other top brands frequently imitated by counterfeit sites.

Let’s dig in!

What is Vesolia?

Vesolia launched their online store in early 2023, purportedly selling:

  • Power tools
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home appliances
  • Kitchenware
  • Furniture
  • And more

At first glance, Vesolia’s slick website showcases name-brand products at impossibly cheap clearance prices.

The site tempts visitors with:

  • Up to 90% off retail prices
  • Limited-time flash sales
  • Free shipping on all orders

This appeals to bargain hunters seeking coveted brands like DeWalt, LG, Casper, and KitchenAid at drastically reduced costs.

But Vesolia exhibits many shady characteristics common among Chinese counterfeit operations…

Is Vesolia Legit or Fake? 7 Major Red Flags

Vesolia displays multiple signs of being a scam storefront for peddling knockoffs:

1. Hidden Company Details

The site’s “About Us” page shares no meaningful information regarding Vesolia’s origins or owners. There are no executive names, business credentials, location, or incorporation records.

This lack of transparency suggests an unreliable fly-by-night scheme.

2. No Verifiable Contact Information

Vesolia only provides an email address for customer service inquiries. There are no phone numbers or physical addresses to actually reach the company.

Without valid contact details, shoppers cannot confirm orders, ask questions, or request refunds.

3. Ridiculously Low Prices

Vesolia advertises up to 90% discounts off leading brands’ recommended retail pricing. For example, a $599 Dyson vacuum sells for only $69.

Obviously, such huge markdowns are financially unsustainable, signaling low-quality knockoffs.

4. Copied Content

Product listings and policies appear copied from Alibaba, Amazon, and AliExpress. Vesolia lacks original product photography or unique sales descriptions.

This intellectual property theft hints that Vesolia illegally appropriates external assets.

5. Fake Reviews

The site showcases no negative feedback — highly unusual for any business, particularly a newly launched one. Glowing 5-star ratings seem fabricated.

Without candid customer reviews, Vesolia’s quality and service standards are questionable.

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6. Deceptive Celebrity Endorsements

Vesolia displays logos of prominent brands like Google, Forbes, Yahoo, and Buzzfeed, falsely implying endorsements.

In reality, these respected companies likely never vetted or partnered with this sketchy website.

7. Potential Credit Card Theft

Entering payment information risks much more than just losing package deliveries. Scammers can sell financial data on black markets to fund additional illegal activity.

Without secure encryption safeguards, Vesolia appears ripe for harvesting people’s personal information.

These glaring issues signal an unreliable seller that should not be trusted.

Next, let’s examine how Vesolia scams customers once orders are placed.

How Does the Vesolia Scam Work?

The scam unfolds in three phases once purchases are made:

1. Customers Place Orders

Shoppers browse Vesolia’s inventory of hot products advertised at huge discounts compared to major retailers.

Enticed visitors add items to their online shopping cart, enter payment and shipping details, and submit orders.

2. Payments Process But No Packages Arrive

Soon after checkout, card payments successfully process reflecting charges from Vesolia.

But days and weeks pass without any package deliveries despite order confirmations promising 5-7 business day shipping.

Email status queries to Vesolia customer service go unanswered.

3. Victims Are Left Empty-Handed

Ultimately, defrauded customers are left with:

  • Compromised financial information
  • Stolen money
  • No products to show for expenditures
  • Inability to contact Vesolia

This systemic scamming playbook yields Vesolia hefty profits while leaving victims frustrated and cheated.

And based on emerging complaints, this scheme has already claimed many casualties.

Vesolia Reviews: Are Complaints Legitimate?

As a new site, few Vesolia reviews currently exist. However, early reports match recognizable patterns of counterfeit retailers:

  • No products delivered – Most common outcome. Orders completely unfulfilled after payments processed.
  • Inferior knockoffs – Some buyers received poor quality replicas. Items broken or don’t match descriptions.
  • Previously used goods – Select shoppers report clearly used or damaged goods, not new.
  • No customer response – Vesolia ignores all inquiries regarding missing items, refunds, and support issues.

Here are real Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints:

“Placed order for a $700 LG refrigerator on 3/12, credit card charged same day. It’s now 4/1 – still no product or responses to my emails. Total scam!” Jenn L., New Jersey

“I tried buying a patio furniture set for an unbelievable $250 ($1,800 retail). Needless to say no shipment ever came after they took my money. Do not order from this bogus company!” Frank T., Arizona

“Vesolia sent me a cheap $20 knockoff after charging me $300 for a Dewalt power tool set. Blatant bait-and-switch ripoff.” Alex P., Minnesota

“Purchased a Tempurpedic mattress while half-asleep that seemed like an amazing deal. When it eventually showed up filthy and torn, I realized I’d been scammed. Lesson learned!” Lauren G., Maine

And Vesolia purchasers report experiencing credit card fraud after entering information on the site…

“Within a week of ordering from Vesolia crooks made over $3,000 of Apple and Macy’s gift card purchases on my account. Stay away!” Angela F., California

These alarming complaints confirm Vesolia frequently scams clients. Their whole enterprise seems focused solely on defrauding shoppers rather than meeting expectations.

