Beware of Kaplan Partners Recruitment Scam - Don't Be Fooled

Kaplan Partners is a renowned executive search and talent advisory firm helping top companies source qualified leaders and board members for over 30 years. However, fraudulent actors are increasingly impersonating this reputable company to deceive and take advantage of unsuspecting job candidates across the internet.

This article will provide an in-depth look at how the “Kaplan Partners” job scams operate, what tactics they employ, who is targeted, and most crucially, how you can spot and protect yourself from their duplicitous recruitment fraud schemes.

How the Kaplan Partners Scams Work

At their core, these “Kaplan Partners” scams center around fraudulent actors posing as talent recruiters working on behalf of the prestigious executive firm. They distribute fake job advertisements, emails, social media posts and even conduct sham interviews to convince applicants the offers are legitimate.

Once hopeful job candidates take their bait, the scammers then move to extract sensitive personal and/or financial information from victims under the guise it is required for “background checks”, “training fees” or “equipment costs” as part of the hiring process or job duties.

With access to individuals’ private data, bank accounts and/or credit cards, the fraudsters are able to directly steal funds or sell the information for profit on the dark web. Even more nefariously, stolen identities can then be used by criminal groups to support activities like money laundering or drug trafficking.

Some common fake positions touted in the Kaplan Partners-themed job scams include:

● Work From Home Customer Service Agent

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● Virtual Administrative Assistant

● Part-Time Online Accounting Clerk

● Data Entry Specialist

● Customer Retention Manager

Fraudulent posts will display convincing logos alongside messages stating applicants have been “selected by Kaplan Partners recruiters” or must pay fees to Kaplan Partners for training, a background check or laptop/tech provided by Kaplan Partners to undertake the fictional job.

How to Spot the Red Flags of a Fake Kaplan Partners Job Offer

While infiltrating authentic websites and adapting increasingly sophisticated tactics, most imitation Kaplan Partners fraud schemes still contain telling signs all is not as it seems if you know what to look out for.

Red flags signaling a supposed Kaplan Partners job may be an outright scam include:

● Poor writing quality with bad grammar, spelling mistakes or unclear details

● Claims you must pay any sort of upfront or transfer fee to apply, interview, or start work

● Requests for personal information like SSNs or bank account numbers early in application process

● Instructions to contact non-company email accounts from services like Gmail or ProtonMail

● Interview requests via chat/text platforms only like WhatsApp or Telegram

● Job duties that seem suspicious or too good to be true for the role

No legitimate recruiter from Kaplan Partners will ever ask candidates to provide significant personal details or bank information upfront or conduct candidate interviews exclusively via free messaging apps.

Stay Vigilant Against Work From Home/Data Entry Scams

It is vital to exercise extra caution regarding remote job offers, as fraudsters frequently tout fake “work from home” roles to secure sensitive ID info for identity theft or pilfer bank account access to enable money laundering schemes.

Kaplan Partners does not actually hire for customer service, virtual assistant or data entry clerk roles. Any remote listings for such positions invoking their brand should be considered highly suspicious if not outright criminal attempts at recruitment fraud.

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How to Protect Yourself from Kaplan Partners Scam

First and foremost, when searching for new career opportunities always access open positions only via Kaplan Partners’ legitimate company website and verified social media profiles. External pages with near facsimiles of their branding should be avoided.

You can view current job openings that Kaplan Partners is actually recruiting for here:

Their valid channels also make clear the firm focuses narrowly on executive to C-suite talent placement and board advisory services – not mass hiring across fields like IT, customer support, finance or admin.

Under no circumstances should you ever provide personal identity information like SSNs or financial data to a recruiter upfront before verifying employment legitimacy. Limit what is shared and remain wary if asks seem invasive.

Additionally, take heed at interviews only conducted via text/call apps instead of videoconferencing or if unable to connection with supposed managers by company phone/email. No firm would onboard talent sight unseen.

What To Do If You Are Already Victimized by a Kaplan Partners Scam

If you fear your personal information or money has already been compromised as part of a fake Kaplan Partners job scheme, immediately take the following remediation steps:

● Contact your bank and law enforcement to halt unauthorized transactions and begin investigating fraud

● Lock payment accounts compromised and monitor credit reports for suspicious activity

● File detailed incident reports on the FTC website at and with ICANN Domain Abuse at

● Inform Kaplan Partners via their contact page at so they can track imposter incidents

The more vigilant job hunters are and quicker scam networks are reported, the faster authorities can work to disrupt their malicious operations. Remaining proactive against recruitment fraud ultimately protects not just your own finances and identity – but countless other innocent victims being actively targeted.

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How to Report Suspected Fake Kaplan Partners Accounts and Listings

Beyond your own bank and law enforcement, sharing scam incident details with the following administrative bodies can also help rapidly remove fraudulent pages and content misusing the Kaplan Partners name while enabling investigations against criminal entities behind them:

● Facebook Security Can report fake Kaplan Partners pages/accounts at:

● LinkedIn Trust & Safety File complaints on copycat company profiles or suspicious job listings via:

● Federal Trade Commission Central government agency combating consumer scams at:

● ICANN Domain Abuse Oversees shutting down fake web domains mimicking Kaplan Partners through site below:

The more action taken to flag “Kaplan Partners” scam incidents across channels, the more roadblocks can be set against what are clearly organized crime operations maliciously misusing their brand.


Kaplan Partners has over 30 years placing executive talent, not asking random applicants for bank details. Any job offer urging quick payment of “small fees” via MoneyGram, gift card, or account transfer should be considered highly suspicious if not outright criminal fraud.

When searching listings, carefully check site veracity, position type/details, and interviewer professionalism. Request HR confirm offer letters before providing personal data. Always listen if something feels “off” and report concerns to appropriate fraud prevention authorities.

There are increasing incidents of elaborate recruitment fraud schemes being run under the guise of prestigious companies like Kaplan Partners. But with proper awareness of common warning signs, safeguarding measures, and timely reporting of suspected impersonation scams, innocent job seekers can avoid getting caught in their deceitful traps.

Always be careful. The right opportunity from a legitimate firm will never pressure payments upfront or interviews via WhatsApp. Protect yourself and help prevent these ruthless criminal groups from claiming more unsuspecting victims.

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By Don Billy

Don Billy is a veteran reviewer on Legit Source. For over 5 years, he has investigated companies and evaluated products to separate truth from hype. Don thoroughly researches and tests offerings to determine if they deliver as promised and these transparent reviews have helped protect consumers from scam artists. He is dedicated to arming shoppers with honest information.