Stryv Shaver Review: My Experience Using Stryv Minishave

If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable electric shaver, the Stryv shaver likely caught your attention. As a newer brand trying to break into the market dominated by companies like Braun and Philips Norelco, Stryv promises premium features at a budget-friendly price.

But does the Stryv shaver actually deliver? I decided to test it out myself and write this in-depth Stryv shaver review so you can determine if it’s the right electric shaver for your needs and budget.

Overview of the Stryv Shaver

The Stryv shaver is an intelligent anti-pinch electric shaver released in late 2023 by Stryv Hairdryer, a startup focusing on affordable men’s grooming products in Singapore. It’s marketed as a high-quality rotary shaver that can deliver a close, comfortable shave for an affordable price.

Here are some of the highlighted features Stryv claims set their shaver apart:

  • Quad Cutter Head with 4 floating heads to catch more hair
  • Custom grip design for better control while shaving
  • 90 minutes of cordless shaving per charge
  • Fully waterproof and washable

The Stryv shaver launched at an MSRP of $99, which places it in competition with entry-level to mid-range shavers from leading brands. The big selling point is it can allegedly deliver advanced performance specs normally only found in $200+ luxury models.

But does it live up to the hype based on hands-on testing? Let’s dive into the details…

Stryv Shaver Review Singapore

Unboxing and First Impressions

I ordered directly from the Stryv website and my shaver arrived in just 2 days. The packaging looked modern and premium, especially for the affordable $99 price point.

Opening it up, all components are individually wrapped for protection during shipping:

  • Stryv Shaver unit
  • Protection cap
  • Charging stand
  • Power adapter
  • Cleaning brush

The shaver handles have an ergonomic shape with rubber grip pads that felt comfortable and secure in my hands.

Weighing in at 1.3 pounds, this stainless steel shaver has some heft to it that gives confidence in the build quality.

Charging up before the first use only took 90 minutes thanks to the lithium-ion battery and rapid charging technology.

The LED display shows battery percentage so you know exactly how much runtime you have left for wireless shaving.

First impressions were very positive, especially when comparing the unboxing experience to much more expensive shavers I’ve tested from leading brands like Braun and Norelco.

Now it was time to see if the Stryv holds up when actually shaving…

Testing the Shaving Performance

Here is an overview of my experience testing out the Stryv electric shaver:

My Shaving Routine

  • Face washed and prepped with warm water
  • Tested shave on 2-3 day beard stubble
  • Shaved entire face by making circular buffing motions
  • Finished up by going against the grain on tough spots
  • Rinsed razor under faucet to keep the 4 blades unclogged
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Closeness of Shave

I was nicely surprised by how close of a shave the Stryv was able to provide in a single pass. I didn’t have to go back a second time for extra stubble in too many spots.

It wasn’t quite as close as my Braun Series 9 but got fairly comparable results, especially when going perpendicular on areas like my neck.

The textured rubber grip gave me good control and responsiveness to get the quad cutter head in the optimal angle.

Skin Comfort

An electric shaver pulling and tugging at your hair follicles can lead to irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs if you have sensitive skin. Cheap shavers are typically the biggest offenders.

However, I didn’t experience any significant razor irritation across my entire shave. The floating heads smoothly glided across the different facial contours without choppiness or resistance when encountering longer hairs.

My skin felt smooth afterwards with no signs of redness or bumps. So comfort level gets high marks as well.

Ease of Cleaning

Keeping the blades clean is crucial for longevity and sustained sharpness.

The Stryv makes this easy by being fully waterproof and usable right in the shower if desired.

I simply rinsed mine under warm water as the stream flushed away any trapped stubble or shaving cream residue from between the blades. Quickly wiping it down with the included brush keeps the quad head hygienic and operational.

The cleaning process was straightforward without having to oil or replace blades constantly like my older shavers. That will save time and headaches down the road.

Key Features and Benefits

Now that I’ve shared my hands-on experience testing the shaving effectiveness, let’s breakdown some of the standout features that power the performance…

Quad Cutter Floating Head

As mentioned earlier, Stryv equipped this rotary shaver with 4 specialized hypoallergenic gold-plated blades.

Having multiple cutters instead of the standard 3 more effectively lifts and captures different lengths and textures of facial hair in a single pass. Less opportunity for stubble to hide within missed patches.

The floating capability allows the head to adjust across the peaks, valleys, and angles of my facial topography from cheeks to jawline for consistent close contact. Automatically optimizing the pressure applied.

Many shavers under $100 negatively pull or scrape at the skin. But the clever head suspension of the Stryv maintained gentle 360° gliding.

Ergonomic Rubber Grip

Shaving up around your sideburns or precision trimming of your mustache requires controlled dexterity as you turn the razor in different orientations.

That’s why Stryv engineered the textured handle shape that naturally contours in your hand for a secure, no-slip grasp throughout the entire shaving session.

The ergo-dynamics keep your hand locked in proper position instead of having to awkwardly readjust repeatedly like cheaper all-plastic shavers. You can focus on strategically maneuvering the quad blades rather than grasping the device itself.