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Next let’s explore who might be masterminding this international deception ring.

Who’s Behind Vesolia Scam Website?

While Vesolia’s ownership stays intentionally hidden, research points to Chinese e-commerce scammers.

Key indicators include:

  • Domain registered overseas – domain registered in China according to WHOIS domain lookup.
  • Common scam tactics – False discounts, bait-and-switch, non-delivery, and ignoring complaints are well-known Chinese scamming ploys.
  • Poor English translations – Grammatical and spelling issues indicate Chinese creators.
  • ** Affiliated sites** – Possibly connected to a larger network of similar scam storefronts. Sites share same patterns.

Essentially, Vesolia almost certainly belongs to sophisticated overseas fraudsters adept at masking identities while repeatedly fleecing consumers.

And this presents additional barriers for defrauded customers hoping for refunds, as we’ll explore next.

Getting Money Back If Scammed by Vesolia

Procuring refunds from fly-by-night Chinese scam rings proves exceptionally challenging for several reasons:

  • Annonymous ownership – Vesolia’s shadow executives and ownership cannot be tracked down.
  • Jurisdiction obstacles – International laws prevent domestic legal recourse in many cases.
  • Liquidated sites – By the time complaints arise, scam sites like Vesolia often disappear or reinvent under new names.
  • Cryptocurrency payments – Sites increasingly ask for untraceable crypto payouts purposely to avoid refund obligations.

However, victims still possess options to potentially recover losses by acting swiftly when scammed:

Initiate Chargeback With Bank

If using a credit card, request the bank reverse charges since products were never delivered. Provide orders details, screenshots, complaints record numbers, and explain the situation was online retail fraud.

Reputable card issuers like Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX often side with consumers in proven scam cases. This represents the best path to possibly recouping monetary damages.

Report Fraud to Authorities

File complaints with watchdog groups like BBB and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Reporting scams helps track down criminals and rescues future potential victims by exposing shady retailers that avoid accountability.

Unfortunately, investigations rarely yield individual refunds. But fraud documentation aids broader consumer protection initiatives.

Learn From The Experience

Research seller legitimacy before shopping to avoid con artists. Search “[company name] scam” online to discover undercover fraud reports and users’ negative experiences.

Carefully note red flags like no contact info, unbelievable pricing, grammatical errors, and inadequate policies that betray overseas counterfeiters.

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Equipped with this scam knowledge and caution moving forward, hopefully consumers can evade further dealings with Vesolia crooks or copycat imposters.

Is Vesolia as Good as Leading Brands?

To assess Vesolia’s legitimacy, let’s compare them to several top retailers within their product categories:

Power Tools

Brand Reputation Prices Reviews Contact Info Social Media BBB Rating
DeWalt Industry leader since 1924 Fair market value 4.8 stars (600K+ reviews) Phone, email, live chat, locations All major channels A+
Vesolia Unknown, likely scam Up to 90% off No negative feedback Just email None F (Unaccredited)


Brand Reputation Prices Reviews Contact Info Social Media BBB Rating
Samsung Global leader since 1938 Fair market value 4.6 stars (1M+ reviews) Phone, email, live chat, locations All major channels A+
Vesolia Unknown, likely scam Up to 90% off No negative feedback Just email None F (Unaccredited)

Home Goods

Brand Reputation Prices Reviews Contact Info Social Media BBB Rating
Crate & Barrel Established retailer since 1962 Fair market value 4.7 stars (186K+ reviews) Phone, email, live chat, locations All major channels A+
Vesolia Unknown, likely scam Up to 90% off No negative feedback Just email None F (Unaccredited)

The contrasts are extremely apparent. Why risk money and personal data with an unvetted scam operation like Vesolia versus legitimate retailers?

Now let’s recap the critical consumer guidance everyone must know regarding this deceptive e-commerce scheme.

Vesolia Scam: Key Takeaways

Vesolia initially tempted shoppers with unbelievable deals on coveted products like power tools, big screen TVs, mattresses, and other high-demand items.

But behind the glossy veneer, Vesolia exhibited all the signs of an overseas scam website:

  • No company transparency
  • Fake discounts
  • Copied item descriptions
  • Missing contact information
  • Falsified reviews
  • Credit card theft risks

This fraudulent site makes big promises but only delivers huge headaches for exploited victims. Complaints have already surfaced regarding:

  • Stolen payments with no deliveries
  • Inferior knockoffs mailed instead of authentic goods
  • Criminally accessed financial accounts

by entering payment information on their site, shoppers also risk enabling identify theft by Vesolia’s anonymous Chinese fraudsters.

While recouping losses proves unlikely, consumers still must report the scam to aid law enforcement efforts in tracking down the elusive scammers. Shoppers can also benefit by learning to research seller legitimacy prior to purchasing.

In summary, Vesolia deserves their “F” rating for blatantly deceiving shoppers. Wise consumers will steer clear of this proven sham masquerading as a legitimate retailer. Don’t become their next victim!

Has Vesolia scammed you? Share your experience to prevent more victims!

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.