Wizkid Expresses Profound Grief Over His Mother's Passing

An Unbearable Loss As Wizkid Expresses Profound Grief

At the wake-keep ceremony of Wizkid’s mother, Juliana Morayo Balogun, who passed away in August 2023, Wizkid opened his heart to express the profound grief he’s grappling with. The loss of a loved one is often described as an unbearable burden, but when that loved one is your mother, it’s a pain like no other.

Mrs Juliana Morayo Balogun

The Deepest Pain Imaginable

In a poignant moment during the wake-keep ceremony, Wizkid found the strength to speak about his mother’s passing. His words resonated with anyone who has experienced such a loss. He said, “I have no words to describe the pain that I feel. I know everyone in my family shares this pain with me, but I know God in his infinite mercies is going to… it’s impossible for the pain to go away so I’m not going to say take away the pain, but He’s going to comfort us. The pain is profound, it hurts deeply, It’s the deepest pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m lost but I pray God comforts every one of us.”

First Public Appearance After a Month of Silence

After his mother’s passing, Wizkid retreated from the public eye to mourn in private. The month-long period of silence was an opportunity for him to process his grief and remember the woman who brought him into the world. During this time, fans and fellow artists offered their condolences and support.

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A Candlelight Procession to Remember

Wizkid’s first public appearance following this period of mourning was marked by a candlelight procession. It was a touching tribute to his late mother and a moment for friends, family, and fans to show their support. The procession was a beautiful symbol of unity in the face of grief.

A Song Dedicated to a Cherished Mother

In 2014, Wizkid dedicated a song titled ‘Mummy Mi’, featured on his ‘Ayo’ album, to mothers around the world. In this heartfelt track, Wizkid lauded his own mother for all the love and joy she brought into his life. He expressed his desire to spoil her with the finest things in life, a sentiment many can relate to.


Remembering the Legacy

Wizkid’s profound love for his mother and the pain he’s experiencing at her loss remind us of the deep bonds we share with our families. The passing of a parent is a moment that forces reflection on the love and guidance they’ve given us. Wizkid’s public expression of grief also serves as a reminder that mourning is a personal journey, and there’s no set timetable for moving through it.

The Power of Music

For many, music is a solace during times of pain and loss. Wizkid’s dedication of ‘Mummy Mi’ to mothers is a beautiful tribute. Music has the power to help us remember and celebrate the ones we’ve lost. It offers comfort and healing in a way that words alone sometimes cannot.

Support and Condolences

Wizkid’s circle of friends, colleagues, and fans has rallied around him during this difficult period. Their support is a testament to the impact he’s made on the music industry and the lives of those who follow his work. It’s a reminder that, in times of grief, we are never truly alone.

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A Journey of Healing

In time, the pain of this loss will ease, but the love and memories of Wizkid’s mother will remain. Her influence on his life and music is immeasurable. As Wizkid continues his musical journey and shares his talent with the world, his mother’s legacy lives on.


Wizkid’s public expression of grief for his mother is a deeply personal and moving moment. It reminds us all of the profound impact our parents have on our lives and the pain we experience when they are gone. Music is a powerful tool for healing, and it can help us remember and celebrate those we’ve lost. In times of grief, we find support from friends and fans, and we embark on a journey of healing, knowing that the legacy of our loved ones lives on in our hearts.

Additional Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, there are numerous resources available for support. Please reach out to a mental health professional or a support group specializing in grief and loss.


This blog post is intended for informational purposes only. It is important to respect the privacy and grieving process of individuals dealing with loss. Wizkid’s expression of grief is a personal matter, and we offer our condolences and support during this difficult time.