90 Minutes of Cordless Runtime

Recharging batteries constantly is an inconvenience many guys face if your electric shaver doesn’t last long per charge. It interrupts your grooming routine if you don’t have a replacement to swap out.

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Fortunately, the custom lithium-ion battery equipped in the Stryv supports up to 90 minutes of shaving when fully juiced up. You can knock out a full shave each morning for a couple weeks on average before needing to top up again.

The LED indicator takes the guessing work out of when it needs charging so you won’t get unexpectedly shut down mid-shave.

Fully Waterproof & Washable

We discussed earlier the importance of keeping your shaver head debris-free for optimal performance.

The IPX7 waterproof protection allows you to directly rinse the Stryv under running water without short circuiting the internal electrical components.

You can keep it 100% water tight for cleaning whether using it over the sink or directly in the shower with shaving cream lathered.

For deeper sanitization, the head pops off easily for scrubbing away any built up gunk clogging the precision blades.

The improved hygiene and maintenance promotes longevity so you get more mileage out of your investment.

SkinGuard Technology

A common frustration guys experience when shaving is painful nicks, cuts, and razor burns around sensitive areas like the neck. Affordable shavers typically don’t have any protection against this skin irritation.

Stryv built their shaver using an intelligent SkinGuard sensor that automatically slows down the cutter head speed once contacting delicate zones. This prevents gnashing as it gently glides across these easily agitated sections.

I personally noticed less bumps and close shave irritation around my Adam’s apple compared to other comparably priced rotary shavers lacking this safeguard tech.

Stryv vs Popular Electric Shavers

How does the new Stryv shaver stack up against some of the industry leaders when you look at it feature for feature?

Here is a detailed comparison chart:

Features Stryv Shaver Braun Series 7 Philips Norelco 6800
Blades Quad Gold-Plated Twin Foil Tripleheader Rotary
Display LED Percentage LED Percentage LED Percentage
Run Time 90 Minutes 60 Minutes 80 Minutes
Wet/Dry Both Wet Only Both
Cleaning Fully Waterproof Not Washable Fully Waterproof
Pivots 4-Way Floating 5-Way Pivoting Multi-Directional
Skinguard Yes No No
Retail Price $99 $169 $169

As you can see, the Stryv matches up very closely to these pricier competitors when stacking the advanced capabilities side by side.

The Braun Series 7 is a proven German-engineered foil shaver but is almost double the cost. It can’t clean directly under a faucet either.

And the Philips Norelco 6800 does deliver results but doesn’t have specialty features like SkinGuard or the ergonomic grip.

For a sub-$100 shaver, the Stryv punches well above its weight class. The affordable pricing doesn’t appear to sacrifice quality and performance from my testing.

Who Is The Stryv Shaver Best For?

Based on my extensive hands-on evaluation of using and comparing the key specs of the Stryv electric shaver to popular market alternatives, here is my assessment of the ideal buyer:

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Sensitive Skin

If you deal with painful bumps, irritation, and razor burns from grooming products, the specialized SkinGuard sensor provides gentler protection. Preventing the blades from gnashing aggressively across delicate zones when they make contact.


At half the price of advanced Braun, Panasonic, and Norelco models with similar capabilities, the Stryv delivers premium rotary shaving without the premium price tag. Saving you cash without sacrificing quality or features.

Bearded Men

The quad cutter head is designed to efficiently capture and trim longer facial hair growth in a single pass. Guys who don’t shave daily will appreciate not having to go over spots repeatedly.

Head Shavers

Shaving your scalp with a manual cartridge razor can nick and scrape skin because of the awkward angles. The pivoting heads of the Stryv offer a safer, closer head shave, especially for bald guys.


The 90 minutes of portable runtime covers even infrequent shavers for short weekend trips or longer vacations abroad. The worldwide voltage compatibility and waterproofing allow you to shave anywhere across the globe.

As you can see, the flexibility of the Stryv shaver suits most men’s grooming needs.

Where Can You Buy The Stryv Shaver?

Stryv offers this shaver directly through their official website But if you are in Singapore, you can order Stryv shaver from

Because they sell primarily direct-to-consumer online, you avoid marked up prices from middleman retailers. This allows Stryv to offer more advanced features and performance at nearly half what equivalent shavers cost from other brands.

When you order on or (for Singaporeans), shipping is free and they also offer:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Email Support

While not sold on Amazon yet, the site is the exclusive seller for Stryv grooming products. No unauthorized 3rd party listings from random sellers.

Stryv Shaver Review Conclusion

After extensively testing and researching the ins and outs of this budget-friendly rotary shaver from Stryv, I’m comfortable giving it my full endorsement as an electric shaver I will personally continue using daily.

Based on performance it rivals top models from Braun and Norelco that I’ve relied on for years costing twice as much. All packaged into an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing body built to last.

Considering the price point, Stryv surprisingly doesn’t cut corners on anything substantial from shave closeness and skin comfort to premium features and construction.

If you want an affordable electric shaver that delivers where it matters most, I confidently stand behind my recommendation of the Stryv model for guys wanting great SHAVING results without overspending.

You can visit here to take advantage of the New Year Specia discount off your order of the Stryv Shaver to make the deal even sweeter!

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