Lendlease Plus App Scam or Legit Reviews and Complaints

The Lendlease Plus app has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for shoppers to earn loyalty points and redeem rewards when shopping at Lendlease malls.

However, as with any rewards program, some shoppers have questioned whether the app is truly worthwhile or if it’s a scam.

In this extensive investigation, we will analyze the ins and outs of the Lendlease Plus program, scour user reviews and complaints, and ultimately determine if the app is scam or legit. Key factors we will examine include:

  • How the rewards and point systems work
  • Fine print and limitations
  • App functionality and glitches
  • User reviews and complaints
  • Company reputation and transparency

If you read till the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the app so you can decide if signing up is worthwhile for you.

Let’s dive in!

Background of Lendlease Plus App Scam

The Lendlease Plus app launched in 2018 as a way for shoppers to earn and redeem rewards when they shop, dine, and park at Lendlease malls in Singapore. These malls include 313@Somerset, Parkway Parade, Paya Lebar Quarter, and Jem.

Shoppers can earn points known as “Plus$” every time they scan a receipt in the app after shopping or dining at a participating mall. The earned points can then be used to redeem vouchers, deals, and even carpark credits.

Other app features include:

  • Browse promotions and sales events
  • Purchase e-vouchers to gift friends
  • Check carpark availability
  • Track transaction history
  • Get notifications for new deals and stores

On the surface, the Lendlease Plus program seems like an excellent way to earn free rewards and perks just for shopping at places you likely already frequent.

But is the program truly as good as it sounds or are there major limitations, glitches and scam concerns users should know about? Let’s analyze further.

Lendlease Plus App Scam

How the Rewards and Points System Works

Before determining if the Lendlease Plus app is worthwhile or not, it’s important to understand exactly how the rewards and points system works.

Earning Points

Users earn Plus$ every time they scan and submit an eligible receipt in the app after shopping, dining, or parking at a participating Lendlease mall. Users have 14 days after the purchase date to scan and submit receipts.

The exact amount of points earned per dollar spent varies based on your membership tier:

  • Standard Members: Earn 5 Plus$ for every $1 spent
  • Premium Members: Earn 10 Plus$ for every $1 spent

So spending $100 would earn a Standard member 500 points or a Premium member 1,000 points.

Occasionally Lendlease also offers special point promotions, games, and contests both online and in-app to earn additional points. For example, submitting 3 receipts in a week could score you an extra 50 bonus points.

Redeeming Points

Once enough points are accumulated, shoppers can redeem them for vouchers, deals and perks. Some examples include:

  • $5 mall voucher for 600 Plus$
  • $10 F&B voucher for 800 Plus$
  • 50% off deals from merchants
  • Free weekday carpark coupons
  • Sweepstakes contest entries

Members can also purchase and gift e-vouchers using points. However, there is often small print with exclusions and limitations depending on the type of voucher, so users need to read carefully.

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One nice perk is that some vouchers allow instant redemption in-store, earning points and using rewards right away in one seamless experience.

Fine Print and Limitations

While earning and redeeming rewards through the Lendlease app sounds excellent in theory, there are some limitations and exclusionary fine print users need to be aware of:

Receipt Submissions

Perhaps one of the biggest limitations involves receipt scanning and submissions. While making a purchase is easy, remember shoppers have just 14 days from the purchase date to scan and submit itemized receipts.

If receipts are not submitted in time, no points will be awarded. This means forgetting to scan or losing paper receipts can cost you all those potential rewards.

The receipt submission process itself also frequently malfunctions according to reviews. Even users submitting on time report problems like submissions getting rejected or stuck in processing.

When points fail to appear due to app glitches, Lendlease does not provide a way to appeal or retroactively earn missed points.

Voucher and Deal Exclusions

While the app advertises exclusive voucher deals and discounts, they come with plenty of exclusions and caveats that limit the practical value:

  • Time limitations prevent continuous use and point accumulation
  • Only valid certain days of the week or times of day
  • Cannot be used with other promotions or memberships
  • Numerous brand, store, and restaurant exclusions
  • Subject to availability which fluctuates

This means despite having enough points, your desired voucher, deal or carpark perk may not actually be attainable during your shopping trip.

Account Deactivation

According to the terms in the app, Lendlease reserves the right to deactivate accounts if deemed misused without notice or appeal.

So even if you carefully follow all app rules, your points and ability to earn rewards could vanish instantly and permanently without recourse over something as minor as a mistake scanning receipts.

Ultimately Nontransferable 

While shoppers can gift e-vouchers, the points and rewards earned through the app remain nontransferable to anyone else if you choose to close your account.

This prevents members from recouping or selling unused points accrued over months or years to other shoppers. Points and rewards can only be used personally until account closure.

App Functionality and Ratings Analysis

In addition to limitations with the actual rewards program, the Lendlease Plus app itself frequently malfunctions and delivers disappointing functionality upsetting many users.

Let’s dive into user reviews and analysis of the apps poor performance history:

Low User Ratings

A starting indicator of app dissatisfaction involves Lendlease Plus’ low user rating across app marketplaces:

  • 2.1 out 5 stars on Apple Store based on 258 ratings
  • 3.5 out of on Google Play based on 1,497 ratings

These low scores signal users find the app lacking compared to other shopping rewards programs. But does app functionality live up to member expectations?

Frequent Malfunctions Interfere

By far the most common grievances referenced in user reviews involve constant app glitches preventing members from earning and redeeming rewards they were qualified for, including:

  • Crashing upon launch or freezing on load screens
  • Failure to scan and successfully submit eligible receipts
  • Rejection of submissions without cause
  • Points earned notcrediting to accounts
  • Impossible password resets blocking logins
  • Features like vouchers not loading properly
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With a faulty app failing to track activity and credit accounts accordingly, users understandably feel cheated out of reward points and question the legitimacy of the program.

Lackluster Feature Set

Beyond glitches, shoppers note the app lacks expected features and customization abilities other shopping reward apps offer, including:

  • Inability to save favorite stores, deals and promotions
  • No option for push notifications when new sales arise
  • Cannot sort or track transaction history easily
  • Tedious receipt scanning and submission process
  • Poor integration with other mall membership accounts

For an app dedicated exclusively to mall loyalty rewards, users except better functionality and integration tailoring the experience specifically to shoppers.

Issues Persist Long-Term

The biggest frustration around app functionality stems from the fact these glitches and missing features persist long after launch without remedy from Lendlease.

Reviews from 2022 and 2023 cite the exact same login failures, crashes, receipt rejections and missing points as reviews dating back years earlier to 2018 and 2019.

Despite app updates and patches, Lendlease seems unable to resolve lingering software issues denying members earned rewards time and time again.

For shoppers counting on racking up or redeeming points during time-sensitive sales events, losing loyalty perks due to a glitchy app understandably sparks outrage.

Lendlease Plus App review

Analyzing Negative Reviews and Complaints

Clearly based on low app ratings and first-hand reports of lackluster functionality, the Lendlease Plus app consistently fails to deliver the exceptional loyalty rewards program advertised to enthusiastic shoppers.

To further demonstrate member dissatisfaction, let’s examine common themes arising in negative reviews and complaints:

Deceptive Referral Rewards

Many negative reviews call out Lendlease for failing to credit referral bonuses as promoted. Both existing and new members report signing up with a friend’s referral code as instructed but never receiving the advertised voucher, discount or points.

Since referral rewards programs rely so heavily on word-of-mouth promotion between social circles, members feel cheated counting on bonuses that ultimately never appeared due misleading advertising from Lendlease.

No Way to Dispute Missing Points

Another common complaint involves the lack of appeal process if points fail to credit an account, whether due to app glitches, receptive rejections, or missed submission deadlines.

Lendlease provides no reliable customer service channels for members to contact, investigate missing points or earn owed rewards if issues arise.

Whether the problems are app-related or user error, shoppers feel cheated out of rightfully earned points with no options to dispute or fix mistakes within the inflexible system.

Bait-and-Switch Tactics

Perhaps the most serious allegation comes from members who believe Lendlease utilizes bait-and-switch sales tactics by luring them in with deals too good to be true.

Shoppers sign-up expecting easy point earnings and valuable exclusive discounts only to discover major limitations and exclusions on redeemable rewards.

By the time members learn the restrictive details, they already invested time registering accounts, submitting receipts and accumulated now worthless points difficult to cash out.

This causes them to feel manipulated by Lendlease’s deceptive marketing promising one thing while actual app delivery disappoints.

Repeat Technical Failures

Finally, frustration surrounds the failure to remedy functionality issues long after launch.

Shoppers forgivingly endure some initial bugs when apps first debut but have no patience years later especially with no option to earn missed points or redeem desired rewards elsewhere.

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Promise of quick receipt scanning for earnings followed by easy access to unique discounts diminishes when the faulty app prevents members from benefiting at all.

Is Lendlease Plus Ultimately a Scam or Legitimate?

Evaluating all evidence based on a deep analysis of the app’s functionality, effectiveness of rewards system, user reviews and their many complaints, is Lendlease Plus a legitimate rewards program or an outright scam?

The Case for Scam

When directly asking if Lendlease Plus is a scam, reviewers often reply “yes” citing:

  • Deceptive marketing showcasing discounts and perks not possible to actually obtain in practice
  • Bait-and-switch strategy attracting members under false pretenses
  • Frequent app issues erasing earned point tallies unfairly
  • Lack of reliable customer service to assist fixing problems
  • Manipulative limitations on redeemable rewards

Reviewers argue Lendlease intentionally misleads the public on app capabilities knowing they cannot satisfactorily deliver what is promised.

The Case for Legitimate

However, despite criticisms other members vouch that Lendlease Plus still offers a legitimate rewards program, just with more limitations than expected, arguing:

  • The app and rewards system work fine when functioning properly
  • Points are earned and redeemable with patience navigating restrictions
  • Technical issues, while frustrating, are not uncommon bugs seen across platforms
  • Missing points or redemptions occur mainly due to user error not reading terms
  • Compared to no loyalty program, some rewards are better than none

These perspectives suggest that while imperfect and narrow in scope, Lendlease Plus still provides an authentic loyalty incentive program as advertised.

The Final Verdict

When all evidence is weighed, Lendlease Plus does technically offer a legitimate shopper loyalty program in that members can actively earn and redeem mall rewards using the app consistently without directly illegal or intentionally fraudulent activity occurring.

However, the myriad app functionality issues, manipulative fine print on redeemable rewards, lack of reliable customer service and complaints of bait-and-switch promotional tactics demonstrate extremely poor app execution and breach of customer trust from Lendlease.

Therefore, potential members tempted by advertised discounts and perks should exercise extreme caution.

While accounts avoid outright scams stealing financial information, users risk wasted time chasing loyalty incentives misrepresented during sign-up. Rewards come with so many impractical limitations that points earned may ultimately prove worthless anyway.

Unless Lendlease dramatically reforms app operations and their misleading promotional strategies, shoppers stand better odds sticking to loyalty programs with local retailers known for more transparent policies and reliable functionality.

The Bottom Line

The Lendlease Plus app provides a legitimate loyalty program capable of rewarding shoppers with points-earned mall perks and discount.

However, between non-stop technical glitches erasing rewards earned, sharp restrictions on redemption possibilities, absence of customer service and bait-and-switch promotional tactics, their ineffective app execution breaches customer trust and satisfaction.

Review all the pros and cons outlined here before downloading to determine if membership fits your shopping habits and expectations.

Otherwise, seek out alternative mall loyalty incentives from vendors with more functional apps, practical everyday rewards and transparent policies upholding customer satisfaction.

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